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2013 Wedding Trends: Where Are We At?

In the mist of June, the 2013 Wedding season is at it’s peak.  I’ve been posting about top wedding trends to keep an eye out for this year since January.  As we’ve made it half way through the year which trends have stuck or gone bust?

The wedding trend posts this year have hit upon just about every aspect of your wedding day from decor and fashion style to color palettes and wedding themes.

2013 Wedding Trends;
2013 Wedding Trends; ombre dress- 100layercake.com; colorful bridal party & bridesmaids- ruffledblog.com; emerald green fashion- bklynbrideonline.com; art deco table- Jamilah Photography on styleunveiled.com

Color Palettes and Wedding Themes

At the start of the year everyone was a buzz about a few things, one being the hot new Art Deco/ 1920’s vintage wedding theme and another Pantone’s 2013 color of the year, Emerald Green.

The Art Deco wedding theme came right at the heels of the vintage wedding that has held strong in popularity throughout several past several wedding seasons.  Also influential was the highly publicized “The Great Gatsby” Movie.  Found on just about every wedding blog at the beginning of the year this trend seems to have fizzled down to more irregular posts; still holding out stronger is the more generalized vintage wedding theme.

Pantone’s Emerald Green peaked in the Spring wedding months.  A more rich, deeper hue it may see more of a revival at the break of summer and into the fall and winter months.  bklynbrideonline.com‘s recent post “The Not Wedding NYC recap” shows the wedding world Emerald Green is still holding strong in both fashion and wedding decor.

Decor, Fashion, Style

There are a few fashion trends that have become big hitters in the 2013 wedding realm.  From cross over trends like the ombre to bridal accessories the flower crown and a new spin on bridesmaid’s dresses.

100layercake.com and ruffledblog.com showcase that these trends are still in play and how they are worked into some fabulous peak season weddings.  The flower crown emerged late last season on the runway and at celebrity weddings like Natalie Portman’s nuptials.  It works as a rustic, whimsical bridal accessory and a fun way to incorporate flowers and hues into more than just a floral bouquet.

The ombre is a cross over trend from decor and fashion that has made appearances in new areas such as wedding dresses, reception table dresses, invitations to nail art.  Another “it” fashion trend are non-traditional bridesmaid’s dresses.  Just this past month I blogged about “Bridesmaid Dress Trends”, brides are opting to let bridesmaids have more options and playing around with brighter color palettes.  Ruffledblog.com gives us a variation on this trend with colorful sashes worn by bridesmaids and just as bright multi- colored ties worn by the groomsmen.

2013 has given us a variety of new wedding trends along with carrying out some old favorites, only half way through the year and we’re just winding up.

Wedding News: Etsy.com Goes Mainstream

Huff Post Weddings shares the announcement popular Etsy.com sellers are going mainstream.  In Tuesday’s post, “Etsy, Nordstrom Wedding Collaboration Brings Handmade Goods to Major Retailer”, Huff post reports “some of online retailer Etsy’s handmade wedding crafts — beloved by indie brides — have gone mainstream in a big, big way.”

Etsy.com is an online marketplace to sell and buy items online, with the catch everything is either handmade or vintage.  Etsy.com’s popularity has soared in recent years within many different categories from jewelry, children’s ware to wedding accessories and decor.

Brides looking for something unique, trendy and personalized for their wedding day flock to etsy.com. Not a brave DIYer or lacking the time to commit to a wedding project, etsy.com is a favorite for handmade, personal touches to customize your wedding theme.  And the best part you are supporting individual artists and small business owners.

Huff post weddings gives us the scoop, “On Monday, Etsy and Nordstrom announced that they’ve partnered up: The major retailer is now selling wedding goods (think bridal accessories, decor and wedding party gifts) from a selection of Etsy vendors.”

Etsy.com Goes Mainstream with Nordstroms
Etsy.com Goes Mainstream with Nordstrom; via Huff post wedings select pieces of the collection; rose bud head band- seller Which goose; flower hair piece- seller Serephine; Service ware- seller Milk and Honey

Etsy.com items to be featured range from accessories, bridal party gifts, cake topper to personalized service ware.  The current collaboration with Nordstrom features 6 etsy.com sellers in an 80 piece collection.  This premier collection holds a vintage, rustic with whimsical touches feel, all which are popular wedding trends right now.

