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Top Tips: Coordinating Wedding Party Flowers

Brides planning your wedding party’s flowers around your bridal bouquet can be easy.  Don’t get overwhelmed with too many choices when deciding on bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages.

If you’ve settled on your wedding flowers and bouquet style your work is half way done.  Coordinating the rest of the wedding party’s flower arrangements will be based off the decisions you’ve made for your bridal bouquet.

Wedding colors  + Wedding flowers + Bridal bouquet style =

A Good Start in Coordinating Your Bridal Party Flowers

The bride’s bouquet is going to be more elaborate, typically consisting of two- three types of flowers and color choices.  That gives you more options to break down flower arrangements into smaller bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages.

The bridal party flowers are going to be an extension of your more elaborate bridal bouquet.  They are meant to accent and complement the main focal piece carried by the bride who should be the center of attention on her wedding day!

Lets take a look at two different bridal bouquets and their coordinating bridesmaid bouquet and boutonniere:

Hot Pink and Black Wedding Flowers; adamandkavya.tumblr.com; etsy.com; wildorchidcustomfloraldesigns.com
Hot Pink and Black Wedding Flowers; adamandkavya.tumblr.com; etsy.com; wildorchidcustomfloraldesigns.com

Hot Pink and Black

The hot pink and black bridal bouquet is composed of three types and colors of flowers with some dramatic black feather and rhinestone accents.  It gives us a great start to break down flowers into smaller and simpler arrangements.

The bridesmaid bouquet borrows one type of flower from the larger bouquet.  A simple hand-tied gerbera daisy bouquet captures the same style with black ribbon accents and touches of rhinestones.  The boutonniere pulls all three color choices together with a simple flower combination.

Three different arrangements that work together by coordinating flowers and colors.

Rose Peony Pink White Peach Wedding Flowers; weddingchicks.com
Rose Peony Pink White Peach Wedding Flowers; weddingchicks.com

Pink, White and Peach

The peony and rose bouquet in pink and white is a fresh, full arrangement perfect for a spring or rustic wedding.  The bridesmaid bouquet is a smaller, fun version of the larger bouquet.  It uses the same peony stems and mixes in a new peach color in roses accented by baby’s breath.  The boutonnieres keep it traditional and simple with white rose buds and baby’s breath.

These arrangements work with slight variations in colors and flowers but the underlying style remains the same to create  beautiful, fresh wedding flower arrangements.

3 Purple Wedding Color Combinations

Last week we defined color in the Wedding Planning: What is Color? post.  A basic understanding of how color is defined and how colors work together can be quite helpful when planning your wedding colors.

Color is a key element to consider not just when planning your wedding flowers but also when planning your whole wedding look.  Color will set the tone and mood for your special event and specific color combinations can help you get just the right look.

I am going to demonstrate the power of color with one of my favorite hues, purple.  Purple is a popular wedding color choice among brides, in part because it is traditionally seen as a feminine hue but also due to it’s versatility.

Purple is a secondary color created by mixing two primary colors, red and blue.  Red is  a warm color, blue is a cool color.  Purple can sway either way, hence it’s versatility. Combining more red to make purple, like a bright fuchsia, will lean more towards traits of warm colors.  While a combination with more blue, like a deep lavender, will hold more characteristics of cool colors.

Now we know what makes up the color purple, next how does purple interact with other colors?

Purple Pink Rose Hydrangea Gerbera Dasiy Bouquet $10.99
Purple Pink Rose Hydrangea Gerbera Dasiy Bouquet $10.99

Pink, Purple Palette

Combine a vibrant purple with a pink hue for a truly romantic and feminine wedding color palette.  Our rose, hydrangea, gerbera daisy faux flower bouquet creates a brilliant color spectrum that runs between purples and pinks.

Paired with a warm hue pink, purple acts on more of it’s warm color characteristics.  This palette is bright, saturated with hues that grab your attention.

Purple Grey Calla Lily Bouquet $21.49
Purple Grey Calla Lily Bouquet $21.49

Grey, Purple Palette

Paired with a cool, neutral grey hue purple can be quite sophisticated.  Purple acts on more of it’s cool characteristics in this palette colors are calm, mellow and well defined.

This sophisticated palette is ideal for a chic, modern wedding pair with metallics for a touch of glam.  The calla lily pre-made bouquet is the perfect flower choice with rich, exotic, lush faux flowers.

Purple Orange Yellow Bright Bouquet, dahlia, sunflower, cosmos
Purple Orange Yellow Bright Bouquet, dahlia, sunflower, cosmos

Orange, Yellow, Purple Palette

Orange, yellow and purple are complementary colors.  As we mentioned last week complementary colors are opposite of each other on the color wheel.  These colors paired together are bold and pop at first sight.

These colors are fun and playful in the bright rustic afloral bouquet with orange dahlias, yellow sunflowers and purple cosmos.  The perfect pop of bold color and gorgeous flowers for a vibrant spring or summer wedding

As you can see from our 3 purple color palettes one color can take on a lot of different looks.  With a little information about how color works you can get just the right color palette for your wedding day.

Wedding Planning: What is Color?

Picking wedding flowers and wedding colors are two huge decisions that often go hand in hand.  When trying to plan wedding colors where do you even begin?  You may have a favorite color you’d like to incorporate into wedding flower arrangements, you could start there.  But how do you coordinate additional colors into decor and arrangements?

Needless to say there are a lot of questions when it comes to picking your wedding palette.  A basic understanding of color theory and how colors work together can help immensely when choosing wedding colors.

Color Wheel Flowers, photo credit: hgtv.com
Color Wheel Flowers, photo credit: hgtv.com

The Basics

Color Theory 101, the color wheel.  The color wheel is a tool to organize colors and it is designed to show you the relationship between colors.

