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The Best Summer Wedding Flowers

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When it comes to choosing your wedding flowers, there’s a lot to learn. Every Tuesday, we’ll feature all you need to know about an in-season flower. From colors and care to costs and all sorts of wedding floral design inspiration, we’re your “best bud.”

This week, we’re rounding up the popular wedding flowers that are in season for summer weddings!

The best summer wedding flowers

The best summer wedding flowers
Hydrangeas. Ranging in color from white and pink to purple, blue, and green, hydrangeas are extremely versatile. We love that these blooms are bountiful and full, giving you more for your money. Our ideal bouquet? White hydrangeas with dusty miller and Virginia bluebells.

Roses. Known as the most romantic of all the blooms, roses signify passion and lust. Perfect for black tie affairs and garden parties alike, roses will add a touch of love to any bouquet. Try English roses for an extra-lush look.

Gerbera daisies. These vibrant flowers are sure to add a little cheer to your wedding. Gerbera daisies bloom year-round and come in a range of colors. Great for casual spring ceremonies, we suggest a bouquet of white Gerbera daisies, yellow roses, and billy buttons.

Poppies. Available in a variety of colors, poppies are bright and fun! Their petals and wiry stems make them easy to work with, and they will add a lush look to your bouquet or centerpieces. We love the idea of paring poppies with tiny white daisies or colorful ranunculus.

Spider mums. These whimsical blooms are as cost effective as they as they are playful. Pair spider mums with a more pricey bloom like white roses or freesia for a stunning bouquet.

Orchids. Simple and delicate, orchids add a touch of feminine flair to any bouquet or centerpiece. For a ladylike look, try mixing both pink and white orchids in your bouquet.

Peonies. Romantic and fragrant, these blooms signify good fortune and a happy marriage — perfect for a wedding bouquet. Peonies range in color from red to white, but peonies tend to be pricey. Our favorite peony bouquet is a soft mix of light pink peonies, white garden roses, and sprigs of dusty miller.

Cosmos. These bitty blooms may be small, but they can make a huge impact in your bouquet. Add richly-colored cosmos to your bouquet of wildflowers for a bohemian vibe.

Calla lilies. Ever-popular among brides, calla lilies signify divinity, true devotion, and marital bliss. Even when they are in season in the spring and winter, calla lilies can be expensive. We recommend carrying a simple bouquet of just a few calla lilies tied together with an elegant ribbon.

Dahlias. Known for its brightly colored single or double blooms, the dahlia signifies change (perfect for newlyweds, right)? We love the look of a rustic bouquet filled with dahlia, eucalyptus and dusty miller.

Lilies. Elegant in appearance and signifying everything from passion to purity, lilies are a fragrant addition to your wedding. Since their blooms are so large, you can get a big impact for a small price.



Non-Traditional Wedding Flower Accents

Tuesday’s post highlighted some fun summer wedding ideas, Carnival, State Fair and DIY Beatles inspired weddings, while also showcasing a few fabulous wedding flower bouquets.  Both the Carnival ( and DIY Beatles ( wedding bouquets had great, non-traditional ideas for wedding bouquet accents.

Who says your wedding bouquet has to be only created from flowers?  Do you remember my post from this past fall, “Are Vegetables and Fruits a New Wedding Flower Trend?”  We looked at how “each fruit or vegetable items brings with it, its own unique shape, and texture and in some cases vibrant, natural color.”

Many other non-traditional bouquet accents can bring with themselves an added element of color, texture and look to style a bouquet just like vegetables and fruitTuesday’s post showed us the playfulness of DIY handmade touches on your wedding bouquet.  Sweet candy lollipops accents dressed up the Carnival theme bridal bouquet.  While DIY colorful flags created a theme throughout the bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquets, also used in reception centerpieces.

Handmade Non-traditional Wedding Flower Accents
Handmade Non-traditional Wedding Flower Accents; pinwheels-;; flags-; orange butterflies-

DIY added touches, candy, flags or other handmade accents like paper pinwheels or butterflies, can help put a personalized touch on wedding flowers.  All of our examples in the inspiration board definitely have their own style, the handmade accent takes everything a step further to add a touch of playfulness making each bouquet fun and memorable.

