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Re-purpose, Re-use and Enjoy Your Wedding Flowers

Boy, or should I say Bride, have you earned the right to enjoy your wedding flowers.  All of the preparation, planning and coordinating for your flower arrangements has taken months to get everything just right.

Choosing your wedding flowers isn’t as simple as picking a flower type and color.  Brides take into account their wedding theme, style, colors and a lot of other factors all to create the perfect arrangements for your special day.  But what happens to your flowers after your wedding day?

There are several creative ways to re-use, re-purpose and continue to enjoy your wedding flowers long after you say “I do”.  Using silk wedding flowers can give couples even more options to hold on to wedding flowers as keepsakes.

Re-purpose Wedding Flowers Keepsakes
Re-purpose Wedding Flowers Keepsakes;;;; Signature Creations via

Re-purpose. Are you looking to preserve some of your mementos from your wedding day?  You can find some great creative DIY wedding keepsake display ideas using shadow boxes online.  Preserve your dried real flowers or silk flowers along with your wedding invitation, menus and photographs.

Not interested in displaying your full wedding flower bouquet as a keepsake?  Another idea is to disassemble your bouquet and other flower arrangements to create a beautiful, unique piece of art arranging the blooms in a shadow box display.

A hot trend on pinterest right now has been preserving simple items that have a big significance in clear glass Christmas ornaments.  Available at many craft stores, fill ornaments with flowers from your wedding day and decorate the outside with your nuptials date.

Gifts or favors.  Consider giving wedding flower arrangements as a gift or favors to family members, bridal party members or guests.  Arrangements will serve as a nice thank you for those who helped share your wedding day.  And if you’ve used silk flowers the arrangements are something they can keep for years to come.

Re-use Wedding Decorations in Home Decor
Re-use Wedding Decorations in Home Decor; painted planters and fruit decor; holiday milk glass midwestliving; tulip mason jar; planter

Re-use. With many of the popular wedding themes out there right now like Vintage, Rustic and Country it would be easy to re-purpose wedding flowers and decorations into home decor.  Here are a few home decor inspiration photos via pinterest:

  • Popular in Rustic and Country weddings metal planters can be re-used in home and garden decor. uses painted and monogrammed planters as chic front porch arrangement.
  • Vases are great home decor items that can be re-used in a variety of ways.  Large clear vases from centerpieces and candy buffets are a beautiful way to display everyday items like fruit or Christmas bulbs during the holidays.
  • Many hot wedding trends are as equally popular in home decor.  Wooden planters, birch containers and milk glass can make an easy transition from wedding to everyday decor.

The possibilities are endless.  Find your own creative ways to re-purpose, re-use and continue to enjoy your wedding flowers and wedding decorations.

How to Accent Your Submersible Centerpiece

This week we’ve been focusing a lot on submersible wedding centerpieces.  They are so popular right now, and incredibly easy to assemble. On Wednesday, I wrote about my picks for top five submersible wedding centerpieces (the fish bowl one was my favorite!) but today I want to show you what products you can use to accent your submersible centerpiece.

One of my favorite accents is floralytes. Drop one or two right in your container, and watch it glow. We currently carry four different  colors, and I have to say, the purple is definitely my favorite.

You can even do different colored floralytes in each centerpiece, which takes the drama up a notch.

Submersible Wedding Centerpiece Photo From Your Wedding Company
Submersible Wedding Centerpiece Photo From Your Wedding Company

Another accent I love is natural stones. Drop them in your vase, and they give your entire centerpiece an earthy touch.

Submersible Flower Heads with Pebbles
Submersible Flower Heads with Pebbles

Keeping with this same idea, you can also use several different types of vase filler, from metallic gold glass to raw cork. Here are some of my favorite vase fillers we currently offer.

Assorted Diamonds in Rose Pink
Assorted Diamonds in Rose Pink                                  
Turquoise Crushed Glass
Turquoise Crushed Glass
Metallic Gold Crushed Glass
Metallic Gold Crushed Glass

As you can see, the possibilities are totally endless. Don’t limit your submersible centerpiece to just one vase, one flower, and water.

Throw in some fun accents to kick it up a notch.

Do you have any other ideas? Comment below!

Top 5 Submersible Wedding Centerpieces

Submersible wedding centerpieces were incredibly popular in 2013, and they still  are making a strong appearance in 2014 wedding trend forecasts. Not only do they make a lasting dramatic impression, but they’re so easy to assemble. Check out our top 5 picks for this season’s hottest submersible wedding centerpieces.

1. Submersible Orchid Centerpiece

Recreate this centerpiece with  one floating candle, a tall cylinder glass vase, and 1-3 submersible orchids.

