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Cinderella Carriage – Fall DIY Wedding Centerpiece

Have you always dreamed of a Cinderella wedding? Make your own magical fall wedding centerpiece in just two easy steps! clp3RYPWoTPFCAokBv6T7KuuTRia41TKN7zld7BoxYU,cjOf6RxQeAlm-2IrUdynPL_NaoPxNCZXTIF-vik1hU8First gather your supplies.  We will show you two different fall inspired looks, but you can use your favorite silk wedding flowers in your wedding colors.  JtbGW2dNbjkk-BTENs1EXeRBY-XuSRiSD6QNA3o-qOcp4,JzL27-EdCvmNgas40z0z6E0eUowEnVuysS0Tqc1-HcsFor our Fall themed design we chose to use one large sunflower and one large dahlia for inside of the small wire carriage.  For accents we choose silk Chinese Lantern stems, a mini Cymbidium Orchid spray, Queen Annes Lace, a Wild Grass bush, and an artificial berry spray. You will also need wire cutters1The first step is simple!  Cut the flower head off of the stem using wire cutters.  Place the flower head into the carriage. tSYvyJr5s4RVirDvUML8cUYigHrz_QnM9abujyDFmOI copyThe second step is just as easy!  Use wire cutters to cut apart your accent stems.  Most of our faux stems have a wire core so you will be able to wrap them around the carriage and they will stay in place. hN1kA1Zg5zy-LsnAtQ2K1CQLAsciaPQzZrHcfSQQWUYIf they are not wire you can weave them into the wire openings of the carriage, like with the wild grass.  If you want to add larger accent flower heads to the design you can attach them with hot glue.  WBRBYDqRmDTvqm3L38mFf3M50uXpTetnRjlzRBWOtXY-645x430yUHMVNIdfsH1F_dZHffxYn7BKIUKofYqQ8l43uFqzGsT7zrvS49VYvA7PgUkPRCKCtRBvWA0pODpG7fyRUzzvcFor the full fall centerpiece look, arrange your carriage on burlap table runners and surround in fall silk flowers and candle votives.  PUFrXGfd4D_6X6qphBcF85I7yX1o1jrVp8iyavhUudo,x7BmHOi9tnYrJ2kMwmMc9FCDbWaxkysCEYfxkbTOtkMLgMOh2y_JdW0y9qI-rlQTdQ0Fs1bqskAGLEHPe8_v1EAldhJNPL3Gyr3AAWPC2X3jk3mj70dpVaydCV4ndi74UQEsFNIHtlYD1VYjq1vF2mM-DF8PNQ9T39sVZOPLHv0IFor more tips follow our helpful DIY video.

Not planning a fall wedding? Fill the wire Cinderella carriages with your favorite flowers. GIjwQGYCgEER8IjGP18ZlAFiLr786GJc2vtZJd2I5l4 Create your own wedding centerpieces with wedding decorations and silk wedding flowers from

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DIY Gold Glitter Candles and Holders

This DIY features four do it yourself designs for your upcoming event.  Follow the simple steps and shop for all the supplies you will need.  This is a great project for the bride on a budget!

Glitter Candlestick:1

Gather your supplies:  You will need a spray adhesive, glitter, and a taper candle.


Spray the bottom of the taper candle with an adhesive spray glue.  Generously cover the glued area with glitter.  Allow a few moments to dry and then gently tap the candle to remove excess glitter.


Glitter Votive:


Gather your supplies:  You will need a spray adhesiveglitter, and white votive candles in clear glass.


Spray the bottom of the votive with an adhesive spray glue.  Generously cover the glued area with glitter.  Allow a few moments to dry and then gently tap the candle to remove excess glitter.


Glitter Candlestick Holder:


Gather your supplies:  You will need glitter spray paint and a wooden candle holder.


Thoroughly spray the candle holder with your glitter paint.  Give it time to dry.


Painted Glitter Candlestick Holder:


Gather your supplies:  You will need a spray adhesiveglitter, and spray paint.


Start by painting the candlestick holder with the flat color, we choose white.  After the paint has thoroughly dried, spray the bottom of the candlestick holder with the adhesive spray glue.  Generously cover the glued area with glitter.  Allow a few moments to dry and then gently tap the candle to remove excess glitter.


