Artificial Wedding Flowers – Experience the Beauty!

Pink wedding flowers are timeless, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with the traditional.  This stunning shoot with Mignon Floral Co. features poppies, cherry blossoms and ranunculus,  styled in a wild, organic beauty you won’t be able to resist.


I must first admit, I’ve never been one to appreciate faux florals. They appeared obviously faux, stiff, lacking in character, and flat. Obviously, nothing you want your designs to consist of.


When I received the florals from Afloral, I was honestly excited once I saw the beautiful blooms. Transparent petals on the lovely poppies. Layers of soft bouncy petals on the ranunculus. Tiny veins running through the petals as in a real flower. I was thrilled to work with everything I received.

mignon11mignon4Poppy Arrangement

I had so much fun working with everything, but especially the poppies! I couldn’t get enough of them, which is obvious from my designs. Combining them with the cherry blossoms and ranunculus brought the exact movement and form I wanted to create. I loved what I was creating and felt confident in the materials I was using.


One of my favorite memories of this particular design was when I shared it with Ashley, the photographer for our shoot. Her husband mentioned he didn’t think the flowers would last the two weeks till our shoot. We fooled him! Hahaha!


He wasn’t the only one that did not realize the flowers I used were not real. My teenage daughter held the bouquet as I tied the ribbon on it.  I shared with her that I couldn’t believe how real the flowers appeared. Her response was, “These aren’t real flowers!”, and I must admit I was tickled.

mig2Wedding Floralsmig1

When shoot day arrived the bouquet and centerpiece looked just how we wanted. The images came out gorgeous.. Even when the florals were placed in a natural setting outdoors they appeared just as beautiful as the nature that surrounded them.

Needless to say I will not hesitate at the opportunity to work with Aflorals beautiful product again.  Happy Designing!
– Mignon

If you decide to use artificial flowers in your wedding, shower or event we’d love to see it!  Please share on Instagram with hashtag #Afloral

Floral Design & Styling: Mignon Floral Co. | Photographer: Ashley Noelle Edwards | Dress: Sweet Caroline Styles | Makeup & Hair: Lea Buehler B Gorgeous | Model: Tatus Michele | Flowers: | Ribbons: Torn and Tied