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Wedding Planning: What is Color?

Picking wedding flowers and wedding colors are two huge decisions that often go hand in hand.  When trying to plan wedding colors where do you even begin?  You may have a favorite color you’d like to incorporate into wedding flower arrangements, you could start there.  But how do you coordinate additional colors into decor and arrangements?

Needless to say there are a lot of questions when it comes to picking your wedding palette.  A basic understanding of color theory and how colors work together can help immensely when choosing wedding colors.

Color Wheel Flowers, photo credit: hgtv.com
Color Wheel Flowers, photo credit: hgtv.com

The Basics

Color Theory 101, the color wheel.  The color wheel is a tool to organize colors and it is designed to show you the relationship between colors.

  • Primary Colors- Red, Blue, Yellow. The three colors all other colors are created from.
  • Secondary Colors- Green, Orange, Purple.  Mix 2 primary colors to create one of the three secondary colors.
  • Complementary Colors- Colors that are opposite on the color wheel.  These colors like blue and orange are bold together and tend to pop, grab attention.
  • Analogous Colors- Colors that run next to each other on the color wheel.  These colors blend well, harmoniously together like yellow, yellow-orange, orange.
Warm & Cool Wedding Colors, photo credits: weddingchicks.com; etsy.com
Warm & Cool Wedding Colors, photo credits: weddingchicks.com; etsy.com

Setting the Mood with Colors

Colors have many characteristics to describe them.  Warm, cool and neutral are another characteristic to classify hues.  These are important classifications and traits to pay attention to when deciding on wedding colors.

  • Warm Colors- reds, yellows, oranges, pinks.  They are vivid and tend to energize.
  • Cool Colors- blues, greens, purples.  Cool hues are soothing, calm and tend to recede.
  • Neutrals- whites, creams, beiges are versatile and work well with any color as an accent to bring out the other color’s traits.

Expanding Your Vocabulary

Color is a powerful element that will ultimately set the mood and scene of your event.  Understanding what defines color and how they work together will help you determine what type of hues will best fit what you’re looking for.  Here are a few more color terms that can be useful in locating just the right color for your wedding flowers and decor.

  • Tint- is the lightening of one color, by adding white.
  • Shade- is the darkening of one color, by adding black.
  • Tone- is the darkening of one color, by adding gray.
  • Monochromatic- the use of one color in your palette, can be used by incorporating tints, shades or tones of a particular color.

Looking for more color inspiration don’t forget to check out afloral.com on pinterest for the latest color boards.  Or email mindy[at]afloral.com for her to create you a custom wedding flower inspiration board based on your color and wedding flower choices!

How to Make an Orange Rose Succulent Bouquet

If you haven’t been able to guess by now, I love featuring wedding bouquets that are a little bit out of the ordinary. I am obsessed with bridal bouquets that go above and beyond the flower call of duty. Don’t get me wrong, a simple pink peony bouquet is gorgeous, but so not my style.

So this week, I wanted to show you ladies how to recreate this lovely wedding bouquet I found on WeddingChicks.com.

Orange Rose Succulent Bouquet | WeddingChicks.com
Orange Rose Succulent Bouquet | WeddingChicks.com


With just a handful of affordable stems, you can recreate a similar look for half the price.

First, take five orange roses and three yellow billy buttons, and gather them together in a small bunch.

Next, take two stems of lamb’s ear, use it to surround the roses and billy buttons.

The greenery should serve as an accent.

After that, take three succulents, and position them in a triangular fashion around the wedding bouquet.

Take your lily of the valley, and as you did with the greenery, use it to accent the outside of the bouquet. We recommend using three to four stems.

Next, take three to four billy buttons, and scatter them around the outside of your bouquet.

Finally, finish the bouquet with a couple orange dahlias, two to three roses, and two more lamb’s ear.

Keep in mind this is just a variation, and you can add more or less, depending on how full you want your wedding bouquet.