Combine all the projects together for a glittery and beautiful centerpiece.   Buy all of your supplies from and save on your wedding decorations!



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Peacock Quinceanera Party ~ Rachel’s Inspiration Board

Rachel writes: I am not having a wedding. It is a quinceanera for my daughter. The date is set for November 15, 2014. The theme is “Peacock”. colors are light blue, lime green, purple, royal blue, accent color is gold. The main flower is the Calla Lilly, but I am not sure what other flowers would go with the Calla since it is such an elegant flower, just by itself is gorgeous. I do have the peacock feathers to go with it. Any help would greatly be appreciated.


Love these colors!  Although we picked a bouquet for your board – the arrangement can still be used for a centerpiece design, and all the items in it look great with calla lilies. You can either add callas to this mix, or swap out the roses. Add a gold vase and some purple table decor to tie in all the colors.

Get the Goods:

Blue Orchids

Calla Lilies

Green Hydrangea

Gold Vase

Diamond Table Decor

Happy planning,

How to Make a DIY Submersible Centerpiece

Submersible centerpieces are still ever so popular in the DIY wedding world. They are so easy to make, and you can assemble one centerpiece in a matter of minutes. With our growing list of submersible flowers, the centerpiece possibilities are absolutely endless.

For this popular orchid and calla lily submersible table setting, you just need two different flowers, two different containers, and several  floating candles. P.S. Water might also be a good idea too :)

Submersible Orchid Centerpiece from
Submersible Orchid Centerpiece from

For the orchid centerpiece, you will need one or two dendrobium orchids, one 18″ clear glass cylinder vase, and one floating candle.

For the calla lily centerpiece, you will need one 6″ clear glass cylinder vase and two to four real touch calla lilies in white.

Submersible Centerpiece Step by Step Recipe
Submersible Centerpiece Step by Step Recipe

Place your stems in their appropriate vases, and fill with water. Finally, for the orchid centerpiece, place one floating candle on top, light it, and voila! You’re finished with your DIY submersible centerpiece.

DIY Sunflower Pomander

Pomander or kissing balls are a popular wedding decor item.  What ever name you call them by, the flower bloom spheres are an easy item to decorate with.  DIY pomanders are fairly simple to create.  Three floral products, faux flowers, styrofoam balls and ribbon, keep materials to a minimum.

Making your own pomanders will allow you to customize flower and color choices to your wedding theme and also coordinate with bouquet flowers.  If you are already planning other DIY flower projects you can order your faux flowers in bushes instead of single stems or possibly get a discount on bulk purchases. Who doesn’t love saving a little money?

DIY Sunflower Pomander
DIY Sunflower Pomander’s sunflower pomander is a popular pin on pinterest, actually it is one of the most re-pinned pins from the site.  Keeping in mind it’s ease and versatile lets take a look at how you can create your own sunflower pomander.


Tip: By using the sunflower bush you are going to get the most for your money, it will be more affordable than buying individual stems for this project.

  1. Trim sunflower blooms off the sunflower bush, leaving about 3-4″ of the stem. Base this measurement off the diameter of the styrofoam ball you are going to insert them into.
  2. Insert blooms around the circumference of the styrofoam ball, keeping blooms close together until the entire surface around the ball is filled.
  3. Optional, add ribbon to be able to hang pomanders for decor.  Trim several inches of ribbon to create a loop then hot glue ends to the styrfoam ball, hiding the ribbon’s ends underneath the flower blooms.

Pomanders are versatile decor items.  The sunflower pomander would be perfect for any rustic, outdoor, country or barn weddings. Pomanders can substitute for bridesmaid bouquets or flower girl’s baskets coming in at a fraction of the cost for traditional flower arrangements.  To use them in ceremony decor, pomanders can be hassle free aisle or pew decorations.

Wedding reception decor ideas are endless with pomanders.  Centerpieces can incorporate the faux flower spheres from displaying them in vases to hanging them from branches.  Pomanders make simple and affordable chairbacks for the bridal party table.  And as seen in our sunflower pomander photo, they can be hung as decor items to dress up any venue space.