How to Make a Rose and Calla Lily Bouquet

Although I’m not a huge fan of extravagant wedding bouquets, this beauty caught my eye.

Just a fair warning, it does require a hefty amount of wedding flowers, but let me tell you, it’s totally worth it!

This bold summer wedding bouquet is perfect for a casual backyard wedding.

Rose and Calla Lily Bouquet Photo From StyleMePretty.com By Shane Godfrey Photography
Rose and Calla Lily Bouquet Photo From StyleMePretty.com By Shane Godfrey Photography

1. Arrange three yellow calla lilies and two orange calla lilies in a small bunch.

2. Surround this bunch with three red berry sprays, in a triangular fashion.

3. Follow by adding two red roses, two yellow roses, and two peach roses to the bouquet.

4. Finish the bouquet with three red tulips, two peach roses, and three eucalyptus.

5. Go have a cocktail in celebration of all your hard work.


Calla Lily and Rose Wedding Bouquet
Calla Lily and Rose Wedding Bouquet

Hehe, ok the cocktail  part isn’t necessary, but you may find it’s quite needed!

What do you think  of this wedding bouquet, love or leave?


Wedding Flowers Pewter Grey and Yellow Inspiration ~ Gail’s Inspiration Board


Bouquet Inspiration Photo: Style Me Pretty | Floral Designer: Christine Sohns

{Gail’s Request}
yellow and pewter gray colors-possibly adding a splash of purple or blue
love billy buttons, purple statice,yellow pin cushion protea, pewter gerbers,
eucalyptus spray-can you help-suggestions??

{Gail’s Bouquet Details}
This lovely bouquet inspiration via Style Me Pretty can be recreated with: White Dahlias, Yellow Protea, Yellow Billy Buttons, Purple Statice accents or accent with Lavender Hydrangea and Purple Thistle. Finish the bouquet with grey or silver ribbon and use pewter vases for your centerpieces! Happy Planning, LeAnne

Sarah’s Yellow, Pink and Cream Inspiration Board

Sarah writes:
Hi there, I’m getting married in late May and we’re planning to DIY the flowers. We’re having a casual outdoor wedding and our colors are yellow, coral pink, sage green and ivory. I’m a little overwhelmed with the idea of creating live centerpieces for 15 tables and bouquets, so I thought silk flowers might be the way to go. I really like ranunculus, garden roses, and succulents.  Thanks!  Sarah

Thank you for providing your gorgeous inspiration photos from Style Me Pretty.  The luscious garden bouquet features:  Cream Ranunculus, Yellow, Cream & Pink Open Roses, and Succulents.To finish the bouquet, wrap with Satin Ribbon.

For your centerpieces, they used the bridal bouquets in vintage vases and the same flowers featured in your bouquet with greenery.  For more centerpiece ideas, please visit our Green Wedding located in our Wedding Design Ideas.  Happy Planning, Mindy

Gail’s Multicolored Wedding Bouquet Inspiration Board

Gail’s Wedding Details:
Black dresses(6 attendants) each trimmed in a diff. color, yellow,pink,green,blue,purple,orange not pastels but bold vibrant colors.  Thinking of mixture of flowers in all the colors for bridesmaids.  Love bling!
Centerpiece suggestions??  Using Black and whites also. Thanks for your help!

Gail,  I love your bold choice of colors.  The inspiration photo from photographer Heather Parker can be adapted to any flowers you want and it shows how all of your colors can look beautiful together.  It includes:  Bright Fuchsia Peonies, Rustic Sunflowers, Purple Iris, Vibrant Orange Roses, and finally Lime Green Hydrangeas.  You can add black and bling elements by wrapping your bouquet with our black Satin Ribbon and adding some Bouquet Crystals/Jewels.  Our Premade Bouquet in similar colors, would look lovely in a cylinder vase with glass Vase Filler on our Diamond Table Runner (shown below) for your centerpiece. Happy Planning, Mindy

Sparkle & Shine: Diamond Table Runner with Votive Cups & Acrylic Ice


Elizabeth’s Yellow & Cream Rustic Wedding Inspiration Board

Elizabeth writes: We’re having a canary yellow and ivory wedding reception with a rustic theme. (The reception will take place in a barn.) I need ideas for the bridal bouquet, the bridesmaids’ bouquets, centerpieces, and decorations. I really want to decorate with a lot of wood and burlap and candlelight….and lots and LOTS of flowers! I want to put flowers in things like mason jars and watering pails. I want flowers on my cake! I might want flowers to decorate the chair backs. I’m feeling most inspired by wildflowers. I love sage-colored greenery, herbs, and seeded eucalyptus! I love the way hydrangeas look, and I also like sweet peas. I’m not opposed to roses, but I’m really feeling wildflowers. Thank you, thank you, thank you for any help you can offer!With so many great ideas given by Elizabeth it was easy to see her vision and help her find the right flowers and accessories. I totally agree that you can’t go wrong with Hydrangeas. I love this idea of using the mason jars with the hydrangeas. I found that great idea on www.weddingbee.com. Beautiful, yet simple. Staying with the rustic theme, Baby’s Breath bouquets for the bridesmaids are unique. That idea came from another blog at www.dognbird.tumbler.com. They can be wrapped in either Green or Yellow Chiffon Ribbon. With the Birch Vases you can create simple centerpieces using Hydrangeas, Forsythia Sprays, Seeded Eucalyptus, Berry Sprays and Baby’s Breath in multiple combinations. I love how popular the Kissing Balls have become. They are an easy way to add flowers to different locations at your reception. I think staying with the same greenery and flowers for everything from your bouquets to your cake will help you keep that beautiful, simple rustic charm you have in mind. For more ideas please check out our Wedding Design Ideas page.