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Wedding News: Etsy.com Goes Mainstream

Huff Post Weddings shares the announcement popular Etsy.com sellers are going mainstream.  In Tuesday’s post, “Etsy, Nordstrom Wedding Collaboration Brings Handmade Goods to Major Retailer”, Huff post reports “some of online retailer Etsy’s handmade wedding crafts — beloved by indie brides — have gone mainstream in a big, big way.”

Etsy.com is an online marketplace to sell and buy items online, with the catch everything is either handmade or vintage.  Etsy.com’s popularity has soared in recent years within many different categories from jewelry, children’s ware to wedding accessories and decor.

Brides looking for something unique, trendy and personalized for their wedding day flock to etsy.com. Not a brave DIYer or lacking the time to commit to a wedding project, etsy.com is a favorite for handmade, personal touches to customize your wedding theme.  And the best part you are supporting individual artists and small business owners.

Huff post weddings gives us the scoop, “On Monday, Etsy and Nordstrom announced that they’ve partnered up: The major retailer is now selling wedding goods (think bridal accessories, decor and wedding party gifts) from a selection of Etsy vendors.”

Etsy.com Goes Mainstream with Nordstroms
Etsy.com Goes Mainstream with Nordstrom; via Huff post wedings select pieces of the collection; rose bud head band- seller Which goose; flower hair piece- seller Serephine; Service ware- seller Milk and Honey

Etsy.com items to be featured range from accessories, bridal party gifts, cake topper to personalized service ware.  The current collaboration with Nordstrom features 6 etsy.com sellers in an 80 piece collection.  This premier collection holds a vintage, rustic with whimsical touches feel, all which are popular wedding trends right now.

Which goose’s pink bud headband and Serephine’s ‘renee’ bridal hair flower piece are soft whimsical wedding accessories for the bride or bridesmaids.  Either is a beautiful handmade touch for a soft, romantic wedding look.  Milk and Honey’s ‘Spread Love’ butter knife along with the vintage stamped wedding forks are another example of quirky, fun personalized touches.  A special touch that can make an appearance on the bridal party reception table or make for a fun wedding keepsake.

Today brides and grooms aren’t looking for a cookie cutter wedding.  With countless resources and inspiration available to couples they are looking to make customized and personalized touches to their wedding day.  Etsy.com is the perfect avenue to pump some handmade, creative touches into decor and fashion.  Half of the fun is searching through wedding categories and seller’s marketplaces.  Can the thrill and popularity of shopping the online marketplace transfer into a retail setting?  We’ll just have to wait and see.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Theme

winter wonderland wedding

The magic of the season doesn’t have to end after the holidays.

Winter is a beautiful and magical time of the year, especially for those in the northern states.  It’s time for cooler temps and fluttering snow flakes that fall, glisten, and sparkle in the sun.

These colder winter months set the stage for more formal indoor weddings.    From our Winter Red Rose Wedding theme we discussed, “ winter weddings are known for their glamour and more formal tone.” Guests will come out dressed for a ceremony and reception to remember.  Make your special day memorable; capture the magic of the season with a glamorous Winter Wonderland wedding theme.

Get a Winter Wonderland look with the right key elements, color palette, and special extras to provide just the perfect finishing touches.  DIY wedding projects, ordering items in bulk, inexpensive wedding extras, and a few tips will set you on your way to planning a fabulous wedding at an affordable cost.

winter wonderland elements, afloral.com

Winter Elements

Afloral.com’s Crystal and Feather wedding showcases what you’ll need for a Winter Wonderland look; translucent crystals or rhinestones, white feathers and branches, crushed acrylic ice, votive candles, with white and metallic accents.  Like a crisp winter’s day, you want to capture the beauty of a snow blanketed earth with a touch of sparkle and frost.  Crystals found in decorated jewels, brooches, decorative beads, or acrylic ice add a touch of sparkle.  Go glam with a chic faux diamond runner, a newer item from afloral.com’s accessory line.

Feathers and branches are a play on the magical season.  Branch centerpieces featured in Thursday’s DIY post give you a unique wedding look with stature that demands attention.  Branches are easy to work with, and available to order in bulk which translates into great savings for budget brides. A feathered spray is a versatile accent; easy to tuck in a bridal bouquet or to create a stunning winter chair back.  The second installment of the DIY winter chair back post showcased the glamorous Winter Wonderland chair back, 3 easy steps using Afloral.com tulle, a silk white rose, a feather spray, and a globed jewel.

winter chair back, afloral.com

Winter Palette

A winter wedding is more formal and glamorous.  Take a cue from what’s always in; classic looks never go out of style.  Go for a white wedding with a touch of color as an accent.  You can make more of a play with textures than going overboard with a variety of colors.  With a white wedding palette, play with different textiles like silk, tulle, satin, and even fur.  It will create an intriguing look that is subtle yet rich.

Metallics like silver and gold provide a charming and modern accent.  Sterling silver pots or white and gold charlotte votive holders will give you a touch of glam while setting the right ambiance with softly lit candles.

Your white wedding can also be accented by a touch of color.  A muted or frosted tone of soft pink, frosted blues or cooler tones will result in a romantic tone. Pair with romantic touches like pearls, roses and draped tulle for even more romance.  Deep blues or rich purples will add more drama. For a timeless, beautiful theme, take a few ideas from our Winter Red Rose Wedding theme like a DIY lush red rose hair piece or build your own red rose silk bridal bouquet.