Submersible Orchid Centerpiece from
Submersible Orchid Centerpiece from

2. Submersible Calla Lily Centerpiece

Recreate this centerpiece with two submersible calla lilies and one circular floral container.

Submersible Calla Lily Centerpiece from
Submersible Calla Lily Centerpiece from

3. Submersible Red Rose Centerpiece

Recreate this centerpiece with one cylinder glass vase, one single submersible red  rose, and red vase filler.

Submersible Red Rose Centerpiece
Submersible Red Rose Centerpiece

4. Submersible Flower Heads with Stones

Recreate this centerpiece with natural stones, one submersible flower head, a floating candle, and a cylinder glass vase.

Submersible Flower Heads with Pebbles
Submersible Flower Heads with Pebbles

5. Submersible Fish Bowl Centerpiece

This was so unique, I just had to share :)  Recreate this look with three different sized fish bowls and three submersible cymbidium orchids.

Submersible Fish Bowl Centerpiece
Submersible Fish Bowl Centerpiece

Do you have any other submersible centerpiece ideas? Comment below!

Vintage Wedding Themes: Wedding Decorations

Vintage Wedding Decorations; mason jar & typewriter-; suitcase-; birdcage-

Vintage weddings are the wedding theme to look for in 2014.  Vintage weddings have had a popular presence over the past few wedding seasons.  Now you might suspect their popularity is ready to wane, but instead the Vintage wedding’s constant ability to reinvent itself keeps winning over more and more fans.

The ever so popular Vintage wedding has styled itself into some fabulous looks for 2014.  Breathing a breath of fresh air into the start of the new year the Vintage, Heirloom Wedding theme is soft and romantic with a touch of nostalgia.

The Heirloom wedding theme can in part account for the rise of vintage focal points used in decor.  Some popular vintage wedding decor items to keep an eye out for in any vintage wedding theme are:

These vintage focal points are being worked into wedding centerpieces and display stations.  Typewriters set the perfect scene at an unconventional guest book table.  As seen in’s “Keys to a Successful Marriage” photo table guests are encouraged to leave a special message for the bride and groom.

Other vintage elements like birdcages, vintage vases and mason jars are stylish statement pieces for wedding reception tables.  Using a larger focal point like these vintage items takes care of the majority of the centerpiece, silk wedding flowers and greenery can be added as a soft accent.  Keeping the quantity of items needed in each arrangement down, in turn simplifying your DIY projects and maybe even saving you money.

When looking for vintage items shop for the real thing at flea markets and thrift stores to mix and match styles and patterns.  Or on sites like that offer creative wedding decoration items to fit many themes like vintage weddings.  Items like glass containers and mason jars can often be purchased in bulk offering you a discount.

Looking to find out more about new trends in Vintage wedding themes?  What wedding colors and wedding flowers are hot this year?  Stop by next week for Vintage Wedding Themes: Wedding Flowers to find out!

You Don’t Have to Be Martha Stewart to DIY

I’ll admit it. I loathe crafting. I have sausage fingers, and not one ounce of patience. To top it off, I’m a complete perfectionist. As you can probably assume, DIY was never a word that came out of my mouth. In fact , it’s listed in an imaginary book of  dirty words I’ll never say, along with laundry, made from scratch, and dustpan. {Oops, don’t judge me!} But let me tell you, when it comes to pinching pennies, I’m your girl.

You Can Do DIY Wedding Flowers
The Terrible Crafter’s Block Photo Source

With that said, you can imagine my internal conflict when I realized that DIY wedding flowers were an affordable alternative to their checkbook violating fresh counterpart. Are there any anti crafters out there who feel my pain? When faced with this startling news, I turned to

If anyone could show me how to properly make my own DIY wedding centerpieces, it would be them. Their Wedding Design Ideas are so simple, even a cavewoman – er I mean, anti crafter can do them. Not only do they give you gorgeous design ideas, but they lay out each tutorial with step by step instructions, lovely photos, and simple videos.

For example, check out one of my personal favorites, How to Make a Vintage Style Bouquet

DIY Wedding Flowers

Now if you’re like me, you’re looking at the above image, and scratching your head. But have no fear, it gets even easier! Click on the photo, and you will be taken to the actual Design Idea page, where every individual step is explained in detail.

On top of that, they give you the option to purchase all the necessary stems right on that page {stop ittttt, does it get any easier?}.

So if you’re a budget bride afraid of DIY wedding flowers, take my advice: is your saving grace. They will sell you affordable stems, and hold your hand during that big scary thing some of us call “crafting”.

Are you an anti crafter who managed to make gorgeous DIY wedding flowers? Share your stories below!