Why artificial flowers are replacing real flowers: Faux is the NEW fresh

Top 10 Reasons to Love Artificial Flowers


Did you know that faux flowers are the new fresh? Here are the top 10 benefits of silk flowers, get ready to fall in LOVE!

Artificial Flowers

1. Hassle Free
Hassle-Free… what?! Hassle-free while planning a wedding? I bet you didn’t know that was a thing. Using artificial flowers makes wedding flower shopping a dream come true. You can order them online from the comfort of your own home, have them delivered to your front door, arrange them in your own time, and then forget about them until the wedding. Get them months ahead of time and make room for other wedding planning priorities in the busy weeks before your special day.


2. Allergen Free
Have you spent a lifetime admiring flowers from a distance or suffered the sniffles because you thought it was the price you had to pay to enjoy a fresh bouquet?  What if we told you that there is another option? Avoid that stuffy and groggy feeling on your special day and fill your wedding with lush faux flowers. Artificial flowers look like fresh stems but without the pollen or fragrance.  It’s also a generous compliment to your guests that also suffer with allergies to flowers, as well.

This isn’t just an advantage for the bride to be. Many wish to fill their home with beautiful, flourishing blooms, but intense allergies prohibit this. With silks, you can fill your home without having to deal with the repercussions of allergies.


3. Realistic (Don’t believe us… ask the bees!)

Many brides, florists, and DIY lovers tend to worry that faux flowers look tacky or appear obviously fake. Here at Afloral.com, we offer high quality silk flowers that offer a shockingly real appearance, your guests will have to take a second look… and feel! We have had florists that once refused the idea of using fake flowers, fall in LOVE with them for their realistic look and how easy they are to arrange.

Check out our gorgeous selection of Real Touch Flowers. Real touch flowers are made from a foam/latex blend, made to offer an even more realistic feel and touch than traditional silk flowers. They are the highest quality artificial wedding flowers!

4. Low Maintenance

With silk flowers, your squad can enjoy the wedding, instead of having to run around to make sure that the flowers are watered and not wilting in the sunlight. There’s no need to leave your plants with a neighbor whilst you go on vacation. Forget to water your plants yesterday? That’s not a problem with these fakers! Faux flowers require no watering, no soil, and no sunlight. Artificial flowers are very low maintenance but still remain stunning!

5. Everlasting

You will never forget life’s special events, because fake flowers are everlasting! You can create a lasting keepsake when you use silk flowers in your bridal bouquet. For DIY lovers, silks are highly convenient because you can change up your arrangements as often as desired by reusing your silks in new ways. If taken care of properly, artificial flowers are meant to last a life-time. Follow a few simple care instructions for fake flowers to keep your blooms as beautiful as when you received them.


6. Any Flower. Any Color. Any Time.

Is your favorite flower out of season for your wedding, and now too expensive elsewhere due to it’s unavailability? That’s not a problem with artificial flowers! Afloral.com has your favorite flower all year round, no matter the season, and even in colors that you are unable to find in fresh flowers. This makes it incredibly affordable and hassle-free when it comes time to buy florals for your wedding. Don’t go without your favorite flower, just go with silks!

7. Affordable

Artificial flowers are less costly than real flowers in the grand scheme of things, and they bring more worth to your dollar because you pay one price and walk away with forever flowers!


8. Durable

Silk flowers are durable and can withstand a number of things that you may have difficulty managing with fresh flowers. Traveling from the floral shop, to your home, and then to the venue can be a challenge with fresh flowers. From the inevitable squishing and breaking, to not having enough room to safely transport your flowers.. this is no problem with faux’s. Afloral’s silk flowers normally have wired stems that do not break, and the silk flower doesn’t squish to the point of no return, and don’t worry about water splashing everywhere!

Also, having real flowers shipped in the mail is a bit of a risk because they must remain fresh through the entire journey and through to the end of your event. With silks, there is no worry your flowers will wilt or dying before. They stay fresh and beautiful years beyond your purchase.

Afloral.com also offers a selection of flowers made to endure the outdoors. You can now improve the longevity of your outdoor silk flower arrangements with UV protected and water resistant flowers and plants! And even better? Creating floral arrangements, wreaths, garlands, and more is made so easy because artificial flowers can be hot glued! This makes for a much easier time crafting and creating floral designs.

Winter Wedding Flowers

9. Home and Business Use

You’re busy with your every day life, from working, to taking care of the kids, getting to soccer practices on time, getting in your own daily exercise, making dinner, making sure homework is done.. and do we even have to continue? With a busy daily life, the last thing on your mind may be watering and keeping up on your plants. Faux flowers and plants offer such a hassle-free way to keep the beauty in your home. No watering, no sunlight, no need to buy new soil and pots as your plants grow bigger, and no attention at all!

Faux’s are also perfect for keeping your office, hotel lobby, and restaurant bright and decorated. Nobody is left with the responsibility to keep up the care of fresh flowers, and there is no need to have to continuously replace them when they die.


10. Repurpose

Repurpose your floral arrangements and live with the memory of life’s special events forever. After the wedding, take apart your wedding bouquet and create a beautiful garland for your dining room table, or incorporate them into a wreath for your door.  You can even just place your bouquet in a vase and you now have a beautiful new centerpiece.  Continue to use your silk flowers throughout your home in new and interesting ways, creating new memories as you go.

Whatever your reason for choosing artificial flowers, you won’t regret it!  If you choose to go faux, we would love to see how you use your flowers while decorating your life’s events.  Share your silk flower designs by adding #Afloral to your photos on Instagram and you could be featured on Afloral.com.

Silk Flowers


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