Vintage Wedding

Peach & Cream Wedding Flowers ~ Darlene’s Inspiration Board

Darlene writes:  I really like the peachy-colors, but orange seems to be the only flowers that come close (or pink–which look awful with my coloring). Do you have peach peonies/roses?

Darlene-PeachBouquet Inspiration Photo:  Dominique Bader Photography |  Floral Designer:  Veevers Carter
via Love My Dress

To recreate and view the realistic floral stems used to in this peaches and cream inspiration bouquet, please click HERE:

  1. Peach Peony & Rose Spray
  2. Cream Mini Sweetheart Roses
  3. 2 Lamb’s Ear Greenery Sprays
  4. 2 Cream Wild Rose Sprays
  5. 1 Dusty Miller Greenery Bush
  6. Wrap your bouquets with Coral Muslin Ribbon.
  7. Peach & Cream Rose & Hydrangea Bouquet for your bridesmaids

Happy Planning, Mindy


Vintage Wedding Flowers ~ Laura’s Inspiration Board

Laura writes:  Hi. I am going for inexpensive, diy, rustic, shabby chic wedding.  The colors are light pink, mint green, and light blue for wedding décor. Any ideas?

Bouquet Inspiration Photo:  Katie Neal Photo  |  Floral Designer:  Sue Williams (venue owner) and Karen Williams (friend)
via Wedding Chicks

To recreate and view the floral stems used to recreate this vintage bouquet, please click HERE:

  1. 1 Cream Blush Stock Spray
  2. 1 Pink Dahlia
  3. 2 Ivory Dahlias
  4. 2 Cream Sweetheart Bundles
  5. 1 Pink Cabbage Rose Bush
  6. 1 Dusty Miller Bush
  7. 1 Blush Cream Rose Bouquet for your bridesmaids
  8. Natural Jute Ribbon & Cord to wrap your bouquet



Spring Wedding Bouquet

Spring is right around the corner.  Brides will be looking for a fresh wedding flower look to accompany this change in season.  Popular wedding trends like vintage weddings and trendy flower choices will influence the season’s look.
Baysidebride.com showcased some beautiful wedding flower bouquets to keep an eye out for this spring season, whether bold and bright, soft and romantic or modern and trendy, bouquets choices can run the gamut for whatever a bride is looking for.  I fell in love with this soft, romantic wedding flower bouquet with pink, white roses, white anemones, dusty miller and berry sprays, lace ribbons adds a vintage touch.

Lets take a look at how to make our own DIY version of this spring bouquet using faux flowers and floral supplies.



  • Trim greenery from rose and anemone stems.
  • Build your bouquet by starting with  pink roses and white roses to create the shape and foundation of your bouquet.
  • Next incorporate the berry sprays around the rose stems at the same height, anemone stems in cream can be slid in as accents, sitting a tad bit higher than the other stems.
  • Your final stems to add dusty miller can sit along the base of the bouquet, facing out and downwards.
  • Secure the stems with floral tape and trim the flower ends to be even.
  • Finishing touches add ribbon wrap like lace ribbon decorated with a bouquet charm to complete your bouquet.

Remember faux flowers are durable and versatile, play around with your stems as you arrange them.  You can bend and twist stems to get just the right angles.  Once everything is in place you can go back and tweak your arrangement.
This romantic bouquet is the perfect fit for a spring wedding.  It is soft and feminine with a vintage touch.  Dusty miller, anemone and vintage lace are all big wedding trends right now.  They are combined beautifully to complement each other in this vintage wedding bouquet.  Pink roses give us a pop of warm color while the dusty miller and berry sprays make a play on shape and texture.

Butterflies in Wedding Flowers

Butterfly Wedding Bouquet; afloral.com jeweled butterfly; bluepetyl.com; michelleturner.com; littlebouquetshop.com
Butterfly Wedding Bouquet; afloral.com jeweled butterfly; bluepetyl.com; michelleturner.com; littlebouquetshop.com

Butterflies are a natural companion to flowers in nature.  They are also a symbolic representation of a new life, a new beginning.  This natural relationship and symbolic meaning make butterflies the perfect wedding decor accent in bouquets, centerpieces, even favors and wedding cakes.

How can you tastefully incorporate butterflies into your wedding flower arrangements?

Wedding Flower Bouquets

Butterflies symbolize a transformation from old to new.  The joining of bride and groom during the wedding ceremony is the joining of two old lives into one new life together.  Butterfly accents in the wedding party’s flowers are a representation of this new life and new beginning two people are about to embark on.

Realistic butterflies can be adhered or clipped onto the bride’s or bridesmaids’ flower bouquets.  Let them rest above the floral blooms just as butterflies would in nature.  Depending on the size of the bouquet two to three butterflies can be tastefully worked into the arrangement.  White butterflies on picks are a subtle way to use this trend, they act as a soft accent and let the beauty and color of wedding flowers shine.

Another option is a butterfly jeweled pick or bouquet brooch to add to a bouquet arrangement.  Every bride needs jewelry to dress up on her special day, why not let her wedding flower bouquet dress up to?

Butterfly Wedding Decorations; afloral.com butterfly frames; bridalguide.com; myweddingbloomsblog.com; via ricevereconstile.blogspot.com
Butterfly Wedding Decorations; afloral.com butterfly frames; bridalguide.com; myweddingbloomsblog.com; via ricevereconstile.blogspot.com

Wedding Flower Centerpiece

Butterflies can transition into reception decor to carry on the symbolism of a new life and new beginning for the married couple.  Just as they did with bouquet arrangements butterflies are a beautiful accent added to table centerpieces.

Flowers and butterflies are a natural pairing.  The subtle accent of butterflies tucked into floral blooms will radiate a fresh, lively tone perfect for a spring or summer wedding.  Butterflies can also be easily incorporated into a rustic, woodland or vintage wedding theme.

You can coordinate colors within your floral arrangement to the color of butterflies you use for a harmonious arrangement.  Or for a trend that will really pop and bring the butterflies to the center of attention use brightly colored butterflies against your wedding theme colors.