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Cheap DIY Wedding Organization Tools

Details.  Details are definitely a great way to explain what a wedding entails.  From flowers, food, venues, guest lists and so on the list goes on and on.  No wonder why professionals have found such a niche in wedding planning.

But the truth of the matter is your average Jane and Joe can’t afford a professional wedding planner to help consult them on endless wedding details.  When you’re trying to pull off your special day on a budget or even just trying to keep within your wedding budget, professional help is a big splurge.

So how can you get and stay organized for your wedding planning, keeping within your budget and sanity?  There are three different options for DIY wedding organization I’m going to feature today.  Hopefully you’ll find one that fits your organizational style.  The best part is I know any options will fit your budget, because they are either free or a a small marginal cost for a few office supplies.  You can’t beat that!

DIY wedding binder,

Old School

If you wan to kick it old school one of the best and easiest DIY wedding planning tools is a binder.  Yep a good old three ring binder, some dividers and maybe a pocket folder to hold loose papers.  Customize your wedding binder for your planning needs.  One of the biggest complaints about purchasing wedding planning workbooks is the cost and then the amount of details and worksheets that don’t fit your personal planning needs.

In your DIY wedding binder label categories according to your needs ie, bridal party, floral, ceremony, reception, budget, ect.  Categories can in turn be divided into sub categories like wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, food options, seating charts.  Search online for printable templates to help organize your categories.  Sites like offer free printable templates and worksheets.  Check out what they offer, beauty worksheets with salon appointments, menu or music worksheets, day of wedding checklist even emergency kit lists.

One last suggestion, include a calendar at the front of the binder to keep track of important dates for appointments and deadlines.  By keeping everything together in one spot you’ll know right where to go when you need something.  Keeping you on track and saving time and a bit of your sanity.

Site Services

Sites like offer free online planning services. Checklists will keep you on track allowing you to add and delete items as you need.  A budgeter section works with your total wedding budget and lets you enter all your actual wedding costs so you can track what you’re spending.  Additional services include guest list mangers, a section to help make your own personal wedding website and save the date announcements. Both are fabulous tools to keep everyone in your wedding party and extended family in the loop with wedding details and updates whether they’re local or out of state.

Working online will help you stay organized and less cluttered with endless papers.  This option would be ideal if you have a laptop of ipad that is able to travel with you, letting you access or update information as needed.

If you’re still in the beginning stages of wedding planning, coming up with decor/ theme ideas, what type of dress you’ll like and DIY ideas for your special day keep in mind sites like will allow you to pin ideas you find on other websites and blogs, saving the image and web address for you to access later.  You can organize your pins in wedding categories for even more organization.

wedding mobile apps,

Mobile to Go

If you don’t have a laptop to access information on the go and don’t feel like toting a wedding binder around with you, this third option might be for you.  Mobile apps can offer you wedding planning on the go.  In your app store search for free wedding planning apps, you can also compare them to the cost of $3 or $4 apps to see if you’ll get your money’s worth.  I came across a few free apps that offered great options for keeping your special day organized.

Wedding planning complete app features a countdown screen, check lists, budget guidelines, customizable seating chart, tips and advice.  The option I liked the best was the category that allowed you to print or send right from your phone.  Confirm plans and detail with those in your wedding party or groom with a click of a button.  Everything is right at your fingertips with the extra option of having it in paper in your hand.

I also came across Ultimate Wedding Planning app that is available for a limited time for free through a sponsorship.  The best features were access to their database of wedding images from decor, dresses to DIY ideas.  Just like the site but easy to access in your hand with your personal settings.

You can even plan your wedding flowers on the go. has a mobile app if you’re shopping online using your smart phone.  It comes up with easy to read categories like silk flowers, bridal bouquets, top types of silk flowers and wedding accessories.  A great format that wont leave you constantly tapping to zoom in on your phone every time a page opens.  Trust me your fingers will thank you.

Get Organized

What ever your style, whether you want something in paper to keep track of and carry with you, an option to just log on and go paperless, or something utilizing new technology that’s always with you even on the go, get the right tools for you to keep it together during your wedding planning.  As we’ve said before wedding planning can be a stressful period, sometimes like taking on an extra full time job.  Don’t get overwhelmed and forget the meaning of what your wedding day is suppose to be all about, you and the man you’re going to say I do to.

