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DIY Patriotic Mason Jars

DIY these adorable Flag Mason Jars!  This is the perfect centerpiece for your 4th of July and Memorial Day celebration.

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This DIY has two easy steps.  First you will paint your mason jars and then you will arrange your centerpiece.

Step One:

1)  Gather your supplies.  You will need mason jars, paint (we chose to spray paint the jars white first but you can use red, white and blue acrylic paint as well), brushes or sponges, and painters tape.


2)  Spray paint the jars white.  You may also choose to paint the jars by hand with white acrylic paint.  Give the jars plenty of time to dry before you start the next step.

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3)  Tape off the areas you will be painting over.  Create horizontal stripes on two of the jars and stars on the third.


4)  Paint the two jars with the horizontal stripes red and the jar with the stars blue.  Give the jars plenty of time to dry before you remove the tape.


5)  After the tape is removed you may need to touch up some spots with red, white, and blue paint before you move on to Step Two.


Step Two:

1)  Gather your supplies for your floral arrangement.  You will need floral foam, wire cutters, a knife, and your favorite flowers.


2)  Cut the floral foam so that it will fit in the mouth of the mason jar.

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3).  Cut the flower stems to size and arrange them in the mason jar.

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4)  Wrap the jars in raffia or ribbon for a little something extra and you are done!  Arrange on your holiday table and enjoy.

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For more table centerpiece inspiration visit and check out the wide variety of glass vases and silk flowers.

Happy Holidays!

DIY Rustic Glam Centerpiece

Add a little sparkle to your rustic wedding decor.  This DIY centerpiece is easy and fun!  Follow these simple steps and find affordable supplies at


1)  Gather the supplies.  You will need a rustic wooden containercake topper, adhesive spray, metallic  spray paint & glitter, floral foam, your favorite cream colored faux flowers (we choose white roses), greenery (we choose eucalyptus), painters tape, a knife, and wire cutters.


2)  If you have choosen an unpainted cake topper, the first thing you will do is paint it.  We choose to use gold spray paint.


3)  While you are waiting for the first coat of spray paint to dry on your cake topper you can begin assembling the centerpiece.  The first step will be to tape off your wooden container.  Leave one to two inches on the bottom of the container, depending on its size.  Spray the bottom of the container with adhesive and sprinkle generously with glitter.  Work one side at a time.  Give the glitter several minutes to adhere to the glue before you continue to Step 4.  Right before you are ready to move to the next step, tap the container gently to get rid of any loose glitter.

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4)  Measure the length of the containers opening and cut the floral foam to fit inside.  This is also a good time to check your cake topper.  If the front is dry, flip the sign over and spray paint the back.

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5)  Prepare the flowers to be arranged.  If you are using one of our pre-made bouquets you will need to remove the binding from the stems and seperate the flowers.  Use one flower to determine where to cut the stem by holding it next to the containter.  Bend the wire stem until you are pleased with the height and cut the remaining stem with wire cutters.  Cut all the flower stems to match.

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6)  Insert the flowers into the floral foam in the container.


7)  When you are happy with the look of the flowers, add your greenery.  You may need to seperate and cut individual stems from the greenery you have choosen.  Add the stems to the arrangement until you have reached your desired look.


8)  Remove the painters tape from the container.


9)  When your cake topper is throughly dry insert it into the middle of the floral arrangement.


You are now finished!  Accent your arrangement with a rustic burlap or a sparkling sequin table runner.  Add some candle votives and you have the perfect rustic wedding centerpiece!

QdGW_d6KSZkzig8nZXTHAoSi3JiFofat6X60R2p52wU copy DIY – Magnolia & Peony Bouquet

Make your own wedding bouquets with high-quality and low cost wedding flowers from Do it yourself or get together with your bridesmaids for a fun wedding project!



Follow these easy steps to create your one-of-a-kind wedding bouquet.

1)  Gather your supplies. For this project you will need the Peony Bouquet in Cream Pink (or any of your favorite Peonies), Magnolias, Floral Tape, and your favorite bouquet wrap.



2)  Use your wire cutters or scissors to seperate the magnolias into individual stems.



3)  Add the magnolia stems to the already bound peony bouquet and wrap with floral tape.



4)  When you are happy with the look of your bouquet, wrap the stems together again with floral tape and then again in your favorite bouquet wrap.  Secure the bouquet wrap with a corsage pin or glue.


5)  Finish your bouquet by clipping the stems so they are all the same length and add any additional flare, like a diamond bouquet wrap or a brooch.


For all of the products used in this DIY, click here. DIY – Floral Table Runner

Create this gorgeous cascading floral table runner for your next event!  All you’ll need is this DIY design and our wide varitey of wedding flowers to decorate your wedding tablescapes.


Follow these easy steps to create your floral table runner.

1) Gather your supplies.  For this project you will need your favorite silk flowers, greenery, and garlands.  As well as scissors or wire cutters and floral tape.



2) Lay out all of your greenery so that it covers the length of the table.  Remember to add additional length for the cascade.  For this DIY we used preserved seeded eucalyptus.

3) Once you are happy with the length and fullness of the runner, attach stems with floral tape.



4) Lay your garlands down on the greenery and attach with floral tape.



5) Cut your flower stems so there is about three to five inches of stem.  Add flowers to your garland.  When you are happy with the look, tape into place.



Voilà!  This simple DIY can be made long before your event and will look great on the big day.  Decorate your table scape with a sequin table runner under the flowers or decorative candle votives, but this floral table runner is beautiful enough to stand alone!

Blog6 DIY – Floral Backdrop

Make this beautiful flower backdrop for your wedding. It can be used as decoration and it makes a great photo backdrop.


Follow these easy steps to create your own beautiful floral backdrop.

1) First you will need to gather the supplies. For this project you will need silk flowers, scissors, glue gun, and 7 moss table runners.  You don’t need to spend a fortune to recreate this look, use cheap flowers from  They look great and will totally keep you on budget!


2) Next lay out the moss runners so that they overlap and glue them together to create the base.


3) After the glue has dried you may need to consider how you will choose to hang your backdrop once it is finished. We decided to hang ours on a rod. So we wrapped one side around our rod and glued the edge of the backdrop to the backside, creating a sleeve for the rod. Once the backdrop was glued, we used clips to hold it in place as it dried.


4) The next step is to cut all of your flower heads off their stems. Now you’re ready to start adding your florals! We suggest laying out your design before you start gluing them to the backdrop.


The possibilities are endless! You could do an ombre effect, create a fuller or scattered design, or even create a monogram or shape!