  • Primary Colors- Red, Blue, Yellow. The three colors all other colors are created from.
  • Secondary Colors- Green, Orange, Purple.  Mix 2 primary colors to create one of the three secondary colors.
  • Complementary Colors- Colors that are opposite on the color wheel.  These colors like blue and orange are bold together and tend to pop, grab attention.
  • Analogous Colors- Colors that run next to each other on the color wheel.  These colors blend well, harmoniously together like yellow, yellow-orange, orange.
Warm & Cool Wedding Colors, photo credits: weddingchicks.com; etsy.com
Warm & Cool Wedding Colors, photo credits: weddingchicks.com; etsy.com

Setting the Mood with Colors

Colors have many characteristics to describe them.  Warm, cool and neutral are another characteristic to classify hues.  These are important classifications and traits to pay attention to when deciding on wedding colors.

  • Warm Colors- reds, yellows, oranges, pinks.  They are vivid and tend to energize.
  • Cool Colors- blues, greens, purples.  Cool hues are soothing, calm and tend to recede.
  • Neutrals- whites, creams, beiges are versatile and work well with any color as an accent to bring out the other color’s traits.

Expanding Your Vocabulary

Color is a powerful element that will ultimately set the mood and scene of your event.  Understanding what defines color and how they work together will help you determine what type of hues will best fit what you’re looking for.  Here are a few more color terms that can be useful in locating just the right color for your wedding flowers and decor.

  • Tint- is the lightening of one color, by adding white.
  • Shade- is the darkening of one color, by adding black.
  • Tone- is the darkening of one color, by adding gray.
  • Monochromatic- the use of one color in your palette, can be used by incorporating tints, shades or tones of a particular color.

Looking for more color inspiration don’t forget to check out afloral.com on pinterest for the latest color boards.  Or email mindy[at]afloral.com for her to create you a custom wedding flower inspiration board based on your color and wedding flower choices!

The Best 2014 DIY Wedding Trends

Every year we wait in anticipation, hoping that this year’s wedding trends will be even better than the last. Well 2014 is finally here, and we can’t wait to weigh in on the best DIY wedding flower trends. We’ve tallied up different ideas from several wedding savvy sources, plus added our own personal favorites. Only the best made the list, and we’ve covered everything from color combos to containers, and stems to veils.

Pretty in Pink – That’s right, blush is back. Mixing different variations of the color pink in one wedding bouquet or wedding centerpiece is all the rage. It’s simple, feminine, and cutely coquettish. Check out our large selection of pink wedding flowers for more ideas.

Pink Wedding Flowers Photo From FrenchWeddingStyle.com
Pink Wedding Flowers Photo From FrenchWeddingStyle.com

Garden Roses and Petal Tree Peonies – Romance, frills, and femininity are at an all time high this year. Two stems that are making a big statement in this trend are gorgeous garden roses and pretty petal tree peonies.

Gorgeous Garden Roses from Martha Stewart Weddings
Gorgeous Garden Roses from Martha Stewart Weddings

Tiny Hair Embellishments – Gone are the days of jumbo wedding flowers tucked behind your ear. Instead, gather a spray of baby’s breath, and scatter it throughout your wedding updo.

Wedding Updo with Baby's Breath from SocietyBride.com
Wedding Updo with Baby’s Breath from SocietyBride.com

Dramatic Veils – Brides are taking the drama up a notch with veils that add a bit more elegance and romance to their ceremony. We are huge fans of this veil and floral crown combo from WantThatWeddingCake.Co.Uk.

Veil + Floral Crown Combo from WantThatWeddingCake.Co.Uk
Veil + Floral Crown Combo from WantThatWeddingCake.Co.Uk

Metallics – Gold containers are still all the rage in 2014. This trend is one that carried over from 2013, and is going to be even bigger this year.

Metallic Wedding Centerpiece from 100LayerCake.com
Metallic Wedding Centerpiece from 100LayerCake.com

These are our top picks for wedding trends in 2014. Do you have more to add? Comment below!




Emerald Green Wedding Inspiration Decor

Tuesday’s post Emerald Green Wedding Inspiration showcased the Pantone 2013 Color of the Year, Emerald Green.  The rich, brilliant green hue has already been popping up all over home decor, fashion and weddings.

We’re back today to talk about Emerald Green wedding decor inspiration.  Emerald Green is a versatile hue with the ability to fit a variety of wedding themes from vintage romantic, rustic to modern, chic.  With each theme Emerald Green takes on a different role.

Emerald Green Wedding Decor
Emerald Green Wedding Decor; modern green wedding-divinepartyconcepts.com; cakepops-hometowngirl.typepad.com; green vases- lover.ly; modern green- inspiredbythis.com; romantic green- bellethemagazine.com

For a romantic wedding theme look to add vintage touches with green glassware.  Pair with other vintage plates, teacups, linens and lace.  Emerald Green is worked into the decor items like glassware or patterns on plates and cups as an accent.

A rustic wedding theme can also incorporate Emerald Green into decor items. In this instance the color becomes one of the elements like moss or flowers.  For a rustic wedding natural items like branches and moss are strong elements to bring together simple elegance and natural beauty.

The last wedding theme to look at is a modern, chic wedding.  This type of theme would bring Emerald Green to the forefront of the decor.  Our inspiration photo from inspiredbythis.com uses clean, defined decor.  The striped table linens, simple centerpieces of tall vases and neutral flowers with green glass ware accented by green napkins laid over each table setting with menu cards.

Don’t forget Emerald Green can even be found in your dessert table!  Go for something fun like trendy cup cake, cake pops or macaroons all in green.