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Five Must Have Items for a Rustic Wedding

As the weather gets warmer, we start to see a lot more rustic wedding inspiration. This theme definitely pairs well with a sunny outdoor ceremony, so if you’re planning a rustic wedding right now, don’t forget to add these five essential items to your shopping list.

Grapevine Balls

We love using these grapevine balls as a simple rustic wedding accent. Scatter them across the table, or fill one large cylinder glass vase with these natural beauties.

6" Grapevine Ball Only $4.19
6″ Grapevine Ball Only $4.19

Mason Jars

Mason jars are so trendy this season, and we couldn’t agree more. Although we do sell mason jars in a plethora of colors, I suggest you keep your rustic wedding simple with the clear mason jar. Perhaps fill it with pink flowers or cream flowers for a more romantic look.

Clear Mason Jar Only $64.99 for a pack of 24
Clear Mason Jar Only $64.99 for a pack of 24

Lots of Burlap

Just when you thought more burlap wasn’t possible, they went ahead and made burlap flowers :) Who would’ve ever imagined that? Pair our burlap flowers with a scripted flower in your rustic wedding centerpiece. They compliment each other quite well.

Burlap Wedding Decorations from Afloral.com
Burlap Wedding Decorations from Afloral.com

Wood Sign

We sell sooo many different wood signs, so pick one and customize away. You can paint them, carve them, bedazzle them, whatever you like. The wood sign is great for an outdoor ceremony, as it also adds a whimsical touch.

Wooden Wedding Sign Only $5.99
Wooden Wedding Sign Only $5.99

Branches Galore

Not every DIY bride likes branches, but at a rustic wedding, they are an absolute necessity.  If you’re not too crazy about the whole “tree” look, just place one at your card table for a hint of natural. If you’re going more for rustic glam, spray paint the branch and voila! – fabulous.

27" Artificial Branch Only $18.99
27″ Artificial Branch Only $18.99

Are you having a rustic wedding? Share your ideas below :)

The Best 2014 DIY Wedding Trends

Every year we wait in anticipation, hoping that this year’s wedding trends will be even better than the last. Well 2014 is finally here, and we can’t wait to weigh in on the best DIY wedding flower trends. We’ve tallied up different ideas from several wedding savvy sources, plus added our own personal favorites. Only the best made the list, and we’ve covered everything from color combos to containers, and stems to veils.

Pretty in Pink – That’s right, blush is back. Mixing different variations of the color pink in one wedding bouquet or wedding centerpiece is all the rage. It’s simple, feminine, and cutely coquettish. Check out our large selection of pink wedding flowers for more ideas.

Pink Wedding Flowers Photo From FrenchWeddingStyle.com
Pink Wedding Flowers Photo From FrenchWeddingStyle.com

Garden Roses and Petal Tree Peonies – Romance, frills, and femininity are at an all time high this year. Two stems that are making a big statement in this trend are gorgeous garden roses and pretty petal tree peonies.

Gorgeous Garden Roses from Martha Stewart Weddings
Gorgeous Garden Roses from Martha Stewart Weddings

Tiny Hair Embellishments – Gone are the days of jumbo wedding flowers tucked behind your ear. Instead, gather a spray of baby’s breath, and scatter it throughout your wedding updo.

Wedding Updo with Baby's Breath from SocietyBride.com
Wedding Updo with Baby’s Breath from SocietyBride.com

Dramatic Veils – Brides are taking the drama up a notch with veils that add a bit more elegance and romance to their ceremony. We are huge fans of this veil and floral crown combo from WantThatWeddingCake.Co.Uk.

Veil + Floral Crown Combo from WantThatWeddingCake.Co.Uk
Veil + Floral Crown Combo from WantThatWeddingCake.Co.Uk

Metallics – Gold containers are still all the rage in 2014. This trend is one that carried over from 2013, and is going to be even bigger this year.

Metallic Wedding Centerpiece from 100LayerCake.com
Metallic Wedding Centerpiece from 100LayerCake.com

These are our top picks for wedding trends in 2014. Do you have more to add? Comment below!




A Radiant Orchid Colored Wedding

Ironically enough, Pantone named this year’s color of the year radiant orchid. {We might be a bit partial to the flowery name, don’t judge us!} Appearing just as it sounds, this color is a bright pop of pinkish purple. If you’re a style conscious bride, and want to incorporate this year’s trend setting swatch into your wedding decorations and wedding flowers, here’s how.

After surfing Pinterest for some eye popping DIY wedding flower inspiration, I found this gorgeous wedding bouquet. This is perfect for all you hesitant trendsetters: ladies who love the color, but prefer a softer look.

Radiant Orchid Wedding Flowers Photo From StyleMePretty.com
Radiant Orchid Wedding Flowers Photo From StyleMePretty.com

To incorporate this wedding flower trend without appearing too tacky, you might want to mix in variations of the color. The above wedding bouquet mixes blush wedding flowers, cream wedding flowers, and orchid wedding flowers to create this lush look.