Dressing up Wedding Bouquets
Dressing up Wedding Bouquets; ribbon-; brooches; brooches #2-; feathers-

Adding accents can also dress up a bouquet, allowing a budget bride to start with an affordable option like premade silk flower bouquets.  Use premade bouquets and make them fuller by adding accents like ribbon, fabric, brooches, feathers or other natural items like pinecones.

A DIY bride doesn’t have to start from scratch and she is still able to make her special mark with her own style.  Just look at brooches that have been a popular, non-traditional item used with wedding flowers.  Their use can vary to the taste of the bride, whether as an accent on ribbon wrapped stems, used throughout the bouquet with flowers or instead of flowers in a bouquet.

Non-traditional wedding flower bouquet accents can be playful or fashionable.  They offer brides a way to design a bit of affordable style with personal touches.  Two wedding trends that will never be out of season.

Dried & Preserved Wedding Flowers

Are you a bride torn between choosing real wedding flowers and silk wedding flowers? Both have their pros and cons.  Many brides find silk wedding flowers can literally afford them the right look at a fraction of the cost of real wedding flowers, additionally adding the benefit that silk flowers last forever.  On the other hand some brides cannot part with the idea of not having real flowers for their special day.

So what is a bride to do?  There may be hope, a third wedding flower option.  Dried or preserved wedding flowers are another versatile and affordable wedding flower option.

Preserved wedding flowers like’s Shu Shu Rose in pink are real flowers that undergoes a delicate and intricate process of preservation with a glycerine-based solution.  Preserved wedding flower petals  feel as soft and silky as the day they were picked, and they are as flexible and easy to work with as a fresh flower.  Preserved flower heads are available in packages for under $24 with counts from nine to a dozen flowers, that breaks down to less than $2 a flower.

Dried wedding flowers, foliage and moss or branches are available in bundles.  From hydrangeas, wildflowers, lavender and natural items most bundles are under $12 and can be used for multiple arrangements.

Dried and preserved wedding flowers offer the affordability of silk wedding flowers while still giving you real flowers for your wedding day.  Dried and preserved wedding flowers are perfect for a rustic, country, vintage, garden or fall wedding.  Available in bulk and bundles they are ideal for DIY wedding projects, brides can choose a variety of dried or preserved flowers for their bouquet and centerpiece arrangements.  Use ribbon, raffia, jute or vintage handkerchiefs to tied and accent arrangements.

Creating fall wedding flower arrangements dried and preserved flowers are a perfect choice.  Incorporate other seasonal items like wheat, gourds and pumpkins to add a touch of color and texture.’s autumn bundle is a great flower alternative for reception centerpieces, using dried wheat, oat, cattails and pineapple buttons, it captures the brilliant colors and intriguing textures of the fall season.  Dried and preserve wedding flowers are gaining popularity for wedding arrangements for their unique look and different take on a traditional floral arrangement.  Their affordability and the fact they last forever are added benefits that grabs any bride’s attention who wants to get the most for her money.

Lily Wedding Flowers

When looking for wedding flowers brides-to-be are searching for what type of flower will fit their wedding theme and style.  But also just as importantly brides-to-be are looking at what will get them the most for their money.

The lily is an ideal wedding flower choice.  Lilies have a unique look that still works well in a variety of arrangements and paired with a variety of other types of wedding flowers.  They are versatile and the best part, lily wedding flowers are a great value.  A variety of different lilies are an affordable flower that can save you on individual stems and also lowers the quantity of flowers you’ll need in an arrangement because they are a larger bloom.

