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DIY Floating Floral Centerpiece

Create a fantastic centerpiece for your next event with floating candles and silk flowers.  Follow this simple DIY and you will have a flawless and romantic design for your table centerpiece.bRdqJsSqIWpkZdnKbGorf6W59SaHiJQdjNKWP2uRdBY copyFirst you will need to gather your supplies.  For this design you can use any combination of Afloral’s large selection of silk wedding flowers, floating candles and vase filler.  For this design we used two clear glass cylinder vases in different diameters, two table mirrors, three silk English rose stems in coral, three Sophia open rose stems in cream white, two floating candles, and small diamond vase filler.  You will also need a pitcher of water, wire cutters, and a lighter. ASS7Ao9cB6Bnc7nDWXJ95P4_NcGXttVwF58qx0YKUhg These centerpieces can be made the day of the event and take absolutely no time to complete!

1) Lay the mirror in the center of the table.  Place the empty glass vase in the middle of the mirror. I0sci_e-Zh_FT2RtR8QM6mz7cYOixglgNMk_5WSRXZo copy2) Scatter the vase filler on the bottom of the vase.  We used just enough to add some sparkle but you can add more or less.

3) Pour at least 2 inches of water into the vase. cA1Xrfx54IqLlEJulVX9PxW7doIgU2PKTAzKJVNhiAc-copy-copy-645x274 copy4) Use wire cutters to remove the stem for the flowers.  Lay the flowers in the water.

5) Add one floating candle to the center of the vase.  cA1Xrfx54IqLlEJulVX9PxW7doIgU2PKTAzKJVNhiAc-copy-copy-645x274SAxLU9QAuddeigGnJSwl_67oMKZgEpKsXhk7EyTVcHg 6) Before the event light all the candles.  bEXuCJVJjNjltrmKhPVe_fKggF_GnUBOsYzLCbEWiSIrfxXtqsJMTjyt3_EXbY9r2fE8Cm5YnD3z6irAdjXtrk You now have a stunning centerpiece for your dinner.  This is a great idea for the bride on a budget; so simple to put together and so affordable.  Not planning a wedding?  Use this centerpiece at your next dinner party, a fabulous way to add romantic lighting to your event!

For more DIY designs follow the Afloral Youtube Channel and visit the DIY Design Ideas at  Add #Afloral to all of your DIY wedding pictures to share your beautiful designs.


DIY Flower Girl Basket with Moss & Silk Flowers

Contributed blog post from Green Wedding Shoes.  1 Today we are sharing how to make a sweet flower girl basket in partnership with Afloral, our favorite silk flower company! So many cute ways you can decorate the basket using flowers in your wedding colors or season. And don’t forget to dress you little gal up in a cute Little Trendsetter dress! Here’s how we did it… 2What You’ll Need:
• Silk Flowers from Afloral. We picked these: Mini Ranunculus + Queen Anne’s Lace
Rose Petals for tossing
Moss Basket
• Wire Cutters
Glue Gun 33b Step 1: Trim the flower heads down to the ends for the face of the basket. 4 Step 2: Glue flowers on the basket. We chose to cascade them down the side, but any pattern you want will work! 55b5c5d5e And if you love Sienna’s dress as much as we did, you can order the same Little Trendsetter Bohemian Love dress. So cute, right?! The perfect (and totally affordable at just $38!) bohemian dress for your flower girl!

If you make your own flower basket with AFloral using these steps or supplies, we’d love to see how it turns out, so please share on Instagram along with the hashtag #GreenWeddingShoesDIY and #Afloral. We’ll regram our faves!

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Rustic Wedding Escort Cards partnered up crafts blogger Ash and Crafts to bring this charming DIY to life.  Rustic weddings are everywhere, set yours apart with handmade escort cards featuring rustic wood tags and faux succulents from  Follow these easy steps for a unique wedding decoration.

Feature1)  Gather your supplies.  Ash and Crafts used wood tags, small faux succulents, swirl card holders, Mod Podge, sponge brushes, a glue gun and hot glue, wire cutters, and a laser printer. 1Supplies1 2) Print the names of your guests on a laser printer.  Print a mirrored copy of your image/text because it will flipped once you transfer it.  Your printer option might say “mirrored” or “flip horizontally”. 3 3) With the printed text facing up, use your foam brush to apply a generous layer of Mod Podge over the printed area. 45 4) Flip the printed paper over and apply it the wood slice. Use your fingers or  a credit card to get rid of any air bubbles. Allow this to dry for about 1 hour. 6 5) Soak a paper towel or sponge in some water and pat it against the paper. Then keep rubbing the paper until it is soaked with water and begins to rub off. You’ll find that the paper will disintegrate but leave behind the printed areas. To avoid rubbing off the printed text, do not rub too hard once most of the paper is gone. Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 11.25.05 AM 1 6) Once you have rubbed off all the paper, allow the wood slice to dry. Once dried, you can seal the text by painting a thin layer of Mod Podge.