Now, if you’re feeling like being bright and bold, sprinkle this color throughout all your wedding decor, not just your wedding flowers. Put a bright colored flower in your hair, some radiant orchid colored candies in a jar, the possibilities are utterly endless. The board below outlines a classy method for approaching this color trend.

Radiant Orchid Wedding Inspiration Photo By Hotref.com
Radiant Orchid Wedding Inspiration Photo By Hotref.com
But, out of all swatches and inspiration board examples, I have to say that this one really caught my eye. The orchid colored table linen paired with a mason jar and several wedding stems is simply stunning. Sometimes understated truly is the way to go.
Radiant Orchid Wedding Centerpiece Photo By UnitedwithLove.com
Radiant Orchid Wedding Centerpiece Photo By UnitedwithLove.com

Are you brave enough to rock this radiant orchid wedding trend, or is it too “welcome to the 80s” for you? Share your thoughts below!

Wedding News: Etsy.com Goes Mainstream

Huff Post Weddings shares the announcement popular Etsy.com sellers are going mainstream.  In Tuesday’s post, “Etsy, Nordstrom Wedding Collaboration Brings Handmade Goods to Major Retailer”, Huff post reports “some of online retailer Etsy’s handmade wedding crafts — beloved by indie brides — have gone mainstream in a big, big way.”

Etsy.com is an online marketplace to sell and buy items online, with the catch everything is either handmade or vintage.  Etsy.com’s popularity has soared in recent years within many different categories from jewelry, children’s ware to wedding accessories and decor.

Brides looking for something unique, trendy and personalized for their wedding day flock to etsy.com. Not a brave DIYer or lacking the time to commit to a wedding project, etsy.com is a favorite for handmade, personal touches to customize your wedding theme.  And the best part you are supporting individual artists and small business owners.

Huff post weddings gives us the scoop, “On Monday, Etsy and Nordstrom announced that they’ve partnered up: The major retailer is now selling wedding goods (think bridal accessories, decor and wedding party gifts) from a selection of Etsy vendors.”

Etsy.com Goes Mainstream with Nordstroms
Etsy.com Goes Mainstream with Nordstrom; via Huff post wedings select pieces of the collection; rose bud head band- seller Which goose; flower hair piece- seller Serephine; Service ware- seller Milk and Honey

Etsy.com items to be featured range from accessories, bridal party gifts, cake topper to personalized service ware.  The current collaboration with Nordstrom features 6 etsy.com sellers in an 80 piece collection.  This premier collection holds a vintage, rustic with whimsical touches feel, all which are popular wedding trends right now.

Which goose’s pink bud headband and Serephine’s ‘renee’ bridal hair flower piece are soft whimsical wedding accessories for the bride or bridesmaids.  Either is a beautiful handmade touch for a soft, romantic wedding look.  Milk and Honey’s ‘Spread Love’ butter knife along with the vintage stamped wedding forks are another example of quirky, fun personalized touches.  A special touch that can make an appearance on the bridal party reception table or make for a fun wedding keepsake.

Today brides and grooms aren’t looking for a cookie cutter wedding.  With countless resources and inspiration available to couples they are looking to make customized and personalized touches to their wedding day.  Etsy.com is the perfect avenue to pump some handmade, creative touches into decor and fashion.  Half of the fun is searching through wedding categories and seller’s marketplaces.  Can the thrill and popularity of shopping the online marketplace transfer into a retail setting?  We’ll just have to wait and see.

Ghost Chairs: a Wedding Trend

Have you heard of the ghost chair? Me neither.  If you’re like me you might not have heard of them by name but I am positive you have seen ghost chairs popping up in wedding decor blogs and magazines.

Peabodyoperahouse.com reports, “Ghost chairs have been gracing the homes of the trendsetters everywhere since they were created in 2002 by artist Philippe Starck.”  

And why has the wedding world seen a recent appearance of ghost chairs in the wedding reception realm?  “A decade later they began taking over the world of weddings, popping up in receptions and ceremonies as a modern upgrade from the traditional banquet chair.”  

Louis Ghost Chair Wedding Decor;
Louis Ghost Chair Wedding Decor; soft and chic- necreationsweddings.com; mini dessert chairs- etsy.com seller jadorelesmacaroons; colorful chairs- junebugweddings.com; rustic chic- 100layer.com

Sleek, simple and modern are one way to describe a ghost chair. However it’s look might be modern but it’s style is a classic.  Apartmenttherapy.com gives us the run down that Starck created the ghost chair as a reinvention of the classic Louis XV armchair.  They go as far to say Starck’s chair is “the most recognizable chair of the 21st century.” 

The Louis ghost chair’s popularity in the wedding world is easy to understand.  It combines the famous luxury of royalty and a chic modern look with it’s transparent form.  The ghost chair is a statement piece without standing out.  It will let your wedding flower centerpieces shine.

What are your thoughts: a 21st century masterpiece that works as a beautiful, chic piece at your reception tables or a trend you’ll be ready to pass up?