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Create A Tropical Orchid Bouquet

If you pictured yourself on a white sandy beach, sand between your toes, sweet smells of tropical flowers wafting through the breeze, and an orchid in your hair, this is for you. Whether you are planning a destination wedding on a tropical beach or creating your own tropical wedding theme, we can help you create your own orchid bouquet!

We’ve made it so simple by using our premade bouquets. You can decide the size you want for your bouquet.  Use as is, or combine additional bouquets to create a larger bouquet.

At our recent photo shoot in the Virgin Islands, we were were inspired by the colorful surroundings…..So we combined the bouquets.  In the first photo (left) we combined 2 Green & Purple Orchid Bouquets & (right) (1) Green & Purple with Orange Orchid Bouquet.  The bottom photo is (2) Green & Purple Orchid Bouquets.

Here is a sample of our Cybidium Orchid Bouquets.  Click on the picture to view.

Create a Beautiful Blue Hydrangea Bouquet

This blue hydrangea bouquet is beautiful, simple, and fun.  Customize this with any flowers or colors you would like – it’s all about making it your own!


Finished Blue Hydrangea Bouquet

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You’ll need blue silk flowers

  • Blue Roses (2-3) FR2007-BL
  • Blue Anemones (3-4) GTH857-BL
  • Blue Hydrangea (3-5) FSH017-BL
  • Jewel Centered Stephanotis (2) GTS150-WH

…and a few floral supplies & tools

  • Blue Ribbon GYR-142-9-18
  • Pearl Wisp PRM-44WH
  • Rhinestone Sticker EUR-BLING-CL
  • Wire Cutters DIA-7010
  • Stemwrap DAR-35902
  • Glue Gun FPC-H-270

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Blue Silk FlowersStep 1: Cut the hydrangea stems to match the approximate length you would like for your bouquet.

Step 2: Hold all of the hydrangeas in a bunch and tuck the roses and anemones in between the hydrangea blooms, being careful not to put too many of the same types in one spot. Do the same with the stephanotis.

Step 3: Wrap the stems of the bouquet tightly using the stemwrap, and trim the stems so that they are the same length.

Step 4: Decide where you want to insert your pearl wisps, then put a dab of glue on the stem and insert them into the bouquet. Make sure the glued stem is against the stem of another flower so that it will hold. Then, attach the rhinestone stickers to the petals. You can add more or less, depending on the look you are going for.

Step 5: Wrap the stems with ribbon, using a dab of glue to secure it to the bouquet stems. You can include a darker, solid color on the bottom and then add a criss-cross sheer ribbon on top, or you can choose to add a bouquet holder instead.

    Legally Pink Recreate Reese Witherspoon’s Wedding Bouquet


    Reese Witherspoon made a bold statement  by wearing a pink wedding dress, but kept it simple & elegant with her bridal bouquet.  This easy bouquet recreation of open roses can simply be affixed with stemwrap and wrapped with satin ribbon.  If you are short on time or unable to design your own bouquet,  try one of’s realistic  Silk Premade Bouquets.

    *Images courtesy of



    Michelle from Amore Bride

    A little about Michelle from Amore Bride:

    Flowers are my Passion, and making weddings that bloom are what I do best!

    Even though I live and work in snowy Michigan (and what a snowy winter we have had!), I’m always surrounded by spring with the vast array of silk flowers I work with every day!  I have a very fulfilling career designing and creating Floral Designs for very special brides both here and abroad  where their excited reactions are  very rewarding.  I am very passionate about my work and have been a Floral Designer specializing in silk wedding flowers, bridal bouquets, attendants flowers, boutonierres, corsages, centerpieces and hairpieces and wedding accessories. You name it, I have done it all from classic rose styles, to popular hippie daisy styles, along with very formal, elegant designs topping my creations off with original peacock feather bouquets and accompaniments in my original designs!

    I was very excited when Afloral asked me to submit something black and white as they have a wonderful new line of exciting black florals! Hope you enjoy what I designed with them.

    Services offered: Wedding Flowers, Silk Bridal Bouquets, Peacock Bride Bouquets, Corsages, Boutonnieres, Peacock Feather Cake Toppers and Custom Wedding Accessories.  Custom orders are welcome.

    To Contact Michele from Amore Bride: ~~~   Wedding Flowers ~~~   Home Decor, Gifts, and a little Italia!

    **Similar items used in Michele’s black/white vintage inspired bouquets: Open Roses, Orchids, feathers and floral ribbon.