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DIY 4th of July Centerpiece

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This week, we’re showing you how to make a 4th of July centerpiece

4th of July centerpiece


If you’re planning a BBQ for Independence Day and need a little inspiration for your all-American decor, this simple floral arrangement is the perfect way to add a patriotic touch!


4th of July centerpiece DIY




Three white vases of varying sizes (ours were 3.5 inches tall5.5 inches tall, and 8 inches tall)


One large block of floral foam


Wire cutters


Red arrangement (tall vase)


6-8 red carnations


6 red mini Gerbera daisies


Blue arrangement (medium vase)


6 blue carnations


6-8 blue cornflowers


White arrangement (short vase)


6 white mini spray roses


6-8 white carnations




1. Cut a piece of foam a few inches tall to fit inside each vase and place inside.


2. Place stems along the side of the vase to gauge the desired height and trim accordingly with wire cutters.


3. Fill each vase with the corresponding carnations, pushing the stems into the foam.


4. Use the remaining flowers to fill out the arrangement.


4th of July centerpiece

We love that these arrangements are so simple to create and add a fun punch of color to your 4th of July party! (And if you’re not feeling the red, white, and blue, you could use the same method with flowers in different colors to create a monochromatic arrangement for any occasion!)



Style Inspiration from Top Wedding Designers

Any bride can dream about having a designer wedding gown.  And why wouldn’t it be a dream come true to have a beautiful, high-end dress styled by fashion designers who dress the rich and famous like Beyonce, Kate Hudson, Victoria Beckham, The Kardashians and Michelle Obama?

While the glossy wedding magazine pages and our pinterest boards are filled with countless celebrity and designer styles we can stop dreaming and start putting these inspiration images to work.  That is right, if you can’t have your own designer labeled wedding gown why not borrow some style inspiration from your favorite designer?

A recent post on, “The Top 10 Most Popular Wedding Dress Designers”, showcases the who’s who among bridal fashion designers.  Lets see what types of style and wedding ideas we can snag from these A list names.

Hayley Paige with Calla Lily Bouquet

Hayley Paige with Afloral Calla Lily Bouquet

Hayley Paige

  • Modern, fun, fresh
  • Touch of refinement
  • Polished silhouettes

Hayley Paige is the perfect style profile for a modern, chic wedding.  Wedding decor will be sophisticated, well put together like Paige’s silhouettes with fresh, clean design and decor elements.  Calla lily bouquets and flower arrangements or submersible arrangements are the right combination of modern style and refinement to be paired with this wedding look.

Carolina Herrera with Afloral Cream Rose Bouquet

Carolina Herrera with Afloral Cream Rose Bouquet

Carolina Herrera

  • Classic, traditional
  • Lack of fuss
  • Dressed the first ladies from Jackie Kennedy to Michelle Obama

This style profile is for a traditional, romantic wedding.  Decor items will be kept simple and not overly complicated or over done.  Think of centerpieces composed of one or two types of wedding flowers and paired well in classic vase choices with softly lit votive candles as accents.  Wedding flowers are kept simple with the classic beauty of roses in pink, white or cream, red.

Pronovias with Cascading Peacock Feather and Orchid Bouquet

Pronovias with Cascading Peacock Feather and Orchid Bouquet


  • High style
  • Wide cascading trains
  • Dressed supermodels such as Miranda Kerr, Bar Refaeli and Doutzen Kroes

The high style profile is over the top, high-end style.  Wide, cascading trains demand attention.  Wedding decor will have to be taken to the same level.  Tall and large flower arrangements will catch guests eye adorned with hanging crystals and garlandWedding bouquets can also mirror the drama and theatrics of wedding gown trains, cascading bouquets are a re-emerging trend that could fit well within this profile.

Ines di Santo with Vintage Rose Corsage

Ines di Santo with Vintage Rose Corsage

Ines di Santo

  • Bridal Couture
  • Femininity
  • Attention to originality, construction

This style profile is all about femininity and the beauty of romance.  The vintage wedding theme is a perfect pairing with di Santo’s style.  Wedding decor will be styled with attention to detail and originality in focal points popular in vintage wedding themes right now.  Metallics in gold and silver are sophisticated accents to romantic, lush wedding flowers like traditional roses, anemones, ranunculus in muted feminine hues.

While most of us will never be as lucky to walk down the aisle on our wedding day in a designer, couture wedding gown we can still learn a thing or two from our favorite designer.  Keeping pinning and flipping the pages of celebrity stylists and then sit back and examine why you love their looks.  Do you love the elements of classic style, modern and chic or vintage with a touch of femininity? 

Old Hollywood Wedding Theme Inspiration

Old Hollywood Wedding Flowers

Old Hollywood Wedding Flowers;; pinterest via Laura Ramos;; pinterest via Renee Ivey;

Lights, Camera, Action!  The glamour, glitz, romance and drama of Old Hollywood has hit the wedding world.  Creating its own niche within the ever so popular Vintage Wedding theme, Old Hollywood weddings borrow from the romance of vintage with a touch more drama and sophistication.

The Old Hollywood wedding theme is inspired from a time gone by when everything was done over the top and perfectly styled.  This look works perfect for couples looking for a themed wedding or those just looking for a high styled wedding.

