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Christmas Wrapping That’s Almost Too Pretty…

enhanced-29211-1445880690-8There is no time like the present to get ready for Christmas.  Get crafty this year and add some special touches to your gifts with these DIY wrapping ideas.

  1. Brown Paper Packages tied up with StringYbe73dD8nKsUNQnKn4QAWKnV45ZavN7WMUd_SGSCFCk,y4Eg3O7sgMNjfrSFMwFvTGdQ42CAat2dxeHIZyM8X4E copyKraft paper gives you the perfect canvas for any wrapping ideas you dream up. Faux poinsettias and snowy pine dress up these brown paper packages.
  2. These are a few favoritesPicture-73You can’t go wrong with gold and black, from Boxwood Clippings.
  3. Keepin’ it classic54eb87a9593d1_-_golden-gifts-mdnThese beauties from Woman’s Day will make any Grinch excited for Christmas morning!
  4. Or whimsicalbrown-shipping-paper-wrapsYes, A Beautiful Day used doilies and measuring tape!
  5. Faux flowers for a fab facadeafloralgiftwrap-14Silk Flower DIY from Green Wedding Shoes.
  6. All that glittersGlitter-Dipped-Gift-Tags-FeatureKeep the wrapping simple and add some sprakle to the tags with this DIY from The Thinking Closet.
  7. Is gold… and silver! glamourgiftwrappingMix and match your favorite metallics, like Handmade Mood.
  8. Get your DIY on with gold paintsY7d8OAM85flIWBIn1IIvNgmu_UIR0Kp1pmwI71MsdI,7J6vDUhub4jNYl69A-Nb1yKTSDidWtwcc_umiRHKyMESpray paint faux greenery over kraft paper and voilà! You’ve created your very own, one of a kind, handmade wrapping paper.
  9. And gold berriesafloralgiftwrap-04Gold berries will give any gift a glam look for the holidays.
  10. Or even chalkboard paint. bChalkboardPaper2013-e1387761656920Chalkboard paper is another great way to get crafty with your wrapping. Draw your favorite holiday designs, like this one, or write a special message.  Get the paper pre-made or paint your own with chalkboard paint and kraft paper.
  11. Make it personal with a wood burned tagEtched-Birch-Ornaments-10These adorable tags from Design Mom can double as ornaments!  Get more ideas on wood burning here.
  12. Have a boho chic Christmas1XbU-bAJdqAs0yrDvPjUDEVS_Q6JXxcmb0JTkqD3HOg,3aKXhekoEwzS2HRI5PwPhm0BSZzBWJifBzEkoWNUb6c copyFlowers, feathers, berries… wrap your gift in todays hottest trends.
  13. Add feathers for your rustic lookIMG_7155Give your rustic wrapping a little glam by gilding feathers and pinecones.
  14. And for the glam girlDSC_0032Pink and gold, does it get any better than this cutie from Margot Madison Creative!
  15. Make it Pretty in Pinkil_570xN.403065065_pbpfBreak away from red and green and start dreaming of a pink Christmas.
  16. Who wouldn’t want to get this gift? afloralgiftwrap-12This gift is all dressed up and ready to go to your holiday party.
  17. Or this onevPB6D3rwPkcOvCUaJ70KeAhYJdKqFVXamH6GIfsGQag,mqjZ-wOcTO3SRZyBgmTOikQWnKfGGUDaiBC2LvYa4es copyWho could regift something this beautiful?
  18. No one will want to peek inside, these presents are so prettyPicture-321-e1415324004810Does it get prettier than these beauties from Boxwood Clippings?!
  19. This gift looks so sweet under the tree 😉 glitterpintoppers3Love this gift topper from Creature Comforts!
  20. It looks like it will be a Merry Christmas, no matter who wrapped it!6a01053717ab71970b017d3ea89641970c-800wi copyWhether it’s wrapped in Santa’s workshop or yours, this combo of craftpaper and twine from Cosmo Cricket has never looked so good.

That’s a Wrap!

DIY Floral Balloon

Contributed blog post from Green Wedding Shoes.  DIY_floralballoon-1Here at GWS we are big fans of balloons (remember this other DIY Giant Balloon we did?) and so today we paired up with Afloral to put a twist on the giant balloon tassels – just add flowers! Or more specificailly, those all-too-gorgeous peonies. And guess what? They don’t need to be in season because these blooms are silk flowers! Yep, just another reason to love Afloral. Here’s how we did it…materialsWhat You’ll Need:
• Silk flowers from AFloral. We picked these: Mauve Peony, Peach Peony, Coral Peony, Peony Spray,Cream Pink Peony, Greens (similar)
Giant Balloon
Floral Tape
• Scissors
• Tape
Twine, ribbon, string, etc. step1-4Step 1: Inflate your balloon to desired fullness and tie a long string to the base (as long as you want the tail). You can trim all your flower heads + greens in this step as well to prep everything.
Step 2: Start by taking some of your greens and taping to the very top. Fasten with floral tape or reinforce with tape/hot glue
Step 3: Continue by alternating greens with flower heads and making your way down. Use your best judgement here on placement – make it look pretty!
Step 4: Fill up the entire string until down to the bottom and you’re done! The flower heads should weigh down the balloon well enough not to fly away but securing to something before putting outside or alone would be advisable. finish1finish2finish3finish4

Such a fun wedding or party piece!