Which goose’s pink bud headband and Serephine’s ‘renee’ bridal hair flower piece are soft whimsical wedding accessories for the bride or bridesmaids.  Either is a beautiful handmade touch for a soft, romantic wedding look.  Milk and Honey’s ‘Spread Love’ butter knife along with the vintage stamped wedding forks are another example of quirky, fun personalized touches.  A special touch that can make an appearance on the bridal party reception table or make for a fun wedding keepsake.

Today brides and grooms aren’t looking for a cookie cutter wedding.  With countless resources and inspiration available to couples they are looking to make customized and personalized touches to their wedding day.  Etsy.com is the perfect avenue to pump some handmade, creative touches into decor and fashion.  Half of the fun is searching through wedding categories and seller’s marketplaces.  Can the thrill and popularity of shopping the online marketplace transfer into a retail setting?  We’ll just have to wait and see.

Charitable Wedding Planning

With the amount of time, energy and money you put into your wedding day don’t you wish you could pass on some of the fruits of your labor?  Perhaps pay it forward a bit and let someone else enjoy the bliss of your special day?

Today.com reports,”With the hefty cost of wedding flowers, food, décor, and a gown, more couples are opting to extend the life of their investment by donating their leftovers to hospitals and nursing homes that can continue to enjoy them long past last call at a reception.”

Planning a charitable wedding that works to recycle post wedding items takes a little extra planning itself.  Conscious couples can research, with a quick google search, what charities and organizations are available in their area to receive or even help with distributing donations.  In addition to post wedding donations couples can also find many ways to give back to charities throughout their wedding planning.

Recycled Wedding Items

A great deal of planning, resources and money goes into making everything just right for your special day, from wedding food, flowers, decor to attire.  After all that hard work why not “extend your investment” or do a good deed and allow for others to enjoy something from your special day.

Laresen Jay from Random Acts of Flowers in Knoxville, Tenn. shares, “flowers from one medium-sized wedding can go on to serve 30-50 people who are sick in local hospitals.”  See if there is a non-profit group like Jay’s in your area or make contacts with local community agencies like nursing homes, hospice facilities or hospitals to drop off wedding flower arrangements post wedding.  Volunteers or patients can enjoy distributing them throughout the facility giving them purpose and brightening someone’s day with flowers.

Charitable Wedding;
Charitable Wedding; bridesagainstbreastcancer.org; feedingamerica.org; donation invite-google.com; giving bands- charitycharms.com


A tip for charitable conscious couples is to work with vendors, local community agencies and online resources to find the best options to recycle your wedding items.  Today.com reports“the practice of couples donating their wedding items has grown exponentially in the past five years and that more companies are now equipped to either handle the donation or provide local resources that can.”

Caterers may have a relationship established with  local soup kitchens or shelters to distribute leftovers.  They will also be able to give you the right guidelines to follow for safe food donations.  Today.com gives a warning to keep in mind with food donations hot or cold food needs to be kept at a certain temperature for a certain amount of time.

BridesAgainstBreastCancer.org is an organization that utilizes bridal dress donations to help support breast cancer research.  Brides traditionally hold on to their wedding dress for sentimental reasons, if you are able to part with your dress it can go on to serve another bride and benefit a great cause.

Charitable Planning

Charitable conscious couples can help out their favorite charities in many other ways than just post wedding donations.  With a little bit of extra planning and resources the right decisions can have a big impact.  Bridalguide.com highlights several great charitable options in their post “25 Ways to Create a Charitable Wedding”.

Couples can incorporate charitable donations onto their wedding registry or a charitable gift in lieu of reception favors, consider a non-profit venue for your wedding like a museum or historic site your venue fees will help benefit the site.

Smart shopping.  When making purchases for your wedding day from invitations or gifts for bridesmaids, consider companies that give back.  Bridalguide.com gives several great sites like idofoundation.org and charitycharms.com that you can make wedding purchases with while giving back.  Another fabulous idea, donating frequent flier miles from your honeymoon trip to a cause like hero miles for injured soldiers.

Unplugged Vs. Social Media Friendly Wedding

Nowadays everything and anything is available at the tips of our fingertips anytime of the day.  Social media is huge.  Facebook, twitter, pinterest have influenced this trend not to mention the mobile devices we’re attached to that access instant updates and news.

With the growing popularity  of social media another trend has emerged and that is going unplugged.  Unplugged is removing yourself from all mobile devices, txting and pesky social media.  Many people have been declaring specific time set aside to be unplugged, whether it be the weekend or an extended vacation.

