Tropical Wedding Theme

Tropical Wedding Flowers ~ Lisa’s Inspiration Board

Bouquet Inspiration:  Mayflowers~ Nashville

Centerpiece Inspiration:  Laura Dombrowski Photography & Tall Tulips Flower Shop

{Lisa’s Request}
Hello, I am getting married August 17th, 2013 . My fiance’ proposed in Cozumel, Mexico so we are going with an ocean theme. I want more vibrant tropical looking bouquets for myself and my 2 bridesmaids.  I love the tropical bouquet on Meghan’s blog.  I would want to take out some of the pink and add bright yellow and a little more darker brighter orange . I like lilies and hibiscus if that an option you would use.  I want a smaller bouquet for myself and 2 bridesmaids (we are having a small private ceremony on the lake followed by the reception, so it’s outdoors).  I am making my own table centerpieces that are 7.5 cylinder vases with small rocks a few shells and a floating candles.  I would like a collaborating stem flower ( an assortment/stem cut off) to sit between the rock, shells, and candle that will match the bouquets also thanks so much.

{Lisa’s Bouquet Details}
This bright and tropical bouquet via Mayflowers~Nashville is recreated with Fuchsia Roses & Calla Lilies, Yellow Calla Lilies, Orange Roses, and Green Orchids.  The Green Orchid Bouquet can be used for your bridesmaid bouquet.  Wrap each bouquet with Hot Pink Ribbon.  The Submersible Orchid Centerpiece via The Knot has Fuchsia Orchids.  Use our premade Calla Lily Boutonniere for the groom and groomsmen.  Happy Planning, Mindy



Tropical Wedding Flowers ~ Meghan’s Inspiration Board

Bouquet Inspiration Photo:  Brian Phillps Photography  |  Floral Designer:  Clementine Floral

{Meghan’s Request}
Hi Mindy,
I am getting married in Cancun in August and am planning on making my bridesmaids bouquets and groomsmen’s Boutonnieres. As of right now I am getting my bridal bouquet from the resort, but if I end up making something I like better, I’ll use that. I have decided on Jordan’s bridesmaids dresses in “passion.” I am including a photo. I have 6 bridesmaids, a junior bridesmaid and a flower girl. I would love my bouquets to consist primarily of the real touch flowers. I love cymbidium orchids and calla lilies. I want it to look tropical, but classy. I am thinking of corals, oranges, pinks, and greens, and could use some inspiration!

{Meghan’s Bouquet Details}
This colorful tropical bouquet via The Knot is recreated with Pink Hydrangeas, Orange Calla Lilies & Ranunculus, Green Cymbidium Orchids, Fuchsia Rose Buds & Calla Lilies, and Salmon~Peach Rose Buds.  Use fewer floral stems to create a jr. bridesmaid bouquet.  Use our premade Calla Lily Boutonniere for the groom and groomsmen.  Have your flower girl carry a sweet Pink Rose Kissing Ball.   Happy Planning, Mindy


Laishah’s Tropical Wedding Flowers Inspiration Board

Bouquet Photo: The Carters | Floral Designer: Erin Volante

{Laishah’s Request}
My wedding theme is inspired by a Jamaican tropical sunset. Dim lights with candles and brightly colored flowers. By the way, did I mention I love brightly colored flowers. My dilemma is I don’t live anywhere in the tropics and I have’nt a clue about which flowers would look nice with my bridesmaids pink dresses. Please help! Lol

{Laishah’s Bouquet Details}
This lovely tropical bouquet via Bollea features: Bright Fuchsia Pink Real Touch Rose Bridal Bouquet, Orange Open Roses, Calla Lilies, & Ranunculus, Pink Ranunculus, and tropical Green Orchids & Needle Protea.  Finish your bouquet with Fuchsia Stardust Ribbon.  Happy Planning, Mindy


Meg’s Tropical Wedding Flower Inspiration Board

Bouquet Photo: Sweet Stylings Weddings & Events

{Meg’s Request}
Hi Mindy!  I am having a tropical wedding.  I need my bouquet, bridesmaids and centerpiece ideas. I LOVE Lilies :) My colors are super fluid, as long as they are bright and tropical I am happy.  Sorry, I am not sure what information you need for an inspiration board, but I am super excited! Look forward to hearing from you!!!  Meg

{Meg’s Bouquet Details}
This bright and fun inspiration bouquet comes from Sweet Stylings and features: Vibrant Orange Day Lilies, Fuchsia, Pink and Orange Rose Buds, Bells of Ireland Sprays, and Lemon Leaf Greenery.   To finish this perfect tropical bouquet, wrap with Turquoise Ribbon and a sparkly Rhinestone Bouquet Buckle.  The bridesmaids bouquet can be smaller groupings of the flowers used in your bouquet, such as one lily stem surrounded by roses.  Your centerpieces can be inexpensive Glass Vases tied with Natural Raffia Ribbon with clusters of bright flowers as shown below.

Pink Gerbera, Lime Green Mums, and Orange Bud Rose Wedding Centerpiece Photo by Alex & T Photography

Gloria’s Bright Pink Orange & Green Wedding Flower Inspiration Board

Bouquet Photo: Island Bliss Weddings

{Gloria’s Request}
Hi!  My wedding colors are fuchsia with a touch of silver color.  I also think splashes of other bright colors would look beautiful too.  The wedding is on the San Juan Islands with an ocean view.  Our wedding is nothing big, just our girls and parents. I love peonies,

{Gloria’s Bouquet Details}
This gorgeous inspiration bouquet from Island Bliss Weddings could not be more perfect for your tropical wedding.   This brightly colored bouquet features:  Fuchsia Pink Peonies & Orchid Sprays, Vibrant Orange Ranunculus, Lime Green Hydrangea, and Pretty Pink Open Roses.  Finish the bouquet with Fuchsia Satin and Sheer Ribbon.  To add some silver and sparkles, try our Rhinestone Bouquet Accents.  Happy Planning, Mindy