winter wedding flowers

Dusty Rose Winter Wedding ~ Amanda’s Inspiration Board

Amanda writes:  My wedding will be in a barn in February, and my theme is rustic vintage. There will be burlap runners with touches of pearls and lace. My colors are dusty rose, green, and cream.  I am on a budget and need help.

Amanda-Winter-WeddingBouquet Inspiration Photo: Carly Mitchell Photography  |  Floral Designer:  Amber Mustain of Twigs & Posies
via Loverly

To recreate and view the realistic floral stems used to in this rustic winter wedding, please click on items below:

  1. Dusty Rose Open Roses
  2. 2 Cedar Pine Sprays
  3. Black Lecosda Berries
  4. 3-5 Cream Anemones
  5. 1 Green Burgundy Vanilla Grass Greenery
  6. 2 Dusty Rose Baby’s Breath
  7. 3 Cream Dahlia Sprays
  8. 3 Dusty Miller Greenery Sprays
  9. Pearl Florette Bouquet Buckle to accent your bouqueti

Wrap your bouquet with rustic Muslin, Burlap, or Lace Ribbon.  Happy Planning, Mindy

Purple Winter Wedding Flowers ~ Jessica’s Inspiration Board

Jessica:  I’m having a winter wedding and my colors are plum and gold (think sequin and sparkly!) My bridesmaids will be carrying calla lilies and I would like to incorporate those in my bouquet as well! Any advice would be appreciated!

Jessica-Winter-WeddingBouquet Inspiration Photo:  Genevieve Leiper Photography |  Floral Designer:  Petals Edge Floral Design
via United With Love

To recreate and view the realistic floral stems used to in this Winter wedding inspiration bouquet, please click on items below:

  1. Purple Ranunculus Sprays
  2. White Lisianthus Sprays
  3. 5 Cream Anemones
  4. 7 Cream & Purple Calla Lilies
  5. Gray Canella Berries
  6. 3 Dusty Miller Greenery Sprays
  7. Dark Purple Calla Lily Bouquet for your bridesmaids
  8. Sheer Gold Ribbon to wrap your bouquets

To finish your bouquet add Gold Accents & Fiddlehead Greenery Happy Planning, Mindy


“Frozen” Winter Wedding ~ Amber’s Inspiration Board

crystal-bouquet-AmberBouquet Inspiration Photo:  Crystal Lee Photography  |  Floral Designer:  Gigi Noelle Events

{Amber’s Request}
With my December 2014 wedding, I’m going for a semi-formal theme that surrounds Disney’s animated movie “Frozen”, with silver, soft ivory, and varying shades of dusty blues as the colors. There will also be a ton of glitter and metallic elements mixed in, with snowflakes, mirrors, rhinestones, pearls, clear beads, faux icicles, and epsom salt used heavily in the decor. For the bouquets, I’d ideally like to incorporate some of those same elements with ivory roses and perhaps a blue winter flower.

{Amber’s Bouquet Details}
This gorgeous winter wedding bouquet inspiration via The Lovely Find can be recreated to fit your theme.  Add Crystal Jewel Sprays, Glittered Peonies & Bay Leaves, Cream Rose Buds, Blue Muscari Sprays, and Dusty Miller Greenery to our premade Cream Rose Bouquet.  Use our Blue Hydrangea & Cream Rose Bouquet for your Bridesmaids.  To finish wrap with our sparkling Diamond Accent Wrap.


Blue & Silver Winter Wedding Flowers~ Lindsey’s Inspiration Board

winter-wedding-LindseyBouquet Inspiration Photo:  Andrea Hubbell  Photography

{Lindsey’s Request}
Hello! I was wondering if you can give me some ideas for bouquet arrangements with the colors royal blue and silver. I would also like a little bit of white in there. Thanks!

{Lindsey’s Bouquet Details}
This beautiful winter wedding bouquet via The Fete Blog can be recreated with Blue Agapanthus, White Roses, Baby’s Breath, & Tulips, and Succulent & Dusty Miller Greenery.  Add silver accents to our Blue & White Bouquet to create a bridesmaid bouquet.  Wrap each bouquet with shimmering Silver Stardust Ribbon.  Happy Planning, Mindy


Purple Winter Wedding Flowers~ Terry’s Inspiration Board

Winter-Bouquet-TerryBouquet Inspiration Photo:  C. Tyson Photography |  Floral Designer:  Stems

{Terry’s Request}
Help! I want to design glamorous centerpieces and have no clue were to start! I feel so lost I have no clue what flowers would be good for a December wedding or what colors would begin to look good together.  I love the colors purple and silver I will say I love purple in many different shades, but eggplant and lavender are my favorites! I would like to add a touch of pink and green as well. I also like glamorous as far as a little bling or pearls in the arrangement. Could you please lead me down the path to arranging a fabulous centerpiece. I would like to see tall and small for different arrangements. If you could also include how many flowers you use in the arrangement please. I also love the idea of lights of with candles as the lighting. I know I know I’m all over the place lol I can see it in my head but I don’t want it to be a mess.  Also could you help me with bridesmaids bouquet and boutonnieres . I do know that I love roses and lilies or whatever you think would look good together.  Thanks in advance signed lost and confused

{Terry’s Bouquet Details}
This elegant purple winter bouquet via C. Tyson Photography can be recreated with Eggplant Calla Lilies, Cream Rose Buds, White Stephanotis, Iced Mini Pine Cones, Plum Blossom Branches, and Ruscus & Cedar Greenery.  The Dark Purple Calla Lily Bouquet can be carried by your bridesmaids.  Wrap each bouquet with Satin Midnight Plum Ribbon.  Happy Planning, Mindy

purple winter wedding centerpiecePurple Winter Wedding Centerpiece with Purple Calla Lilies, Ranunculus, and Cream Roses in a Mercury Glass Vase
via The Divas & Theo Milo Photography