How to Make an Orange Rose Succulent Bouquet
How to Make an Orange Rose Succulent Bouquet

Do you like this look, or do you prefer something less complicated? I want to read your thoughts, share below!

Fun Summer Handcrafted Wedding Themes

All of this wonderful sunny weather we’ve been having must be going to my head.  I’ve been dreaming of warm summer days with carefree, fun activities.  But I’m not the only one as I came across some proof with a fun roundup post inspired from some serious pinterest pinning.

Amyistheparty.com’s recent post “Floral Carnival Wedding Inspiration” rounds up a bountiful of quirky, fun summer wedding ideas.  Within their picks are some fabulous handcrafted wedding themes.  Each theme keeps it simple with a specific inspiration for their theme, fun DIY touches and the right styling that goes a long way.

Summer Fun Inspired Weddings
Summer Fun Inspired Weddings; carnival bouquet & treats- weddingchicks.com; state fair corndog & dessert booth- south weddings, DIY Beatles wedding party & reception tables- greenweddingsshoes.com

Weddingchicks.com’s “Carnival Wedding Theme” sets the tone with a sophisticated carnival color palette that is juxtaposed with some fun prints and treats.  Powder blue, blush pink and bold red lay the ground for a nostalgic feel along with the bride’s veil styling.  The colors are repeated throughout the wedding flowers, red anemones, billy balls, blush peonies, blue hydrangeas.  Lightening up the mood are swirled blue lollipops arranged within the bouquet of flowers.

The carnival theme comes through in the sweets menu with assorted candy, rock candy, popcorn and donut parfait sundaes.  DIY paper pinwheels accent the fun vibe at the dessert table.   Keep in mind going with a carnival inspired wedding theme is a great opportunity to utilize two hot wedding trends, the food truck and or dessert bars at the reception.

Now sticking with more delicious treats Southern Wedding’s “State Fair Wedding” is all “southern”.  Down to the corndog paper wedding save the date, food is part of this theme through and through.  The State Fair theme beckons the carefree days of summer with bright yellow, orange and pink through decor and wedding flowers.  DIY handmade pendants and pinwheels decorate the dessert “booth” while an assortment of dahlias, daisies, billy buttons brighten up the reception tables.

Greenweddingshoes.com’s “DIY Beatles Wedding” is colorful and creative.  Multicolored flags and pendants are repeated throughout decor providing a vibrant pop of color.  This wedding theme is light hearted yet sentimental with all of it’s handmade touches.  DIY photo props make for some candid moments with the wedding party.  Decor was kept simple letting vivid wedding flowers and handmade flags add the pop of color in clear recycled vases on top of a simple cream table runner during the reception.

Our hot summer days might not be here yet but we can dream in brightly colored wedding flowers, handmade paper pinwheels, pendants and sweet tasty summer time treats.

Wedding Trends in Nail Art

Planning every last detail of your wedding day can be exhausting. But some days you have to go with the glass is half full philosophy.  The little details are what can make it fun!

That is what today’s post is all about, some fun planning details.  We are getting right down to specifics with your bridal fashion and an accessory you might be close to overlook.  Wedding nail art.  Weekly on this blog we talk about and highlight many wedding trends.  Let’s take a look at how some of these hot new trends cross over into every and any aspect of your wedding decor and fashion, including nail art.

Wedding Nail Trends, Pop of Color
Wedding Nail Trends, Pop of Color; emerald nails- photochamber.net; bouquet- junebugweddings.com; pastel nails- fashiondivadesign.com; bouquet- ruffledblog.com

Pop of Color

2013 has hit some fabulous trendy hues for your wedding palette.  Pantone’s color of the year, Emerald Green is rich and vibrant.  Used throughout decor items, bridal party fashion and florals this rich hue would make a bold statement as your bridal nail color.  Glam it up with some glitter and sparkle.

Just in time for bright and cheery Spring weddings pastel wedding palettes are all over wedding and fashion alerts.  Go for a more muted tone with soft pastels or a brighter color in sunshine yellow, mint or blush pink.

