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Wizard of Oz Themed Wedding Inspiration

Somewhere over the rainbow there is a world that brings back childhood memories of dreams that really do come true.

Themed weddings from famous genres and movies are quite popular right now.  Tuesday’s post showcased several creative ideas from event planners in California at an annual industry event, from Alice in Wonderland to Scarlett O’Hara of Gone With the Wind.

Ruffledblog.com touched on this hot trend earlier in the week with the  fabulously styled post “Wizard of Oz Wedding Ideas” full of fairytale charm and current wedding trends.  Ruffledblog.com reminisced, “There was something about the magic of whimsy, those sequined red shoes, and of course the flying monkeys that always kept me captivated time and again.”

The Wizard of Oz wedding inspiration is back in full gear with the new release of the movie Oz the Great and Powerful.  Also the theme easily ties into several equally popular wedding trends, emerald green (Pantone color of the year), gold or metallics and vintage glamour.

Ruffledblog.com Wizard of Oz Wedding Inspiration
Ruffledblog.com Wizard of Oz Wedding Inspiration

Ruffledblog.com highlights Oz wedding decor styled by Bloved Events.  Their Oz theme keeps decor fresh and modern with the right touches of romantic glamour and powerful hues.  The hot emerald green hue is dominant and utilized throughout decor in the bride’s accessories, dessert decoration and the table scape.  The play on Dorothy’s red slippers is touched upon with gold glittered pumps and a vibrant red heart.  Wedding flower centerpieces pop with a mix of red anemones, ranunculus, dusty miller and twigs.

Wizard of Oz Wedding Theme
Wizard of Oz Wedding Theme; couple- greenweddingshoes.com; favor cookies- tumblr; ruby red slippers- onefabday.com; lollipop favor- magnetstreet.com; place setting- ruffledblog.com; bouquet- tumblr

Wizard of Oz wedding inspiration is everywhere on wedding inspiration blogs and pinterest boards.  Style your fairytale special day with the glamour of this classic movie.  Greenweddingshoes.com blog finds Oz inspiration with vintage 1930’s  style and romance.  Classic fashion and accessories take the main stage while the palette stays muted yet stylish with gold accents, soft wedding flowers and an abundance of greenery.

If your Oz inspiration is a bit more on the playful side, onefabday.com and magnetstreet.com have some inspiration for you.  Onefabday.com plays up Dorothy’s fairytale adventure with the ruby red slippers, wedding flowers are carefree, bright wildflowers in white and yellow.  Both Oz inspired weddings use the playful blue and yellow hues found in the movie within their decor, fashion and flowers.  Magnetstreet.com offers you a fun favor idea with a basket of giant lollipops.

Follow the yellow brick road to your Wizard of Oz wedding inspiration whether you pick up on the vintage glamour or some fun playful touches.

“Green” Winter Weddings

As I take a look outside I could use a little touch of “green” in the white winter wonderland that has blanketed us northern states these past few weeks.

While spring might not be poking it’s head around the corner quite yet I have found a little hope.  In a recent post from Huff Post Weddings, Kate Harrison CEO of Green Bride Guide shares her Top 5 Green Winter Wedding Trends.

“Going green” is a popular concept and practice these days that has also made it’s way into the world of weddings.  Many modern brides and grooms are conscious and careful about their carbon footprint.  When planning their special day couples may be very aware of the carbon output of their wedding.  This can range from things like fuel for travel and shipping, vendors, and waste in items like decor and food.

"Green" Vintage, Woodland Weddings
“Green” Vintage, Woodland Weddings; venue- bride moto; vintage decor-stylemepretty.com; candles in branch- remainsimple.tumblr.com; wooden place setting- iloveswmag.com; pine cones- sophiasdecorblog.blogspot.com; ice lanterns- wickncandlesticks.blogspot.com; vintage vases- lovemydress.net

Harrison gives us some “green friendly” tips when planning your wedding day that also fit in with current wedding trends.  First up, vintage weddings have been a hot trend for several seasons now, and even bigger this year are Art Deco inspired fashion and decor.  Harrison explains a popular destination for winter weddings is indoors at historic mansions and banquet halls.  The perfect setting can also afford your the option to help a great cause, “you can also give back to the venue if they offer donations to restoration.”  Additionally with this theme using vintage decor items will help support an “extremely eco-friendly affair“.

Not in the mood for an Old Hollywood glam wedding?  Harrison has another “green friendly” wedding theme in mind.  The woodland wedding is just as popular, gaining a following for it’s rustic charm and simplicity.  Consider bringing the “woodland whimsy” indoors for a winter weddings.  Eco-friendly decor items include tree branches, season items like pine needles or cones, wooden stands or coasters and recycled or vintage ornaments and favors.

“Going green” is an ever growing trend that is making it’s way into every faucet of our lives.  Start out your new life together as a couple being earth and “green” friendly in your wedding planning.  For more tips visit greenbrideguide.com.

Burgundy, Wine Wedding Theme

Who would think to work their reception beverage menu into their wedding theme decor?

Planning a wine inspired wedding will have brides incorporating rich burgundies and crimsons into their wedding palette along with using wine bottles and corks for much more than recyclables behind the bar.

A wine inspired wedding will incorporate beautiful, rich tones in wedding flowers.  Both wine inspired DIY ideas and wedding decor are current popular trends.  Just search endless pinterest boards to get lost in project ideas.  Reception tables are a perfect area to showcase some of these wine decor items, from DIY wine cork or wine bottle table numbers or either as part of the wedding centerpiece flower arrangement.

