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DIY Silk Flower Chandelier

Contributed blog post from Green Wedding Shoes


Floral chandeliers are quickly becoming a fun + pretty decor idea for weddings these days and we are totally onboard with that! They make such a fun statement piece to spruce up the ceiling in a venue and help the space appear larger + even more beautiful. So today we partnered with our fave silk flower company, AFloral, to show you how you can make your own floral chandelier. And best of all? It will last forever! Here’s how we did it…


What You’ll Need:
• Silk flowers from AFloral. We picked these for greens: Maidenhair Fern, Laurel Leaf, Heather Bush, Hops, and Baby Schefflera. And these for flowers: Garden Dahlia, Cherry Blossom, Silk Peony, and Peach Peony.
Wire Chandelier Base
• Gardening Shears
Floral Tape (or a hot glue gun)
Twine (or something to hang the chandelier with)


Step 1: Start by cutting/separating your greens that you want to fill the base with and tape along the wire piece with floral tape. We used one kind of green for this but a mixture would work too!

Step 2: Progress by filling with greens all the way around until full.

Step 3: Add some accent greens. We used heather bush to create a dangling + whimsical effect.

Step 4: Add some other accent greens on top, like hops, to give dimension and texture.


Step 5: Cut your focal flowers so they are about 2 inches long on their stem and tape or fasten down with glue on the chandelier. We chose 3 peonies as our focal flowers.

Step 6: Finish by adding other accent flowers around the edges. Then you can add your twine. We tied 3 pieces in a triangle shape so they equally held the chandelier upright. Also take into consideration how it will hang – onto a beam? by a nail? And measure length of twine accordingly.


We paired the chandelier with some pretty plate settings from Borrowed Blu. Just love the gold flatware, modern white plates + pretty pink dip dyed napkins they have!


Pretty great right?! Thanks so much to Borrowed Blu for letting us play with your pretty table setting pieces!

If you make your own Silk Flower Chandelier with AFloral using these steps or supplies, we’d love to see how it turns out, so please share on Instagram along with the hashtag #GreenWeddingShoesDIY. We’ll regram our faves!

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Find a wide variety of silk wedding flowers at and hashtag #Afloral with your DIY silk flower designs!


DIY Glowing Submersible Centerpiece brides have spoken and if there is a silk flower favorite it is definetly the submerged orchid centerpiece. You can create this look in just a few simple steps, and with silk wedding flowers this is a project you can complete long before your wedding day!  materialsGather your supplies.  For this project you will need clear glass cylinder vases, faux orchids (we choose a Phalaenopsis orchid in fuchsia), vase filler, LED party lights, floating candles, wire cutters, a lighter, and a pitcher of water.

1.  For the first step you will need to measure the stem against the vase.  Hold it up to the outside of the vase and use your wire cutters to clip off the access stem.  Place the flower in the vase to make sure it fits. Keep in mind that you will be adding several inches of vase filler so leave one or two inches at the top of the vase.  The faux orchids are on a wire stem so you can bend it a little to fit or cut off any additional stem.  After you are happy with the length of the flower in the vase you can remove it and set it aside.  measurecutV4-Rq0_hCzJcSitkKTXV07MwzVN0BMmEeGDGg__Vcs0,JiOSGoEcXHQMIdyiwQf6QcFMj_fisp1WCk4t-p2trSs copy 2.  Cover the bottom of the containers with vase filler.  We choose crushed glass but you could use sand, shells, pearls, stones, etc.  fillfiller copy 3.  Add your lights.  We used white non-blinking mini party lights.  Make sure you choose carefully when you are purchasing the lights for this project.  Double check that they are waterproof and have a long battery life so that they stay illuminated throughout your event.  IYNV9WobQPznxZW1bpvxgyciNIZdLpeAySjqGA7KQ6o,FuwDfYWUY8QxCs7ekVWrSSWbO5RJcO3WCDdmlQog4eM copy 4. Place the flower back in the container and fill with water.

* Tip: When using silk flowers for a submersible arrangement, it is recommended that you do a trial run before your event.  Submerse your choosen flower in water for 24 hours before you make your centerpieces.  This way you will know if the dye used in the flower will run.  One way to prevent this is to coat the flower with a protective spray.  However, we still recommend the 24 hour trail run with our without the protective coating.  QjmF-UlIIB0U7oukBXd8abTkc22R5qeoNnqINykWTc0TGE-eImD_I8T8ZTUnBz5OunYYr0qdaa1QpHoVNfnb5Emjlg0XI29RbSm1C0x29O-Ez_6GjZMVrnfBq8z3O4MLI5.  When you have your vases arranged on the table, add the floating candle and light it.  7N5nUl6LEgF0vScciSbU0R0LTshExux6R8xkixIHxd4nr3N0y1_8Ty7eJcilzw5pfQ8ErjVBgBvbOyUUHGINiU

