wrist corsage

How to Make a Wrist Corsage

Contributed blog post from Lover.ly. They used Afloral’s flowers for their Best Buds Weekly Feature!


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This week, we’re showing you how to make a wrist corsage.


How to make a wrist corsage


The wrist corsage has come a long way since your 10th grade dance! The more modern version — featuring elegant flowers like peoniesranunculus, or garden roses – feels like a fresh take on the oh-so-trendy floral crown, and is perfect for brides, bridesmaids, and wedding VIPs. It’s also surprisingly easy to make yourself! Read on to learn how to make a wrist corsage.






(Makes one corsage)


One large “cupped” peony


Two ranunculi


Small bunch lamb’s ear


Glue gun


Corsage wristlet


Optional: pretty ribbon




1. Trim the stems of your flowers and greenery to about ½ an inch.


2. Decide how you’ll arrange the stems on the wristlet before gluing. (It will be impossible to move them once they are glued down!) Be sure to position the greenery and flowers so the stems don’t show.


2. Glue 2-leaves of lamb’s ear onto the wristlet.


3. Glue the peony’s stem onto the wristlet, holding it down for 10-15 seconds.


4. Glue on the ranunculi, arranging them to cover the other stems.


5. Optional: Tie ribbon in a bow and glue it on as a finishing touch.


How to make a wrist corsage


We suggest treating yourself to a floral corsage for your bridal shower or rehearsal dinner. (You could also be ultra-hip and wear it as an anklet!) Or walk wedding shower guests through this simple tutorial and send each one home with their corsage as a favor. However you wear it, this pretty and celebratory detail is sure to stand out!