5 Wedding Flower Fails – Faux Flowers To The Rescue!

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You’ve taken your time to flip through magazines, follow all things wedding on Instagram, and fill your wedding flower Pinterest board with your dream bouquets & centerpieces. Don’t walk down the aisle with less then perfect stems! Here are 5 reasons silk flowers are the way to go for your wedding.

1. Don’t replace “I do” with “Bless you!” 
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Worried your guests won’t hear your vows over all the sneezing because your MOH is allergic to your favorite flower? Fill your bridesmaids bouquets with silk flowers. They are fragrance-free and available any time of year! Don’t let your flowers be the reason there’s not a dry eye in the house.

2. Keep your flowers looking fresh from dusk till dawn till dusk again!enhanced-32659-1444073494-5Morgan Marie Photography / Via afloral.com

Silk flowers look perfect from the minute they arrive at your door until long after your 1st anniversary. With faux flowers you know that on your wedding day there won’t be a wilted flower or brown petal in the bunch, no matter what.

3. Falling petals are for the flower girl, not your bridal bouquet.enhanced-16275-1444074018-13Lauren Clark Photography / Via afloral.com

Your neice has been practicing for months. Let her leave the rose petals in her path, not you!

4. Love the look of that flower but not the taste?enhanced-28521-1444075006-5Via greenweddingshoes.com

What if your favorite flower isn’t edible, or worse… it’s poisonous! You wouldn’t want those on your cake. Silk flowers are the way to go! You can find your favorite flower in silk, and the benefits are endless! They don’t have pollen, you can get your favorites year round, they are a fraction of the cost, and they will look fresh from the baker’s freezer to the summer sun.

5. Avoid bee hysteria with silk flowers.enhanced-13363-1444075179-1The Faux Bouquets / Via afloral.com

You’ve seen those wild, garden bouquets everywhere, but you’re worried your dream bouquet will turn into a bee buffet. Create that effortless look and protect your Honey by choosing flowers that will keep the bugs at bay.

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There you have it! 5 Wedding flower fails to avoid on your big day by using silk flowers. Walk down the aisle and smile because your flowers look great and will become a lasting keepsake!

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