Voilà!  You now have a stunning centerpiece that will wow all of your guests.  DyrvtvrWhngHuMnMmC9Zrn-ZWYfW1AdZ73opupSFkzc 6e35L73cdiAJMMvB5rsBzgztSBhIO3TRu-b4gJOfIaY iT15gCQXB_V7UHH3wcRPbpX4Qyz7EfqhoD3qZHBQ9_E _KAMbZt_nMqGo1k5jjYzL46Tj0-1OotzqEiscCqX2yo

For more DIY video tutorials follow the Afloral Youtube Channel.  Add #Afloral to all of your DIY wedding pictures to share your beautiful designs.  Find more centerpiece ideas and  upload  your images directly in our DIY Design Ideas.  For all the supplies used in this DIY visit!


DIY Summer Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Contributed blog post by a guest blogger from

Silk flowers may come to mind when you’re trying to save some money on your wedding. However, before long, you’ll realize that these cost-saving alternatives may bring more beauty to your event than you could ever hope for. By creating your own centerpieces, you’ll be able to fully relax the day-of and will know exactly what you’re showing off to your treasured guests. Along with peace-of-mind, silk arrangements are easy to do yourself and can be reused for other events. Here are some of our favorite suggestions for summer weddings. All the items needed to recreate these gems can be found on!

Rustic Boxes


Do you dream of having a rustic wedding? If you’re donning your favorite cowboy boots under your wedding dress, these wooden box centerpieces are for you! All you’ll need is a wooden box, an assortment of silk flowers in your colors, and some silk floral foam. The Woodland Fir Planter is a good option to hold your flowers in. This planter looks weathered and is very affordable. Once you have determined how many planters you’ll need, focus on the flowers. Silk hydrangeas and roses from will help keep this arrangement looking classic. For floral foam, Afloral also has you covered. There are all different sizes that will fit your base perfectly and make inserting and arranging the flowers simple.

Elegant Pop Of Color


This arrangement is perfect for the bride who wants a pop of color to compliment a unique wedding setting. Instead of making the focus all about the centerpieces, you’ll add an understated decoration that looks classy. This type of summer arrangement also works well for those who are having outdoor weddings, where there’s beautiful things to look at all around you. To make this DIY summer centerpiece, purchase a small, square vase. calls these types of vases “cube vases.” They carry them in three different sizes. Purchase enough to place one on each table. When choosing silk flowers, avoid ones that are too thin. Pick flowers that are rounder in shape, like the ones pictured, which are Peonies. Afloral sells this type of silk flower in every color you could imagine. Mix colors (keeping the same type of flower) for a bright, cheery option. You can also stick with one color to a more subdued look. For filler, consider white sea glass or small crushed glass filler. 

High & Low Sunflowers


This summer floral arrangement is easy but looks really wonderful for outdoor weddings. To create this look, begin by purchasing lanterns. You’ll need one for every few feet of table. After you have your lanterns, add moss around the base of the lanterns, going all the way around. After the moss is laid, take silk sunflower heads and place them around the moss. If you’d like, you can mix them with other orange flowers for a more diverse look. Once you’ve completed the lower-to-the-ground centerpieces, focus on the taller ones, which will be placed between them. Order large glass vases that can hold a sunflower ball. If you’d rather try a colored vase, that’s fine as long as it compliments your colors. Afloral sells lots of different tall vases which would work well for this. Once you’ve picked yours, simply place an artificial sunflower pomander ball on top of it and you’re set!

Filled Vintage Birdcages

6a0120a65f64b9970c019b003e4943970b-pi 2 copy

Chances are, if you’re drawn to Alice in Wonderland and love old clocks, you may be hosting a vintage wedding. This type of theme is easy to find decorations for and always looks feminine. The above centerpiece uses a mix of found objects and purchased items. To begin, look for antique or antique-looking bird cages. has a great variety to pick from. Once you have your bird cages, begin adding an assortment of silk flowers inside of them. You can use a small block of floral foam to hold the flowers, just make sure it’s covered and guests can’t see it. For vintage charm, don’t hold back on the filler! White silk baby’s breath and Queen Anne’s lace should be poking out of the bird’s cage ever so slightly. To add some finishing touches on this DIY, place a doily below the cage and add some small votive candles. If you’re numbering tables, you can also add a number inside of a gold picture frame, like in this example.

Mixing Fruit & Flowers

Fruit-wedding-centerpieces-citrus-lavender 2 copy
Fruit has always been associated with summer. Whether you’re at a Fourth of July cookout or just lazing around the house, chances are, you’re snacking on an orange or adding lime to your iced cocktail. Incorporating fruit into your centerpieces give your event a fun and warm weather vibe. This DIY is easy but looks really thought out and styled. Begin by purchasing a clear vase. You can use cubed vases or mix and match them with rounded vases. Place a circular foam ball in the center and then add thinly sliced fruit around it. You can use oranges, limes, lemons, or any other fruit that produces slices. Once the slices are in place, fill the vase with water and then add flowers on top, anchoring them with the foam. This DIY summer centerpiece will look great! All of the items, except the fresh fruit, can be ordered together online at!

