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Bridesmaid Dress Trends

There is no question that the bride is the main attraction on her wedding day.  But we can’t forget about a girl’s best friends on her special day.  No, I’m not talking about diamonds but a girl’s real, true best friends that she has asked to be part of her bridal party as bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids, or I should clarify bridesmaids dresses have gotten a bad rap over the years.  Poofy, frilly or gaudy dresses are a nightmare haunting anyone that holds the honor of carrying the bridesmaid title.  Flashes of Katherine Heigl in the movie 27 Dresses appear in front of my eyes when you say the words: bridesmaid dresses.

Now I might be getting carried away here, not every bridesmaid dress is hideous and brides do have the best intentions when selecting dress choices.  It is however hard to please everyone, especially taking into account different body sizes and styles preferred by each bridesmaid.

That said, is there still hope for bridesmaids out there?  The Journal and Courier online recently posted, “Fashion: Fun, Flirty looks on Trend for Bridesmaids this Wedding Season”jconline.com reports, “the newest trend in wedding fashion is mismatched bridesmaid dresses.” This leaves a bride one of two choices.  The first one being, “the bride picks a color and allows the bridesmaids to choose the style of the dress.” The second choice, “the bride may even allow them to select the hue.”

Multicolored Bridesmaid Dresses & Styles
Multicolored Bridesmaid Dresses & Styles; multicolored- weddinggawker.com; silver monotone with different styles- simpleregistery.com; pink/peach with different styles- stylemepretty.com; multicolored with bouquets- thedemoiselle.com

What are your thoughts on this wedding fashion trend?  Yea or Nay to allowing bridesmaids to hold some decision making power?

Same hue, different styles is one option.  Bridesmaids can select their own style of dress whether it is long, short, tea length, strapless or not ect. to best suit their style and body type.  The bride can specify the hue to ensure some continuity and helping to coordinate wedding decor.

Tip: Brides considering this trend should set some specifications.  There are a lot of variations of blue in the color spectrum.  Brides need to be specific.  Jconline.com suggests if choosing a specific hue and allowing the bridesmaids to select a style ask them to stick within a specific brand.  They will be afforded options for dresses and the bride will get the same hue in all the dresses not variations of one color.

Fun Color.  Another fashion trend is allowing bridesmaids freedom to pick there own color dress.  Bridal parties let loose with multicolored and styled dresses.  This trend might not be the best fit for a more formal wedding ceremony but it is a fun twist on tradition.  A summer, rustic, whimsical or even vintage wedding theme would be fun with this trend.

Tip: If bridesmaids are to pick their own color dress this will still require some coordination on the bride’s part.  Communicate who has what color so there are no doubles.  Also set the spectrum for colors you are looking for, pastels, solid hues or brights?

One last thing to remember if you are having fun with bridesmaid’s dresses, don’t forget the guys!  Let groomsmen have some fun with multicolored ties. Boutonnieres and bridal party bouquets can be kept simple with monotone or neutral wedding flowers, playing up the bridesmaid dress trend.


Spring Wedding Flower Bouquets

I am beginning to question if Spring is right around the corner or not.  While I hold out hope just a little bit longer I have found some inspiration to get me through.  Huff Post Weddings gives us an early taste of spring with guest post by Kellee Khalil, founder and CEO of Lover.ly, “10 Perfect Spring Wedding Bouquets”.

Khalil shares, “we adore bouquets filled with springtime blooms.” So what are we to look for in a Spring wedding bouquet?  Khalil keeps a bride’s options open, “a floral bunch of pastel pretties, (one of the most popular trends) is equally as appropriate as a bouquet filled with brighter blooms.”

Keep in mind Springtime has a different meaning for each person, and rightfully so your style and taste for a Spring wedding will be equally as unique.  Perhaps you are a bride who is in love with this year’s pastel, muted trend when planning your wedding flowers.  Or on the other spectrum you are looking to pump up the volume with brightly colored floral hues.

