Yellow & Blue Wedding Flowers ~ Eva’s Inspiration Board

Eva is having a September wedding and her dress is Ancient Greek-inspired.  Eva’s bridesmaids dresses are royal blue.  She wants a bouquet of yellow roses with a blue flower and accented with peacock feathers in the bouquet.  A single peacock feather will be in her hair.


 Bouquet Inspiration Photo & Floral Designer:  Goen South

To recreate Eva’s Bouquet:

  1. 7-9 Yellow Roses
  2. 3 Peacock Feathers
  3. 3-5 Green Berry Sprays
  4. 3 Green Button Pom Pom Mums
  5. Yellow Rose Bouquet for your Bridesmaids or a base for the bridal bouquet
  6. Royal Blue Satin Ribbon
  7. Add a 3-5 Royal Blue Calla Lilies to accent your bouquet

Sunflower Wedding Bouquet ~ Becky’s Inspiration Board

Becky writes:  Hello! I’m trying to find inspiration for a our rustic wedding at a local campground this May! Our colors are blue and yellow, in just about any shade! My lovely ladies will be wearing a blue of their choice. While I really love hydrangeas and sunflowers I am not sure they work together. So, we are considering doing mixing almost any flower so long as it is in a yellow or blue hue. Perhaps even some white or green? With so many option I don’t know where to begin!


Bouquet Inspiration Photo:  Grout Photography  |  Floral Designer:  Perfect Princess Events

To recreate Eva’s Rustic Sunflower Bouquet:

  1. 5-7 Stems Sunflowers
  2. 5 Stems Blue Delphinium
  3. 2-3 Stems White Hydrangeas
  4. Wrap with Jute Ribbon
  5. Sunflower Bridesmaid Bouquet
  6. 3 Stems Lamb’s Ear Greenery



Calla Lily Wedding Flowers ~ Chantel’s Inspiration Board

Chantel’s colors are teal and yellow with grey as an accent color.  She loves calla lily flowers for the bouquets. It is an outdoor wedding at a vineyard with a tent reception.

Bouquet Inspiration Photo:  Kelly Cameron Photography

To Create Chantel’s Bouquet:
5 Yellow Calla Lilies {5-7 for Bridesmaid Bouquet}
3 White Calla Lilies
3 White Hydrangeas
5 White Roses
5 Green Berry Sprays
Jade~Teal Satin Ribbon


Festive Mexican Wedding Flowers ~ Shanae’s Inspiration Board

Our bride-to-be, Shanae requested that we recreate a bouquet for her May 24, 2014 wedding.  Her colors are tangerine, lemon, and plum.  Her wedding color palette was inspired by the colors in a desert sunset and her theme is Mexican Desert.

Festive-Bouquet-ShanaeBouquet Inspiration Photo:  Vrai Photography  |  Floral Designer:  Kio Kreations
via Wedding Window

{Shanae’s Bouquet Details}

1.  3 Stems of Purple Orchids
2.  3 Stems of Lavender Orchids
3.  3-6 Stems of Orange Roses
4.  3 Stems of Purple Hydrangea
5.  3-5 Stems of Fuchsia/Violet Roses
6.  5 Stems of Yellow Billy Buttons
7.  5 Stems of Yellow Orchids








Colorful Modern Bouquet ~ Laura’s Inspiration Board

Modern-Yellow-LauraBouquet Inspiration Photo:  RHM Photography |  Floral Designer:  A Garden Party

{Laura’s Request}
Hi!  I love the classic black, white, and grey wedding, but I want my flowers to have some pops of color color. The problem is I’m not sure which color to choose. My dress is fitted with lace on the top and then flares with whimsical tulle at the bottom. The bridesmaid dresses are long black lace over black satin with black satin sashes. The groom and groomsmen will be wearing light grey suits. I’m not sure what colors to include in the flowers for my July wedding.

{Laura’s Bouquet Details}
This modern yellow bouquet via A Garden Party can be recreated with White Gerbera Daisies, Yellow Freesia, Roses, Calla Lilies, Billy Buttons, Cream Anemones, Fuchsia Roses, and Succulent Greenery.  Happy Planning, Mindy