Choosing The Right Fall Wedding Bouquet

Trying to decide which flowers you will use for your wedding day can be quite confusing to any bride. Most brides know what colors they like and the types of their favorite flowers, but have no idea how to combine them all together to make the bouquet of their dreams.  Here are  3 ways to alleviate some of the stress involved in choosing the right bouquet.

Build A Silk Bouquet – Wedding Design Ideas

The Build A Bouquet section in our Wedding Design Ideas is an excellent new feature we are offering brides who want  to have a hand in creating their own bouquet.  We give you the exact components of what silk flowers we used in the bouquet and you put it together.  This is  perfect choice for a bride who likes to be a part of all the wedding details.

Irish Wedding Bouquet Silk Sunflower Bouquet

Premade Bouquets  – Silk Wedding Flowers

Purchasing a premade bouquet allows you to focus on other aspects of  your wedding planning.  All the work is already done, so just choose the ribbon you desire.  We have many seasonal bouquets, along with timeless choices, in all the trendy wedding colors.  This is also a perfect choice for a destination wedding because it is easy to pack and bring along to your wedding spot.

Designer Bouquet From Etsy – Customer Appreciation

We are very lucky to have  a great group of talented floral designers that use our silk flowers to create stunning wedding bouquets.  These realistic expressions will fool the toughest flower critics.  We love the Etsy community.  It has given the DIY designers & crafters a wonderful marketplace to display their creative work.  Here are a few examples of their amazing silk bouquets: SilkWeddings, BloomedToLast, & AmoreBride.

Fall Calla Bouquet Pumpkin Orange Fall Bouquet Bright Gerbera Bouquet


If you have an inspiration picture of a bouquet you would like to create in silk flowers, please email me at mindy[at] and I will personally help you select the flowers that best represent your photo.

Planning A Vineyard Wedding : Adding Those Special Details

Acres of rustic vines, sweet whispering aromas, and sunsets as far as the eye can see.  Vineyard Weddings, enclosed by all of the beauty that nature has to offer.
Rustic Vineyard Sign

A weather wooden sign points you in the right direction to the wedding.  Rustic signs are a popular way to help direct your guests, especially when leading them to a rural wedding destination.

Wine Corks

A new way to use all of those wine corks you have saved.  Sweet Sunday Events created this touching display that brings you back to basic school yard love.  You can’t get anything more perfect than Esty Artist Beach Cottage Lanes cork initials.

Romantic Flowers

A romantic peony and rose bouquet with wispy greens are a perfect compliment to an organic winery setting.  A simple hydrangea centerpiece in a garden urn will finish the soft natural look.

Winery Wedding Cake

Staying true to the theme, one bride chooses to recreate the realistic look of grapes on the vine.  A second choice is a delectable  main cake, with a nosegay of roses, for cutting surrounded by personal cakes to share with all of the guests.

**photos courtesy of


Sunflower Wedding

The sunflower is a distinctive symbol of  warmth and happiness.  It is the perfect accent for any end of summer or fall wedding.

Brilliant yellow petals, deep brown spiraling centers accented by green.  Sunflowers are a stunning wedding flower choice; whether you let them stand out on their own or pair them with other flowers, they can easily be styled to fit an array of fall wedding themes.

Sunflower Wedding

Simply Sunflowers

Let your wedding day shine.  Accent your day from the ceremony to the reception with loosely tied or arranged sunflowers.

Styled with white daisies, curly willow, raffia, jute cloth and galvanized containers this sunflower shoot showcases several sunflower arrangements and sunflower centerpieces perfect for your country or barn wedding.

The sunflowers provide a brilliant burst of cheerful yellow sure to make anyone smile.  They capture the warmth and beauty of the season while paired with a few of your everyday country items.  These sunflower wedding arrangements will warm your guests hearts while making them feel comfortable and at home.

Sunflower, Wildflower Bouquet

The Bold and The Wild

Kick up the vibrant yellow of the sunflower with bold, colorful hues from other wild flowers.  Pairing yellow with complementary blues and purples will add a pop of color to your wedding decor; as seen in this sunflower bouquet from Styled with a variety of wild flowers, loosely tied sunflower bouquets, mason jars, votive candles and wooden signs will create beautiful decor for your fall rustic wedding.


The vibrant bunch wildflowers will feature the beauty of the fall season through color.  Loosely tied sunflower bouquets and mason jars will keep it simple, with a touch of light from votive candles.  Wooden signs are a great wedding decor accessory, adding a hint of nature while directing guests.