7) Clip the stem off the small succulent.  After the seal has dried, use a hot glue gun to attach a mini succulent to the corner of the wood slice. 827Visit Ash and Crafts for another faux succulent escort card DIY and for more rustic DIY wedding ideas visit


DIY Garden Rose & Succulent Bouquet

Make your beautiful bouquet with silk wedding flowers from  Follow these easy steps and create a bouquet for your wedding day.ezOd1cpwsxpSKrGWKYXVZxXC1jA7FMcw_NfML7VMMpA 1. Gather your supplies.  You will need a pre-made silk rose bouquet, 12 single stem roses, 5 succulents, floral tape, ribbondiamond wrap, wire cutters, and scissors.  1 2. Start with your pre-made rose bouquet.  Add single stem roses to the bouquet, rotating the bouquet in your hand as your go.  2a copy 3. When you are happy with the look secure with floral tape around the stems.3a copy 4. Add the succulents to the bouquet.  4b

If the succulent stem is not long enough you can make a longer stem but adding wire, or disgarded stem from another flower, and securing with floral tape. 4a5. When you are happy with the final look secure the stems with floral tape one last time and clip the ends of the stems so they are even. 6 6. To finish your bouquet, wrap the stems with ribbon.  Start at the bottom of the stems by securring the ribbon with a pin or hot glue.  Wrap the stems, covering the floral tape.  Finish with another pin or hot glue. 7 7.  For a little glam, wrap the finished bouquet in diamond wrap.  Secure the diamond ribbon with pins or hot glue. 8 You are now done!  You can make these bouquets months before your wedding and they will look fresh and stunning on your wedding day.  Store in a vase and cover with cloth to protect from dust and sunlight.  nD_m4D4TcIt26OnWrpkeeg2XfZlzabknc7N6tuIaQgE cqFKcYt6I2syf4tt-SaoBUCvV67WEyr6kVPPxkPhjC8


For more DIY video tutorials follow Afloral on YouTube.  This bouquet was designed by with faux flowers from

Hashtag #Afloral with your DIY silk flower designs!af-social-i-3

DIY Silk Flower Chandelier

Contributed blog post from Green Wedding Shoes


Floral chandeliers are quickly becoming a fun + pretty decor idea for weddings these days and we are totally onboard with that! They make such a fun statement piece to spruce up the ceiling in a venue and help the space appear larger + even more beautiful. So today we partnered with our fave silk flower company, AFloral, to show you how you can make your own floral chandelier. And best of all? It will last forever! Here’s how we did it…


What You’ll Need:
• Silk flowers from AFloral. We picked these for greens: Maidenhair Fern, Laurel Leaf, Heather Bush, Hops, and Baby Schefflera. And these for flowers: Garden Dahlia, Cherry Blossom, Silk Peony, and Peach Peony.
Wire Chandelier Base
• Gardening Shears
Floral Tape (or a hot glue gun)
Twine (or something to hang the chandelier with)


Step 1: Start by cutting/separating your greens that you want to fill the base with and tape along the wire piece with floral tape. We used one kind of green for this but a mixture would work too!

Step 2: Progress by filling with greens all the way around until full.

Step 3: Add some accent greens. We used heather bush to create a dangling + whimsical effect.

Step 4: Add some other accent greens on top, like hops, to give dimension and texture.


Step 5: Cut your focal flowers so they are about 2 inches long on their stem and tape or fasten down with glue on the chandelier. We chose 3 peonies as our focal flowers.

Step 6: Finish by adding other accent flowers around the edges. Then you can add your twine. We tied 3 pieces in a triangle shape so they equally held the chandelier upright. Also take into consideration how it will hang – onto a beam? by a nail? And measure length of twine accordingly.


We paired the chandelier with some pretty plate settings from Borrowed Blu. Just love the gold flatware, modern white plates + pretty pink dip dyed napkins they have!


Pretty great right?! Thanks so much to Borrowed Blu for letting us play with your pretty table setting pieces!

If you make your own Silk Flower Chandelier with AFloral using these steps or supplies, we’d love to see how it turns out, so please share on Instagram along with the hashtag #GreenWeddingShoesDIY. We’ll regram our faves!

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Find a wide variety of silk wedding flowers at and hashtag #Afloral with your DIY silk flower designs!