5 Must-Have Luxe Looking Plants


Contributed blog post provided by Katie Kuchta

When it comes to the interior decor of your place, it’s inevitable to steer closely towards a style that mirrors your personal taste. There has to be a universal way to add upscale flair without changing the personality of a space though, right? Think luxurious plants, complementing any style of interior or exterior decor to add that certain je ne sais quoi.

With that in mind, here are some essential plants that will make any space look like a scene from a page in Architectural Digest.

1. Succulents


These visually striking and exotic plants displayed in all different shapes, colors, and sizes are beyond Instagram-worthy. With their interesting pointed or curved leaves and gradient cool toned shades, there is more than what meets the eyes. 

Succulents are sure to add the small-intriguing elements needed within any space, succulents are perfect for creating a terrarium or adding them to floral arrangements.

(Image:  Artificial Succulents from Afloral.com via Lemon Blonde)

2. Aloe Vera


Aside from being notorious for its octopus-like shape, the aloe vera plant can be used with its aloe extract for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. The attraction to the aloe vera plant comes from its relatable striking appearance to succulents and it’s easy maintenance, LawnStarter claims aloe vera to be the most popular indoor plant.

3. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree


                                      It’s simplistic and fiddle silhouette shaped leaf arrangements can act as more than an accent piece. The larger leaves attached to a stiff stem make for an idyllic setting in any room. With it’s lush mid-tone of green, a fig tree is perfect for filling negative space or adding the right amount of earthly elements without looking too busy.

(Image: Faux Fig from Afloral.com via The Learner Observer)

4. Snake Plantsnake

   It’s obvious the snake plant gets its nickname from its elongated shape and scaly pattern. It adds heightened depth to a space with its lean and stiff standing leaves. The snake plant may also be referred to as Mother-in-Laws Tongue, the only difference the two nicknames come from the coloring on the center of the leaves. Snake plants are said to have more green tones whereas mother-in-laws tongue is more yellow.

Native to western Africa, the snake plant is sure to add tropical features to any space. 

5. Bird of Paradise

Tropical_Leaf_Gorgeousness_2_cf6a3ed2-ec9c-4ca8-9d86-289452cf25a0_1024x1024Looking exactly how it sounds, the floral bloom of a bird of paradise plant resembles, a shocking, bird-like face. Aside from their origami shape, the large coarse leaves add a complementing arrangement. Exotic and geometric, this plant isn’t just an accent– because of it’s potential growth size, the bird of paradise can act as the main focal point in a room!

With a tropical name including “paradise,” it is native to more tropical climates. For cooler climates it is excellent as a container plant and perfect for indoor gardening.

When you think luxurious, inadvertently think exotic. Exotic plants will add a luxurious flare to any space with their tropical origins, unique shapes, and potent hues of green.

(Image: Artificial Bird of Paradise from Afloral.com)

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