In love with them all?  For help narrowing down your winter wedding palette with floral choices email Mindy[at]afloral.com for a custom inspiration board.  It’s the perfect starting point for planning your special day.

votive candles

Inexpensive Extras

Don’t rack up your wedding budget with all the little extras.  There are guaranteed to be things that you didn’t plan for running up your wedding budget.  Give yourself a little extra cushion by saving big bucks with the right inexpensive wedding accessories.

Items like votive candles and twinkle lights are essential in setting the right mood and ambiance for your wedding.  Remember  we saw those back in our DIY Wedding Lighting post.  They are also fabulously inexpensive wedding items you can pick up in bulk and dollar stores.

Pinpoint the right DIY wedding projects that take a little bit of your time but in return give you a ton of savings.  Little touches like DIY hair accessories, chair backs, and escort cards can cost under $10 a piece.  Planning ahead will help you get things done and save you from spending extra cash you haven’t budgeted for.

Table accessories like the crushed acrylic ice featured in the Crystal and Feather wedding theme are just as affordable and easy to purchase in bulk as candles.  They are great to scatter on the table as an accent or to fill glass vases.

Pulling it All Together

Today we got to take a look back at several of our recent posts.  From the Crystal and Feather wedding theme, that holds elements perfect to set the stage for a winter wonderland look, the Winter Red Rose wedding theme, for formal tips and accents of color, to a few DIY wedding project and idea posts.

Afloral.com has all the right resources to help you plan a glamorous Winter Wonderland wedding.  The holidays might be over, but you’re just about to start your magical journey through life together.  Make sure it’s memorable and fabulous, but still affordable.

Wedding Bridal Accessories

wedding white rose, afloral.com

Accessories are a girl’s best friend.  While diamonds might not be your thing, I’m sure you have an accessory in your closet or jewelry box that is your favorite.

Accessories can make a look or outfit.   They are let you show off your personal style, and provide the right finishing touches to pull everything together.  Shoes, jewelry, purses, hats take your pick, whether you’re a classic pearls with flats or a little rock and roll with rhinestones and platform wedges.

Accessorize! Make sure and line up the right wedding accessories for your bridal look; your gorgeous wedding gown needs the right accessories to complete the whole look.  Today we’re going to go over a few of these wedding accessories that you should think about when customizing your bridal look.

If you plan ahead and play your cards right you can get a few great deals and use some DIY wedding projects to save money. With a few inexpensive wedding accessories you’ll be able to afford one area to splurge.  So let’s get started.

wedding handbag


You might not have thought about having a purse to go with your wedding gown.  But a small clutch or handbag is the perfect place to store some lip gloss a few bobby pins and what not as you go from your ceremony to reception.  Dress it up, find something formal, sparkly and detailed like this satin clutch with ornamented pearls and rhinestones.  This would be the perfect complement to your white wedding gown that looks dressy and classic.  Or go for something fun like sequins or animal print.

Etsy.com is filled with great custom handbags are reasonable prices.  This is an ideal wedding accessory to save money on keep it under $50 and you get the bonus of being able to use it again after your wedding day.

wedding pearls, silverandjewelry.com


Now you are about to get the most important piece of jewelry you’ve ever had.  Your wedding ring, which will be a symbol of your new matrimony and love for one another.  You also need to plan you’re other jewelry pieces you’ll wear down the aisle and throughout your day.

This is a great category to consider something old.   Take a queue from the Royals, Prince William used his mother’s ring to propose to Kate,  perhaps you or your inlaw’s side have a special piece of jewelry you could use for your special day.  Grandmother’s pearls would look stunning and hold sentimental value for any bride on her wedding day.   Added bonus something borrowed will cost you nothing.

wedding shoes, oncewed.com


Shoes, you’ve got to love them.  I am definitely a shoe girl.  The right pair of shoes can make you feel like a million bucks.  Whether you want to dress up with a pair of heels or keep in casual in flats.  Wedding shoes are an area you can have a little fun.  Oncewed.com states “brides are chic, practical and budget conscious”, when it comes to shoes they want “an array of colors, styles, heel heights, brooch accents, platforms, bling, animal prints and avant garde look”.

Wedding shoes have so many options.  This is a great area to go trendy or really play up some personal style.  I love animal prints, these zebra print heels would be the perfect look for any bride to live on the wild side a little and show they can have fun with their wedding look.

wedding hair piece, afloral.com

Hair pieces

I hope you saw Thursday’s post, DIY wedding hair accessories.  We featured 3 DIY wedding hair accessory looks that all cost under $10!  They are a great easy and affordable wedding project that let’s you put a little personal style into your look.  A hair accessory adds just the right finishing touches to help pull your whole look together and draw a little extra attention to your wedding hairstyle.



Well I hope this run down has left you ready to get set and accessorize!  Have some fun show off your personal style but don’t blow your wedding budget over your bridal look.  Use some great finds and look for deals within certain categories like our clutch example, save by using a piece of borrowed jewelry and cash in on savings with an easy DIY wedding hair accessory project.  If you’re still looking for a few more ideas theknot.com has an accessory and finishing touches section that will allow you to search to find all the right accessories to complete your look.  Have fun styling!