Taking into account both the popularity of social media and the growing unplugged trend how will either of these trends influence your wedding planning?

A wedding might not seem the place these two trends would come to a crossroad.  However it is the perfect place to bring up a very good debate:

Unplugged Ceremony and/or Reception.  Do you ask guests to set down their camera phones and forget status updates, allowing them to truly be present in your special day?


Social Media Friendly Affair.  Do you embrace what social media has to offer and for the reasons we love it, allowing guests to enjoy the day and have a good time?

Unplugged vs. Social Media Wedding
Unplugged vs. Social Media Wedding; smart phone aisle- hermonsainn.wordpress.com; flash wash out- Corey Ann photography huffpostwedding.com; hashtag screen- postano.com; ipad photo- eventexperts.com

Unplugged: Backing our first argument is Huffpost Wedding’s recent post Why You Might Want to Consider an Unplugged Wedding” by professional photographer Corey Ann.  Ann brings up many distractions from a photographer’s perspective of why mobile devices with cameras are a nuisance.  Guests with cameras and camera phones often influence the professional photographer’s images that the couple has hired them to capture.

Smart phones pose another issue and that is social media apps.  Wedding images may be leaked through guests’ social media posts before the approval of the newly wed couple.  Also be cautious not to slip any sneak peaks of the bride or groom before the ceremony.

Ann touches on the most important argument to go unplugged during your wedding ceremony, she shares “it’s also been sad to watch the progression from seeing smiling, encouraging and happy faces as the bride is escorted up the aisle to faces hidden behind the backs of cameras and cell phones that line the aisle.”

Social Media Friendly:  The other argument is to embrace technology and encourage guests to interact with the wedding planning process and during the actual wedding day via social media apps.  There are several apps, free or paid, that guests and wedding party members can download and interact with together from the wedding announcement right up until the actual wedding day.

Apps like Wedding Snap, Wedding Party, Wed Social (see bridalguide.com’s app post or more) let you build your own profile and share photos.  Some apps allow the bride and groom to share their story along with introducing members of their bridal party.  The most popular feature of these specific apps is the ability for guests to take and share photos the day of the wedding.  Gone are the days of leaving out disposable cameras!

The supporting points to a social media friendly wedding are guests can be encouraged to utilize and have fun with technology trends  in the right ways.  Using a customized wedding app guests and the wedding party can become members of a group capturing and sharing images of the newly weds’ special day from multiple perspectives.  Something the couple can enjoy the day of and many days after the wedding.

Which argument wins?  Both have strong points and supporting factors, but the verdict truly lines in what is best for the engaged couple planning their wedding.  Perhaps even both win.  An unplugged ceremony focusing on the intimacy of the couple’s vows and a reception that lets loose and allows everyone to connect and share virally.

Ghost Chairs: a Wedding Trend

Have you heard of the ghost chair? Me neither.  If you’re like me you might not have heard of them by name but I am positive you have seen ghost chairs popping up in wedding decor blogs and magazines.

Peabodyoperahouse.com reports, “Ghost chairs have been gracing the homes of the trendsetters everywhere since they were created in 2002 by artist Philippe Starck.”  

And why has the wedding world seen a recent appearance of ghost chairs in the wedding reception realm?  “A decade later they began taking over the world of weddings, popping up in receptions and ceremonies as a modern upgrade from the traditional banquet chair.”  

Louis Ghost Chair Wedding Decor;
Louis Ghost Chair Wedding Decor; soft and chic- necreationsweddings.com; mini dessert chairs- etsy.com seller jadorelesmacaroons; colorful chairs- junebugweddings.com; rustic chic- 100layer.com

Sleek, simple and modern are one way to describe a ghost chair. However it’s look might be modern but it’s style is a classic.  Apartmenttherapy.com gives us the run down that Starck created the ghost chair as a reinvention of the classic Louis XV armchair.  They go as far to say Starck’s chair is “the most recognizable chair of the 21st century.” 

The Louis ghost chair’s popularity in the wedding world is easy to understand.  It combines the famous luxury of royalty and a chic modern look with it’s transparent form.  The ghost chair is a statement piece without standing out.  It will let your wedding flower centerpieces shine.

What are your thoughts: a 21st century masterpiece that works as a beautiful, chic piece at your reception tables or a trend you’ll be ready to pass up?