Spring Wedding Flower Bouquets;
Spring Wedding Flower Bouquets; lover.ly; tulips- everylastdetail.com; ranunculus bright bouquet- heartloveweddings.com, peach and coral- weddingchicks.com; white tulip- heartloveweddings.com; blue hydrangea- singleflower.com

The peach and coral wedding flower bouquet from weddingchicks.com on lover.ly, represents a softer, natural side of the Spring season.  Ranunculus are a larger, full bloom that work well paried with a variety of other blooms or on it’s own.  Heartloveweddings.com on lover.ly pumps up the spectrum with their ranunculus, peonies, rose bouquet in vibrant in pink, orange and yellow.  Ideal for a fun, modern or outdoor wedding.

Khalil gives our Springtime brides a variety of bouquet options with her top 10 picks.  Consider a high intensity bouquet like the blue hydrangea bouquet that makes a statement with color but keeps it simple with one floral choice and a simple arrangement.

Tulips are the epitome of a Springtime flower.  Create a beautiful, simple arrangement with loosely tied tulip stems or combine them with blooms as seen in everylastdetail.com on lover.ly.  Sunshine yellow with tulips, billy balls and calla lilies.

To get your taste of Spring and great savings on silk wedding flowers shop afloral.com.  Spring savings are here early!

What’s Your Wedding Flower Style?

What’s your flower style?  Do you have a personal style you’re looking to transfer into your wedding day look?  Fun and flirty, hopelessly romantic or chic and modern; different wedding flowers can fit best into particular looks.

Styling your wedding day requires a lot of details and planning.  Some brides don’t even know where to begin.  The key is to keep it simple and establish the basics before you add in the details.  When you’re first planning your wedding flowers your first decision is what type of flower and look you are going for.  Hence, what’s your flower style?

Fun and Flirty Gerbera Daisy Wedding Flowers, afloral.com

Fun and Flirty

Are you fun and flirty? Are you and your groom looking for a low key, fun filled day with family and friends?  Gerbera Daisies are the perfect wedding flower for your special day.  Cheerful, bright and full bursting blooms gerbera daisies will greet you with a smile.

Gerbera daisies make a cheerful bouquet whether they stand on their own or are mixed in with a variety of vibrant flowers.  Their presence stands well as your main flower in wedding arrangements.  Use small vases for single stem daisy centerpieces or create arrangements like afloral.com’s retro daisy metal layette pot with poppies and billy buttons.

Hopeless Romantic Rose Wedding Flowers, afloral.com

Hopeless Romantic

The most traditional wedding flower has to be the romantic rose.  Roses are available in a variety of beautiful styles from open roses, rose buds and rose bushes.  They are soft and delicate, paired with a traditional white, pink or red roses are a very feminine and romantic flower choice.

Roses are not only a flower of classic beauty but they are versatile bloom that works with almost any other type of flower.  To keep with a romantic look pair roses with lush hydrangea stems, peonies or ranunculus. Roses can be styled traditionally with a wrapped bouquet stem and rhinestone accents or kept more casual with a loosely, hand tied ribbon.  Afloral.com’s white Sophia rose arrangement is a simple yet romantic centerpiece idea that would work with a variety of wedding styles, pair with softly lit votive candles to complete your reception ambiance.

Chic and Modern Calla Lily Wedding flowers, afloral.com

Chic and Modern

Chic and modern.  Are you all about keeping it minimal, fresh and chic?  Calla Lilies are wedding flower with a unique and sleek look perfect for a fresh, modern wedding.  A well planned modern wedding will keep it minimal using a few key elements strung throughout your décor.

Consider a submersible centerpiece like afloral.com’s Calla lily in bubble vase for a play on elements, glass, water and floral that make a stunning statement.  If you go with white calla lilies add a pop of color with your reception table clothes or vice versa, glass or metallic container for centerpieces will keep it chic and lighting can set the mood with simple twinkle lights or votive candles.

The Right Planning

Finding your wedding style and flower style can take some time.  Browse wedding magazines, websites and who can stay off pinterest these days for some inspiration.  Once you have settled on a general style look then start in with the details like what type of wedding flowers to use, color palettes and move on to more details like types of arrangements and décor items.

Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

The sky is really the limit when it comes to choosing your wedding flowers. Wedding flowers can be chosen by season, color, type and are also heavily influenced by your wedding theme and decor colors.  In the beginning stages of planning the idea of settling on a specific wedding theme and making wedding flower choices can be overwhelming.

Our advice use your resources, look for wedding inspiration on online sites and bridal magazines.  Slowly narrow down your wedding inspiration to looks you like to then make a decision.  Start with a basic idea of what type of wedding theme and wedding flowers you’d like you and build your look from there.

Recent post in the Idaho Statesmans Living section, Find the Perfect Wedding Flowers by the weddingchannel.com runs through some great wedding flower choices by wedding theme.  For a bride just starting out in her wedding planning this post gives some great suggestions for wedding flower choices in a wide array of themes.  From orchid wedding flowers for an exotic wedding theme, paper flowers for a whimsical day, calla lily wedding flowers for a modern look to more traditional hydrangeas and garden roses for a monochromatic wedding flower bouquet.

The post goes on to give more suggestions than just a type of wedding flower pairing with wedding theme, it goes over what type and how to arrange wedding flowers for a particular wedding theme also taking into account other wedding flower arrangements for your bridal party.

“The most traditional approach to wedding flower pairing is as simple as picking a few flowers (like garden roses and hydrangeas) and colors, and sticking to them. The color your bridesmaids carry might show up in your bouquet and in the boutonnieres as well.”

“If you want all of the day’s flowers to feel just-picked, decide on a loose color palette.  A mix of various flowers in your chosen colors, with a few grassy, green accents consistent throughout. The similar tones, flower types and styling will keep everything cohesive.”

wedding flower bouquets with boutonnieres

photocredits: red rose, calla lily and  green/blue/white hydrangea bouquets afloral.com; paper wedding flowers weddingbee.com

Depending on your wedding theme you may be looking for specific types of wedding flowers to use in your bridal bouquet and carry throughout the rest of your wedding flower arrangements, like in the tradition example.  If you are planning around a specific season or color for your wedding flowers your type of flower might be a bit more flexible as you try and carry certain colors throughout your wedding flower arrangements.
When you narrow down your wedding inspiration see how things look together.  Do you have a certain color and type of flower in mind?  Email mindy[at]afloral.com and have her build your personal wedding inspiration board.  Search our past inspiration boards for another resource in your wedding planning.

Wedding Flower Trends

The summer season is in full swing and can you believe we’re almost to the half way point for 2012.  That’s right 6 months in and we’re just 6 months out.  So what’s been happening in 2012, has it held up to it’s expectations?  Let’s see what you think.

Back when we were all still setting our New Year’s Resolutions Huffpost Weddings blogger Carly Cylinder blogged about “What’s Hot: The 7 Flower Trends of 2012”.  She commented on some trends to watch out for and the “it” wedding flowers for the upcoming year.

Cylinder noted the following trends to watch out for in 2012 when it comes to wedding flowers, a modern take on the popular rustic trend, high fashioned-romantic oversized singular blooms, metallic sprayed flowers, unusual non-flower bouquets and pattern/ color craze.  The “it” wedding flowers for this year might seem a bit traditional but Cylinder notes,“You may not love roses, but you will fall in love with a garden rose. Voluptuous, fragrant, and graceful, the garden rose is a treasure often overlooked.”

Cylinder’s trending list for 2012 gave a good preview of what was to come in wedding flowers.  Notably we’ve seen  a lot of color, voluptuous blooms and rose wedding flowers coming into the popular summer wedding season.  2012 has seen wedding trends not afraid to embrace bold color playing around with rich hues and fun combinations.   Wedding flower choices are a great way to showcase these choices in colors.

If you’re a afloral.com Facebook fan you’ve been given a great sneak preview to their latest wedding photo-shoot packed full of gorgeous, color rich silk wedding flowers.  Can’t wait to get blogging about some of those fabulous arrangements, you better stay tuned………

photo credits: purple single stem weddingsbycolor.com; garden rose pink bouquet weddingflowerideas.co.uk; metallic bouquet weddingchicks.com, fuchsia/purple/white bouquet afloral.com; single floral stem arrangements borrowed form Mindy’s post (because they were too cute) originally from Santa Barbara Chic