– Kelsey Reaves

For more ideas and inspiration, head to

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Rustic Boxes 
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Elegant Pop Of Color
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High & Low Sunflowers
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Filled Vintage Birdcage 
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Mixing Fruit and Flowers 
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DIY Bohemian Floral Crown

Make this incredible silk flower crown, designed by Angela Marie Events,  for your boho wedding. ZxSijuhIdrJpMPkULdmD3SpL12xbP6WNkdF9uDQEVKM Follow these easy steps to create your own beautiful floral crown.

1) First gather the supplies. You will need at least 4 large flower heads, assorted greenery, berries, wire, floral tape, and wire cutters.  You can find the stems used in this floral crown hereIMWOxfxl3ngokkwEzkyD4aTpN7uvBAL_DOfedtvaH602) Measure the moss covered wire so that it will fit your head, leaving yourself several extra inches.

3) Seperate the leaves from the flowers and cut off the head, leaving several inces of stem. Cut sprays of greenery and berries from the stem.  _mRTk52MkIFLN7W45PNr3-OJm9ILHG6KvMZQFCrCyRc_mRTk52MkIFLN7W45PNr3-OJm9ILHG6KvMZQFCrCyRc copyXgh7gFy1pCNwu0X81cX7ggv56dh7rIFsFQQlymoNhOg4) Attach floral wire to the flower stems with floral tape. LXClT0stptgXXjvSmZb-8gVYA56HczTWVZt8MuQZjVE copy5) Arrange and tape the stems to the moss covered wire. 17BkCy66QbzjD2ktwedjbz1G_2L5icOBjE7IwDcFlgsWBsagpT_EvFqy-vfzhkZEkeuWliMezrvKTdm2KiGPBQmufujIy2yf3M_fGtcDHyxP4lsXBjSx8RNMtFnFB30gYjAxa8-W9O9soY9oCPWeIBqnnhXFI1G_lCkhlwTS0ixs6) To complete the crown, place the flowers on your head and wrap the ends of the moss wire together so that it fits. K1gHlrTnmWNiGKGmJrZ94PnJBm_ruXfmrcqjC-I2U80cY8xk5K-LhgCOj1cIZcezSXBSTYf_TrOS3nN_OScdusYou now have a stunning flower crown, fit for a bohemian bride. ykn-XU16xyG3pNEsjY2sdKXncarOzjdx5XJ1Iw_3ODk copy


Mix it up with your favorite silk flower stems and #Afloral with your finished design! For more DIY video tutorials follow the Afloral Youtube Channel.

Photography: Carolynn Seibert Photography | Designer & Coordinator: Angela Marie Events


DIY Floral Parasol

Contributed blog post from Green Wedding Shoes



Today we are sharing how to make this lovely little Floral Parasol in partnership with Afloral, our favorite silk flower company! And yes, all those pretty blooms are silk! This umbrella was actually super easy to make, and would make such an adorable prop for your flower girl in place of a basket. Dress her up in a cute Joyfolie dress and she’ll be the sweetest little one at your wedding!



What You’ll Need:
• Silk flowers from AFloral. We picked these: CosmosPeach RanunculusCosmos + Ranunculus BunchPink RanunculusPeach Cabbage RosePink PeonyMini Ranunculus BunchPeach RosePeach OrchidPeach PeonyPeach RanunculusPeony Bud
• Small Parasol from Luna Bazaar (also found at
• Gardening Shears (can also use wire cutters from
• Glue Gun (also found at



We started by cutting the heads off all the flowers and laying them out to see the design we liked, and measured how round the umbrella was so we knew how many flowers would be needed to completely fill the top. So pretty even in this stage, right?!



Step 1: We first used our biggest flower, the peony, to have as a starting point.

Step 2: Then, we moved onto other medium-sized focal flowers (roses, ranunculus, etc).

Step 3: After we had a pattern going, we just kept moving and filling in with smaller filler as need.

Step 4: Finish by filling in any gaps you may have missed with extras. All done!



Miss Sienna, our favorite flower girl model (we’re biased, maybe…) showing off the pretty parasol!



And if you love Sienna’s dress as much as we did, you can order the same Joyfolie Anabell in Cloud dress (it comes in light blue also!). Enjoy!

If you make your own floral parasol with AFloral using these steps or supplies, we’d love to see how it turns out, so please share on Instagram along with the hashtag #GreenWeddingShoesDIY. We’ll regram our faves!

*This post is sponsored by All content, ideas, and words are by Green Wedding Shoes. Thanks for supporting our sponsors!

Find a wide variety of pink silk flowers at and hashtag #Afloral with your DIY silk flower designs!