Cheap wedding tip, have your brides maids carry loosely tied silk sunflower bouquets at your ceremony and then transfer them into pre- arranged mason jars at your reception bridal table for an instant and cost savings sunflower centerpiece.

Sunflower, Rose Bouquet

Dress It Up

While sunflowers usually read cheerful and carefree, they can easily be dressed up for a more formal chic fall wedding.  Keep it clean and crisp for a country chic wedding.  Use sunflowers sparingly as accents throughout your wedding, styled with a choice of white, cream, black or brown.  This sunflower bouquet from bouquet bridal is a great example, it pairs sunflowers with soft cream roses.



Sunflower Chair Back


Another example can be found in’s DIY sunflower chair back; it keeps it simple with an artificial sunflower, wisp of raffia and black  ribbon.



For your special day filled with warmth and happiness as you say I do, sunflowers are the ideal choice for wedding day decor.  A sunflower wedding is versatile to fit a country or barn wedding theme, even a rustic or chic country wedding theme.  By making the right choices you can style your sunflower arrangements, bouquets and centerpieces to fit any fall wedding.  Tip, budget brides will be enthused to fine silk sunflowers always in season and friendly to anyone’s budget, they also work great for any DIY wedding decorations.

Make sure and check out’s latest you tube videos on DIY sunflower arrangements.

DIY Chair Back Ideas

Chair backs are a great wedding accessory.  From the ceremony to the reception they can dress up any chair your venue offers.

Chair backs are so versatile they can be created out of a variety of materials, from ribbon, tulle, raffia, silk flowers and wreathes. They are a perfect DIY wedding idea and can help save costs on wedding decorations for any budget wedding.’s recent fall wedding photo shoot featured several simple yet striking DIY fall chair back ideas.  Today we’re going to break down the steps to two chair backs; simply chic sunflower chair back and rustic birch wreath chair back.

Silk Sunflower Chair Back Idea

Simply Chic Sunflower

This is a wonderful DIY chair back design that can easily be put together ahead of time and then attached before your ceremony or reception.  Dress up your outdoor wedding ceremony by adding sunflower chair backs to your aisle chairs, or make a beautiful statement at your reception by adoring the bridal table with these chic sunflower design chair backs


Silk Sunflowers (cut from sunflower bush)
Black ribbon
Floral wire
Tools: floral wire cutters, hot glue

  1. Using the floral wire cutters snip the head of the sunflower and a few leaves from your silk sunflower bush.  Set them aside.
  2. Next you need to measure and cut your ribbon.  3 pieces about 30 inches long each, will give you enough length to achieve the look shown.
  3. Take separate pieces of ribbon and create a 3 inch loop at the top of each piece, them layer them together.  (If you are creating this look ahead of time to attach to your chairs the day of your wedding you are going to want to tack items in place with a dab of hot glue)
  4. Now you can attach your leaves and silk sunflower blooms where the ribbon comes together from the loops.  Tuck the green leaves behind the sunflower and tack both in place.
  5. The example attached the ribbon, sunflower chair back to the chair first with floral wire and then wrapped loose strands of raffia around the wire tying it just below the sunflower bloom.  A time saving tip, attach the raffia directly to the ribbon to have a complete chair back that you can attach to your chairs the day of with floral wire.
Sunflower Chair Back Idea



With a little prep work this Simply Chic Sunflower Chair back is ready to shine on your wedding day.  An excellent decor accent for your country, barn or outdoor wedding; customize your ribbon color from cream, green, purple or brown to better fit your wedding theme.





Natural Birch Wreath Chair Back Idea

Natural Birch Wreath

The second DIY fall chair back idea will win you over with it’s natural beauty and easy assembly.  Using a pre-made birch wreath add a touch of nature to your rustic, country or outdoor wedding.

You need 2 materials and 1 step:
20” Natural Birch Wreath
Floral wire

With one step take a piece of floral wire looping it through the top of your chair and the center of your wreath, twist or tie your ends adjusting your length to where you want the wreath to fall.




Natural Birch Wreath Chair Back Idea


That’s it one step, an easy DIY fall chair back you can assemble the day of your wedding.  Choose to decorate your bridal party chairs and guests can take their rustic wreathes home with them as favors.   Add a sash of ribbon to attach your wreath to the chair with instead of the floral wire and you can get a nice accent of color to match your wedding flowers.