To take it a step further think outside of the box or in this case beneath the table and utilize large wine barrels that might be available on location as tables during the reception.  Another creative idea from afirstclasswedding.com/blog suggests in lieu of a traditional guest book, wedding attendees sign bottles of wine for the couple to save and open at their one, five, ten and twenty year wedding anniversary.

Wine Inspired Wedding Decor
Wine Inspired Wedding Decor; wine/pink bouquet- bellethemagazine.com (mimosaflowers.com); cork table card- alavishaffair.com; table number-loverrocksplanning.blogspot.com; calla lily bouquet- kimberlybradfordevents.com; vintage romantic bouquet- thefullbouquetblog.com; guest book wine- afirstclasswedding.com/blog; wine barrel table- tonyajoy.com

A wine inspired wedding can spark some inspiration for your special day.  Incorporate a few details into your wedding theme for a unique touch or string the idea throughout your decor.  Either way the rich palette and personalized decor details are sure to complement and pull together a beautiful wedding day.

Now looking for some inspiration in choosing what type and how much wine to purchasing for your wedding day.  Check out this Wine Buying Guide for Weddings post at epicurious.com.  They give you great tips from asking the first question does your venue allow you to bring your own wine, corkage fees, how to determine quantity of wine by number of guests, down to what type of wine to choose by season.

I Love You, Valentine’s Day Inspiration

Let’s get down to it, that four letter word that is a the center of any wedding and celebrated today by millions of couples world wide….. L O V E.

Love.  That’s right, love makes the world go ’round.  I have to say there are an assortment of things in my life that I  feel deeply about, that I love and that help define me as a person.  I can also say there is one special man in my life that has captured and holds my heart.

These things and this man, well they make my world go ’round every single day, with love at the center of it all.  For a special Valentine’s Day post I’ve pulled a little inspiration from that four letter word L O V E.

wedding party- greylikesweddings.com
wedding party- greylikesweddings.com; ombre aisle- tumblr.com; card garland- etsy.com seller countrychiq; cake- rocknrollbride.com; balloon couple- tressugar.com, escort cards- brides.com

Whether you’re planning a Valentine’s Day wedding or a wedding anytime of year based around the love of two people, you need to remember one key factor.  That is to celebrate your love.  Don’t forget why you’re having countless friends and family come together for your special day.  They are there to witness your commitment to each other and vows of love.  Have fun and celebrate this love and who you are as a couple!

I’m all about the little touches, details.  If you can pull some DIY wedding projects off and incorporate them into your wedding decor go for it.  Personalization will set your special day apart and help to speak to who you are as a couple.  Not a DIYer, no problem sites like etsy.com were made for you.  You can still find custom pieces like the trendy hand-painted peg cake toppers for a more personalized wedding touch.

Don’t be afraid to break with tradition.  I love this fabulous, non-traditional wedding cake from rocknrollbrides.com. It is a different take on the traditional white, frosted wedding cake but not as trendy as cupcakes and a dessert bar.  A beautiful accent to a rustic, vintage or romantic wedding theme.

Let this Valentine’s Day find you surrounded by the things and people you love.  We each have our own love story to tell and follow, may we each find true love that can keep our world going ’round.

Pink Hues with Rhinestones for a Romantic Wedding Theme

With Valentine’s Day only a few days away who isn’t looking for a little romance?

Brides looking to fulfill their fairytale dreams can find some inspiration from this elegant, glam wedding theme featured on Bella Naija Blog.  Bella Naija Blog explains,”this fabulous shoot by LilyVevents Enchanted Elegance” illustrates how stunning elegant glam and enchanting pieces can blend together.”

Commenting on their wedding theme Lynn of LilyVevents shares, “It was also important to add hints of glamour and elegance throughout the design, hence the crystal accents, fairytale gown and custom elements on the cake table.”

LilyVevents photoshoot “Enchanted Elegance”
LilyVevents photoshoot “Enchanted Elegance”

LilyVevents created a romantic, glam wedding using several key elements; classic wedding flowers in pink hues, crystals and rhinestones, custom pieces and attention to detail.  Their wedding theme is a fabulous example of how to achieve a cohesive and beautiful look with the right decor touches.

The reception tablescape makes a statement with a tall, slender yet voluptuous glass vase exploding with your classic, beautiful wedding flowers in pink.  The height of the vase will allow guests to still be able to mingle amongst themselves when seated at the table.  Strands of rhinestones or crystals loop and then fall down the length of the vase brought together in the middle by ribbon and a rhinestone accent.

The enchanted elegant wedding theme holds some beautiful custom pieces created by LilyVevents that set the whole decor off.  But also just as important is the attention to detail, the little touches brides should keep in mind when planning their decor.  The rhinestones are repeated throughout the decor of this wedding theme, down to the littlest touches; the napkin ring, accents on the wedding cake, the small pedestal for the guest favor boxes and the bride’s bouquet with stems wrapped in rhinestones.

Hues of pink, sparkling rhinestones tied together into a romantic wedding theme are sure make any little girl’s fairytale dreams come true.  A beautiful “Enchanted Elegance” theme created by LilyVevents.com.

More Rhinestone Wedding Decor Inspiration; escort card table-bridaltrends.trendybride.com; bouquet- thefrenchbouquettulsa.com; rhinestone table with candles- afloral.com;
More Rhinestone Wedding Decor Inspiration; escort card table-bridaltrends.trendybride.com; bouquet- thefrenchbouquettulsa.com; rhinestone table with candles- afloral.com; frame table number- boards.weddingbee.com; lace rhinestone candles- blog.koyalwholesale.com