Old Hollywood Themed Weddings

  • Theater or Movie Premier
  • Speak Easy
  • Great Gatsby
  • Or simply a fabulously high styled wedding that borrows elements from Old Hollywood theme.

Setting the scene, Old Hollywood inspired weddings can go in several directions when it comes to palette choices, keeping this theme very versatile.  Metallics like gold and silver are a must whether as main players or just as accents.  Soft pinks, white and creams play up the vintage and romantic mood.  Styled with the right elements the softer hues can evoke the same kind of high end style as richer tones.  Deep reds and romance go hand in hand, pair with black for the dramatics of Hollywood theater and red carpet events.

Old Hollywood Glam Wedding

Old Hollywood Glam Wedding;;;;;

Developing the plot, with color choices laid out lets now talk about Old Hollywood wedding decor.  Everything with Old Hollywood decor is set to a higher standard, more is more.  But this doesn’t mean you have to go broke styling this theme.  With the right elements you can get a high end look at an affordable cost.  Tip: Purchase items in bulk, splurge on a few big ticket items and pull everything together with inexpensive extras as accents.

Old Hollywood Wedding Decor

Opening night, now its time to pull our whole look together.  Pair your Old Hollywood color palette with romantic, lush flowersRoses, anemones, calla lilies, even orchids are lush choices for flower arrangements.

With palette and color choices made tie in decor items to style the high end wedding look you’ll need to pull off an Old Hollywood wedding.  Tall vases, numerous candles in a variety of heights, feathers and bouquet wraps in rhinestones or pearls, feathers and hanging crystals for arrangements and crushed glass can be used as vase fillers or on tables.

Vintage Wedding Theme: Wedding Flowers

The vintage wedding theme is ready to reign over another wedding season.  Back and better than ever, the vintage theme is here to make it’s mark on 2014.

Last week’s post Vintage Wedding Theme: Wedding Decorations gave us a preview of the new trend Heirloom wedding and hot new items like birdcages, telephones and typewriters used in wedding decor.  These focal pieces give us a glimpse of just one of the ways the vintage theme has re-invented itself this season.

Pink and Cream Vintage Wedding Bouquet, Peony, Ranunculus, Anemone

But what is in store for this year’s wedding palette?  This year’s vintage wedding is set against the backdrop of soft, muted and romantic floral hues.

  • Soft pinks and muted purple pastels are traditionally feminine hues to create a fairytale wedding look.
  • For neutrals off whites, antiqued creams and soft beiges are the perfect accent.
  • Add a touch of metallics in gold or silver, another fabulous trend within this wedding category, to go Vintage Glam.

What better way to incorporate romantic floral hues than in your wedding flower arrangements?  This year’s top vintage themed wedding flowers are:

Roses are a traditional flower associated with romance the perfect fit for a vintage wedding.  Peonies and Ranunculus have a close look to several types of roses.  They are just as popular for their soft and romantic look with layers of lush petals.

Real peony flowers have a short bloom season which leads to a high price tag for stems in floral arrangements.  Real ranunculus blooms are a more budget friendly option but are often quite fragile and need to be paired with other types of flowers for support.  But guess what?  Using silk flowers saves you from both these issues.  Letting you use peony and ranunculus silk flowers freely in any floral arrangement.

The vintage wedding theme gives us so many options this season.  Use these new trends in wedding decor, palettes and flowers for inspiration to start planning your vintage fairytale wedding day!

Vintage Wedding Themes: Wedding Decorations

Vintage Wedding Decorations; mason jar & typewriter-; suitcase-; birdcage-

Vintage weddings are the wedding theme to look for in 2014.  Vintage weddings have had a popular presence over the past few wedding seasons.  Now you might suspect their popularity is ready to wane, but instead the Vintage wedding’s constant ability to reinvent itself keeps winning over more and more fans.

The ever so popular Vintage wedding has styled itself into some fabulous looks for 2014.  Breathing a breath of fresh air into the start of the new year the Vintage, Heirloom Wedding theme is soft and romantic with a touch of nostalgia.

The Heirloom wedding theme can in part account for the rise of vintage focal points used in decor.  Some popular vintage wedding decor items to keep an eye out for in any vintage wedding theme are:

These vintage focal points are being worked into wedding centerpieces and display stations.  Typewriters set the perfect scene at an unconventional guest book table.  As seen in’s “Keys to a Successful Marriage” photo table guests are encouraged to leave a special message for the bride and groom.

Other vintage elements like birdcages, vintage vases and mason jars are stylish statement pieces for wedding reception tables.  Using a larger focal point like these vintage items takes care of the majority of the centerpiece, silk wedding flowers and greenery can be added as a soft accent.  Keeping the quantity of items needed in each arrangement down, in turn simplifying your DIY projects and maybe even saving you money.

When looking for vintage items shop for the real thing at flea markets and thrift stores to mix and match styles and patterns.  Or on sites like that offer creative wedding decoration items to fit many themes like vintage weddings.  Items like glass containers and mason jars can often be purchased in bulk offering you a discount.

Looking to find out more about new trends in Vintage wedding themes?  What wedding colors and wedding flowers are hot this year?  Stop by next week for Vintage Wedding Themes: Wedding Flowers to find out!