Lily Wedding Flowers ; bouquet and wedding cake-; pumpking with bouquet- Bloomed To Last; paper lily-

Lily wedding flowers aren’t limited to traditional yellow, pink, orange spring blooms.  Lilies can be incorporated into beautiful fall wedding flower arrangements.  Day lilies and tiger lilies are a vibrant orange the adds a pop to any rich fall palette of reds, oranges, browns, golds and greens.  Use single stems in vases, as wedding cake accents or slide lily stems into a wedding flower bouquet arrangement.  Silk lily stems  are available for under $3 a piece or can be found in sprays with multiple blooms and buds. Considering you will only need several in any of these arrangements that is a great deal!

Calla Lily Wedding Flowers; fresh flower; vase and boutonnierre- Jadyn Welch Photography from; bouquet-; pumpkin bouquet- Bloomed to Last

Calla Lilies are popular wedding flower.  Calla Lily stems are priced a bit higher than lily floral stems, but buying silk wedding flowers and in bulk you can still find savings.  Their unique silk, slender and sexy bloom has been a recent favorite to brides for any season.  Calla lilies look gorgeous in arrangements standing on their own or incorporated in arrangements with other flowers.  Orange, yellow and deep brown calla lilies are a stunning wedding flower choice in fall arrangements paired with textured items like billy buttons, berry sprays and greenery.

When planning what type of wedding flowers for your special day make sure you consider what look will fit your style but also what type of flower can achieve your look still at a great value.  Lily wedding flowers are a great example of a beautiful flower with a budget savings value.

Carnation Wedding Flowers

Carnations can easily be brushed off as inexpensive flowers that only make an appearance around Valentine’s Day and at High School dances.  But perceptions can be wrong.  Carnations are making a splash in the wedding world as a more recent, popular wedding flower due impart to their versatility and affordability.

I’ve gathered up some creative, modern carnation wedding flower arrangement ideas to prove my point.  Trust me; these aren’t your mother’s carnations.  Found in a variety of colors, part of the right arrangement and also used to create affordable pomanders or flower balls you’ll see why carnations are a must for your wedding flowers.

wedding flowers, carnations;;;;

Popping with color

Carnations are not limited to the traditional red, pink or white.  They come in almost any color imaginable blue, purple, green, yellow.  Making them an ideal wedding flower choice to fit your décor color scheme. Carnations work great as your primary wedding flower in arrangements or as fillers adding a pop of color.

carnation wedding flower arrangements;;;;

Chic Arrangements

Most people might think carnations are limited to those single stem carnations someone might send you on Valentine’s Day, but our carnation wedding flower bouquet and centerpiece inspiration prove them wrong.

Carnations grouped together create a sense of volume.  Used in bouquet arrangements, group one color of carnations or several different hues to create a voluminous bouquet with presence.  Used in the right way with the right bouquet style carnations make beautiful wedding flower choice.  Bring the whole look together with a satin ribbon to wrap your stems in accented with a bouquet clip or jeweled pin.

Think outside the vase when it comes to creating carnation centerpieces for you reception.  The pink planter, carnation centerpiece from will make you look twice.  They have created a beautiful arrangement that goes beyond any traditional take on centerpieces.  Seen in our fresh flower, lavender collection carnations are a beautiful way to add an accent to centerpieces with multiple types of flowers.

carnation pomanders;; simplystunning;;

The World of Pomanders

Because of their volume carnations are an ideal choice for DIY pomanders or flower balls.  Carnation stems will cost you less money per stem and also on your overall quantity needed to create a flower ball.  Pomanders can be incorporated into your décor in many ways.  Flower girls look adorable coming down the aisle holding a pomander and a ribbon handle.  They can be used as pew or chair decorations down your aisles at the ceremony or hung as décor at your reception.  Assemble them beforehand and you’ll have a hassle free time setting them up the day of your wedding.

These carnation wedding flower ideas and arrangements are definitely a step away from the tradition thoughts of carnations.  But the best is saved for last.  Carnations are loved by many modern brides because they are so affordable.  Silk or real flowers, carnations will cost you a fraction of the cost of other floral stems.  When you are talking about incorporating hundreds of stems into arrangements for bouquets, centerpieces and other décor accents that savings is huge!

So what are your thoughts? Ya or nay to carnations.  Leave them for Valentines Day or give them a fresh, modern take for your special day?