If you make your own Floral Balloon with AFloral using these steps or supplies, we’d love to see how it turns out, so please share on Instagram along with the hashtag #GreenWeddingShoesDIY and #Afloral. We’ll regram our faves!



5 Wedding Flower Fails – Faux Flowers To The Rescue!

enhanced-19245-1444076288-7Jessica Ranae Photography / Via

You’ve taken your time to flip through magazines, follow all things wedding on Instagram, and fill your wedding flower Pinterest board with your dream bouquets & centerpieces. Don’t walk down the aisle with less then perfect stems! Here are 5 reasons silk flowers are the way to go for your wedding.

1. Don’t replace “I do” with “Bless you!” 
enhanced-20827-1444068883-2 Melee Photography / Via

Worried your guests won’t hear your vows over all the sneezing because your MOH is allergic to your favorite flower? Fill your bridesmaids bouquets with silk flowers. They are fragrance-free and available any time of year! Don’t let your flowers be the reason there’s not a dry eye in the house.

2. Keep your flowers looking fresh from dusk till dawn till dusk again!enhanced-32659-1444073494-5Morgan Marie Photography / Via

Silk flowers look perfect from the minute they arrive at your door until long after your 1st anniversary. With faux flowers you know that on your wedding day there won’t be a wilted flower or brown petal in the bunch, no matter what.

3. Falling petals are for the flower girl, not your bridal bouquet.enhanced-16275-1444074018-13Lauren Clark Photography / Via

Your neice has been practicing for months. Let her leave the rose petals in her path, not you!

4. Love the look of that flower but not the taste?enhanced-28521-1444075006-5Via

What if your favorite flower isn’t edible, or worse… it’s poisonous! You wouldn’t want those on your cake. Silk flowers are the way to go! You can find your favorite flower in silk, and the benefits are endless! They don’t have pollen, you can get your favorites year round, they are a fraction of the cost, and they will look fresh from the baker’s freezer to the summer sun.

5. Avoid bee hysteria with silk flowers.enhanced-13363-1444075179-1The Faux Bouquets / Via

You’ve seen those wild, garden bouquets everywhere, but you’re worried your dream bouquet will turn into a bee buffet. Create that effortless look and protect your Honey by choosing flowers that will keep the bugs at bay.

enhanced-32038-1444074561-2Julius & James Photography / Via

There you have it! 5 Wedding flower fails to avoid on your big day by using silk flowers. Walk down the aisle and smile because your flowers look great and will become a lasting keepsake!

For more silk wedding flower ideas visit!