Wedding Nail Art, Trendy Styles
Wedding Nail Art, Trendy Styles; chevron- pinkurock.com; ombre- beautylish.com; art decor black- indulgy.com; art deco- tumblr.com; ombre petals- bridalguide.com; cake laelcakes.blogspot.com

Trendy Styles

Ombre and Chevron decor have hit both the interior and fashion worlds.  Both trends are versatile, hence their popularity, and can be worked into decor for an eye catching accent.  Textiles, florals, wedding cakes to nail art mix and match the trend with corresponding solid hues.

One of the hottest wedding trends from the past several seasons has been vintage decor and fashion.  This year takes it to the next level with 1920’s glam and art deco style.  Looking for a great way to pay homage to the famous, sleek and crisp style?  Go geometric in classy black with gold accents.

Wedding Nail Art, Simple
Wedding Nail Art, Simple; web.stagram.com; pinterest board; instagram.com

Keeping it Simple

Not looking to make a big statement with bridal nail art?  Still don’t forget to set aside some time to pamper yourself and get a fabulous manicure for your special day.  You can still enjoy some style with sleek neutrals, soft pinks and a little sparkle.


Wizard of Oz Themed Wedding Inspiration

Somewhere over the rainbow there is a world that brings back childhood memories of dreams that really do come true.

Themed weddings from famous genres and movies are quite popular right now.  Tuesday’s post showcased several creative ideas from event planners in California at an annual industry event, from Alice in Wonderland to Scarlett O’Hara of Gone With the Wind.

Ruffledblog.com touched on this hot trend earlier in the week with the  fabulously styled post “Wizard of Oz Wedding Ideas” full of fairytale charm and current wedding trends.  Ruffledblog.com reminisced, “There was something about the magic of whimsy, those sequined red shoes, and of course the flying monkeys that always kept me captivated time and again.”

The Wizard of Oz wedding inspiration is back in full gear with the new release of the movie Oz the Great and Powerful.  Also the theme easily ties into several equally popular wedding trends, emerald green (Pantone color of the year), gold or metallics and vintage glamour.

Ruffledblog.com Wizard of Oz Wedding Inspiration
Ruffledblog.com Wizard of Oz Wedding Inspiration

Ruffledblog.com highlights Oz wedding decor styled by Bloved Events.  Their Oz theme keeps decor fresh and modern with the right touches of romantic glamour and powerful hues.  The hot emerald green hue is dominant and utilized throughout decor in the bride’s accessories, dessert decoration and the table scape.  The play on Dorothy’s red slippers is touched upon with gold glittered pumps and a vibrant red heart.  Wedding flower centerpieces pop with a mix of red anemones, ranunculus, dusty miller and twigs.

Wizard of Oz Wedding Theme
Wizard of Oz Wedding Theme; couple- greenweddingshoes.com; favor cookies- tumblr; ruby red slippers- onefabday.com; lollipop favor- magnetstreet.com; place setting- ruffledblog.com; bouquet- tumblr

Wizard of Oz wedding inspiration is everywhere on wedding inspiration blogs and pinterest boards.  Style your fairytale special day with the glamour of this classic movie.  Greenweddingshoes.com blog finds Oz inspiration with vintage 1930’s  style and romance.  Classic fashion and accessories take the main stage while the palette stays muted yet stylish with gold accents, soft wedding flowers and an abundance of greenery.

If your Oz inspiration is a bit more on the playful side, onefabday.com and magnetstreet.com have some inspiration for you.  Onefabday.com plays up Dorothy’s fairytale adventure with the ruby red slippers, wedding flowers are carefree, bright wildflowers in white and yellow.  Both Oz inspired weddings use the playful blue and yellow hues found in the movie within their decor, fashion and flowers.  Magnetstreet.com offers you a fun favor idea with a basket of giant lollipops.

Follow the yellow brick road to your Wizard of Oz wedding inspiration whether you pick up on the vintage glamour or some fun playful touches.