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Wedding Planning: What is Color?

Picking wedding flowers and wedding colors are two huge decisions that often go hand in hand.  When trying to plan wedding colors where do you even begin?  You may have a favorite color you’d like to incorporate into wedding flower arrangements, you could start there.  But how do you coordinate additional colors into decor and arrangements?

Needless to say there are a lot of questions when it comes to picking your wedding palette.  A basic understanding of color theory and how colors work together can help immensely when choosing wedding colors.

Color Wheel Flowers, photo credit: hgtv.com
Color Wheel Flowers, photo credit: hgtv.com

The Basics

Color Theory 101, the color wheel.  The color wheel is a tool to organize colors and it is designed to show you the relationship between colors.

  • Primary Colors- Red, Blue, Yellow. The three colors all other colors are created from.
  • Secondary Colors- Green, Orange, Purple.  Mix 2 primary colors to create one of the three secondary colors.
  • Complementary Colors- Colors that are opposite on the color wheel.  These colors like blue and orange are bold together and tend to pop, grab attention.
  • Analogous Colors- Colors that run next to each other on the color wheel.  These colors blend well, harmoniously together like yellow, yellow-orange, orange.
Warm & Cool Wedding Colors, photo credits: weddingchicks.com; etsy.com
Warm & Cool Wedding Colors, photo credits: weddingchicks.com; etsy.com

Setting the Mood with Colors

Colors have many characteristics to describe them.  Warm, cool and neutral are another characteristic to classify hues.  These are important classifications and traits to pay attention to when deciding on wedding colors.

  • Warm Colors- reds, yellows, oranges, pinks.  They are vivid and tend to energize.
  • Cool Colors- blues, greens, purples.  Cool hues are soothing, calm and tend to recede.
  • Neutrals- whites, creams, beiges are versatile and work well with any color as an accent to bring out the other color’s traits.

Expanding Your Vocabulary

Color is a powerful element that will ultimately set the mood and scene of your event.  Understanding what defines color and how they work together will help you determine what type of hues will best fit what you’re looking for.  Here are a few more color terms that can be useful in locating just the right color for your wedding flowers and decor.

  • Tint- is the lightening of one color, by adding white.
  • Shade- is the darkening of one color, by adding black.
  • Tone- is the darkening of one color, by adding gray.
  • Monochromatic- the use of one color in your palette, can be used by incorporating tints, shades or tones of a particular color.

Looking for more color inspiration don’t forget to check out afloral.com on pinterest for the latest color boards.  Or email mindy[at]afloral.com for her to create you a custom wedding flower inspiration board based on your color and wedding flower choices!

Shop for Wedding Flowers Online

Planning your wedding can keep you running, literally.  Between coordinating your venue, caterer, rentals to finding your wedding dress and tuxedos.  Making your arrangements, booking vendors and ironing out the details can take up a lot of your time, mileage and patience.

Shop online for your silk wedding flowers and wedding decorations for more stress free wedding planning.  Online shopping can ease your wedding planning two ways:

  • One stop shopping, get all your needs on one site from flowers and vases to candles.
  • Shop when it is convenient for you and have items shipped right to your doorstep.

Many brides are taking charge of their own wedding flowers and decorations to customize their own wedding look and save money from having to pay a professional.  Sites like pinterest and countless wedding blogs, like our own blog.afloral.com, provide unlimited inspiration and DIY tips.

Brides can first narrow down their wedding style and look then work on wedding colors and wedding flowers.  Once our DIY brides have some inspiration and an idea on their wedding flower arrangements they can start shopping.  Right in their own home on their own time with just a few clicks of the mouse.

DIY Rustic Centerpiece, weddingchicks.com

The inspiration photo above is courtesy of weddingchicks.com.  A fun, simple wedding table centerpiece idea for a rustic wedding theme.  We found the wedding flowers, vases and wooden stand all on afloral.com to create our own DIY version of this rustic centerpiece.

There you go, one stop shopping.  We just put together a simple rustic centerpiece using an inspiration photo and online shopping in under 5 minutes.  Now just wait for items to be shipped to you and then assemble them at your convenience.

Vintage Milk Glass Wedding Flowers Inspiration

afloral.com pink and green wedding flowers

What inspires you?  It is a great question.  What ever phase of wedding planning you’re in ask yourself that question.  What type of wedding inspiration you pull from inspires your whole wedding look from your bridal gown to your wedding flowers even your reception food.