Red Rose Centerpiece

We have seen these centerpieces on shows like The Bachelor, Good Morning America and Conan so we decided to break it down for you in a fun and easy DIY! Perfect wedding centerpiece and will look great in your home.AJkmH7uQv9ZcO5Jfe0Q3-5LxmCYezGI2EmuLdI9pUv8The First thing to do is gather your supplies.  For this centerpiece we wanted a large centerpiece with a fuller look so we used a Clear Cylinder Glass Vase at 6 inches wide x 6 inches tall, 2 Silk Rose Bouquets in Burgundy, Water-Resistant Leaf Ribbon, foral foam, wire cutters, scissors, and a large knife.  For a smaller arrangement you can use a smaller container, a single bouquet, or your favorite assortment of silk wedding flowersZKl2J4iZk5Ue1rOF6Fdb5_EO_1I5C0FekkMLIsJoc841)  Measure the length of leaf ribbon you will need by wrapping it around the outside of the vase.  Give yourself an extra inch of ribbon and cut it with your scissors. Lay it in the vase, allowing the ribbon to overlap.  You can add a piece of tape to secure in place.NzvqOC0t5vFIrWDOJFgrM8ScJWLf3l9iYLFW8dPwXQQ copy2)  Cut the floral foam to fit into the vase.  Lay the foam over the vase opening and create a mark in the foam with the knife.  Place the foam on the table and carefully cut the foam with the knife.  Place the foam into the vase. De2mtuDBbuKfjQ7Vm5hKUOx3zG6vqv2QFkmEN4uotgANzvqOC0t5vFIrWDOJFgrM8ScJWLf3l9iYLFW8dPwXQQ copy copy3)  Cut the wire holding the silk flower bouquet together.  Depending on the height of your vase you may need to cut the silk flower stems with your wire cutters so they are not to long. HU38PRWyEb2xCQYarCM4aYBi4vYWHOf4gaI_pZB2H3QSwRdUVfnCLppeYSx8NlxEtnr1hfgxeqiQqjXZrJNj0w4)  Begin by sticking the first rose stem in the center of the floral foam.  Continue adding stems in a circular pattern to remain even.  Because the bouquet we used had many different sizes of roses we started with the larger roses and then added the rose buds to the arrangement to create a fuller look. NzvqOC0t5222vFIrWDOJFgrM8ScJWLf3l9iYLFW8dPwXQQ copy copyThat is it!  So simple and so beautiful!  This DIY will create a full centepiece for your wedding reception tables or a great addition to your home decor.  The perfect centerpiece for your holiday tables and will look great year after year. Fje5y0LwCQ9kCDhW0NNNFV77OgBc_lMndinPM0QFL9049fZX5lvzhHTj22-h5xqNWEMplS8lnQjIEz8wLLF2_zqU copyFor more tips follow our helpful DIY video. Create your own wedding centerpieces with wedding decorations and silk wedding flowers

For more DIY designs follow the Afloral Youtube Channel and visit the DIY Design Ideas at  Add #Afloral to all of your DIY wedding pictures to share your beautiful designs.


Cinderella Carriage – Fall DIY Wedding Centerpiece

Have you always dreamed of a Cinderella wedding? Make your own magical fall wedding centerpiece in just two easy steps! clp3RYPWoTPFCAokBv6T7KuuTRia41TKN7zld7BoxYU,cjOf6RxQeAlm-2IrUdynPL_NaoPxNCZXTIF-vik1hU8First gather your supplies.  We will show you two different fall inspired looks, but you can use your favorite silk wedding flowers in your wedding colors.  JtbGW2dNbjkk-BTENs1EXeRBY-XuSRiSD6QNA3o-qOcp4,JzL27-EdCvmNgas40z0z6E0eUowEnVuysS0Tqc1-HcsFor our Fall themed design we chose to use one large sunflower and one large dahlia for inside of the small wire carriage.  For accents we choose silk Chinese Lantern stems, a mini Cymbidium Orchid spray, Queen Annes Lace, a Wild Grass bush, and an artificial berry spray. You will also need wire cutters1The first step is simple!  Cut the flower head off of the stem using wire cutters.  Place the flower head into the carriage. tSYvyJr5s4RVirDvUML8cUYigHrz_QnM9abujyDFmOI copyThe second step is just as easy!  Use wire cutters to cut apart your accent stems.  Most of our faux stems have a wire core so you will be able to wrap them around the carriage and they will stay in place. hN1kA1Zg5zy-LsnAtQ2K1CQLAsciaPQzZrHcfSQQWUYIf they are not wire you can weave them into the wire openings of the carriage, like with the wild grass.  If you want to add larger accent flower heads to the design you can attach them with hot glue.  WBRBYDqRmDTvqm3L38mFf3M50uXpTetnRjlzRBWOtXY-645x430yUHMVNIdfsH1F_dZHffxYn7BKIUKofYqQ8l43uFqzGsT7zrvS49VYvA7PgUkPRCKCtRBvWA0pODpG7fyRUzzvcFor the full fall centerpiece look, arrange your carriage on burlap table runners and surround in fall silk flowers and candle votives.  PUFrXGfd4D_6X6qphBcF85I7yX1o1jrVp8iyavhUudo,x7BmHOi9tnYrJ2kMwmMc9FCDbWaxkysCEYfxkbTOtkMLgMOh2y_JdW0y9qI-rlQTdQ0Fs1bqskAGLEHPe8_v1EAldhJNPL3Gyr3AAWPC2X3jk3mj70dpVaydCV4ndi74UQEsFNIHtlYD1VYjq1vF2mM-DF8PNQ9T39sVZOPLHv0IFor more tips follow our helpful DIY video.

Not planning a fall wedding? Fill the wire Cinderella carriages with your favorite flowers. GIjwQGYCgEER8IjGP18ZlAFiLr786GJc2vtZJd2I5l4 Create your own wedding centerpieces with wedding decorations and silk wedding flowers from

For more DIY designs follow the Afloral Youtube Channel and visit the DIY Design Ideas at  Add #Afloral to all of your DIY wedding pictures to share your beautiful designs.