Miss Fifties Bride, Samantha from itsabrideslife.com posed that very question after sharing her own inspiration.  Samantha gave a great sneak peek at some of her recent finds, vintage milk glass vases and bowls.  Samantha has been on the hunt for these great finds at her local thrift stores and yard sales, spending anywhere from 50 cents to 8 dollars a piece.

Samantha confides, “Finding these unique pieces was the best part, my own personal treasure hunt, giving new life to these old classic pieces.”  She shares a special memory that holds a lot of meaning it her love of vintage milk glass vases, “One of my fondest memories was walking into my grandmothers house and looking in her china cabinet seeing all of her beautiful milk glasses, I simply love the traditional & classic look.”

Samantha’s personal treasure hunt will pay off with her wedding decor budget and look.  Vintage milk glass vases are beautiful containers for a variety of wedding flowers and help to accent arrangements.  Samantha shares one last tip, “Remember, mixing and matching pieces to get amazing heights and variations can make for gorgeous center pieces.”

Vintage milk glass vases and bowls make unique container for your wedding flowers.  Mixing and matching different heights, sizes and styles adds to the unique vintage style.  Arrange your choice of wedding flowers using floral foam in the base of the containers and viola you have your very own DIY wedding flower arrangements.  They have a soft, nostalgic and beautiful look for any brides special day.

photo credits: retro yellow afloral.com; pink and peach variety vases westmanorevents.com; milk glass with single stems stylemepretty.com; pink vintage milk glass afloral.com; vanity pink and purple milk glass 4inspiredsign.com

vintage milk glass wedding flowers

Use Your Silk Wedding Flowers As A Keepsake

Afloral.com Purple-Boutonniere

Countless hours and unmeasurable amounts of effort are put into designing and arranging your wedding day decor.

Hours of your time are put into items that will be displayed for one day’s event.  With a little forethought and a bit of the right planning you can continue to enjoy your wedding flowers and wedding decor long after your special day.

Planning the right wedding decor items that can be reused, recycled or re-purposed is budget friendly, green and just plain smart. Many brides are going green, that is not just referring to their wedding colors or wedding flowers.  Brides are looking for items that can be re-purposed and reused on and after their wedding day.  Afloral.com showed us some gorgeous ideas to re-purpose vintage finds to create a romantic, vintage rose wedding theme.  Read more about how to score great vintage finds and transform them into a beautiful wedding theme in our vintage wedding design ideas post.

Silk wedding flowers are another great wedding decor item that are affordable and able to be reused after you special day.  Silk wedding flower arrangements are gorgeous, yet budget friendly options that also leave you with a special keepsake.  Silk flowers are an option you can enjoy for years to come.

afloral.com green wedding ideas

Brides can incorporate their wedding flower centerpieces into attractive home decor.  Take a look at Afloral.com’s green wedding ideas and wedding centerpiece idea, it’s recycled wooden crate is a huge hit for home decor right now combined with a fresh look of greenery, branches and trendy kissing ball accents. Wedding flower centerpieces can also be broken down into smaller arrangements to be used around your new home as accents.

Or think outside of the vase and find a way to re-purpose your wedding flowers.  You can use select flowers to decorate a home accent wreath or basket.  Take part of your silk wedding flowers and place them for display in a shadow box for a unique use.

afloral.com pink, blush vintage wedding ideas

Your wedding flowers are not only a  special keepsake for you but also consider making them into a keepsake for you mother, mother in law or other family and friends.  Seen in Afloral.com’s pink and blush (vintage) wedding ideas, a rose bloom inside a vintage tea cup would make a beautiful keepsake.  Your mother and mother in law will enjoy this thoughtful gift. It will hold special memories for years to come.

Silk wedding flowers are an affordable option that will also hold onto all your hard work you put into their planning.  Pick a wedding flower option that you can enjoy days, weeks, years after your special day.  There’s an old wedding practice to put a piece of your cake in the freezer to take out to celebrate your anniversary.  That cake might make it past your 1st year anniversary, but silk wedding flowers will outlast any cake for many years to come.

Don’t forget to search our blog by wedding flower colors for great ideas in planning your special day!  Use the browse by color menu at the top of our blog.