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Purple & Green Country Wedding ~ Teresa’s Inspiration Board

Teresa writes:  I am doing flowers for a friends wedding.  She is a farm girl and a little all over the board with her flowers. Her bridesmaids dresses are plum and her dress is cream colored. She is going for burlap, purple, and lime green accents. I am worried how the purple will go with the plum? Can you help? Or should I gently steer her back to the plum and lime green? They are starting a dairy farm, and she wants cows and black and white somewhere…I am trying to grasp all of this-some help is in order!

Teresa Purple Bouquet

via Fleurs de France

To recreate and view the floral stems used in the Purple & Lime Inspiration Bouquet, please click HERE:

  1. Violet Purple Orchids
  2. 5 Purple Calla Lilies
  3. 5-7 Dark Lavender Sweetpeas
  4. 2 Green Orchids
  5. Baby’s Tear Greenery
  6. Purple Calla Lily Bouquet for your bridesmaids
  7. Wrap the bouquets with Midnight Plum or Green Ribbon

Vintage Wedding Flowers ~ Kathy’s Inspiration Board

My bridesmaid is wearing a pattered dress in of blue hydrangeas with a splash of purpley-pink and my little flower girl is wearing a peachey-pink color. I wanted my bouquet to tie all the colours together. I love hydrangeas and tinted-edge roses but I also like something a bit out of the square…something a bit different. We do not have a definite wedding date yet, so the date I have put in is approximate.

KathyBouquet Inspiration Photo:  Zsa Zsa Bellagio

To recreate and view the lovely floral stems used  in this Vintage Bouquet inspiration, click HERE:

  1. 5-7 Pink Cottage Roses
  2. 1 Blue Muscari Bundles
  3. 3 Cream Peonies
  4. 2 Blue & Purple Hydrangeas
  5. 2 Green Hydrangeas
  6. 2 Eggplant Ranunculus
  7. To finish the bouquet, wrap with Midnight Plum Satin Ribbon and Purple Sheer Chiffon Ribbon.

Happy Planning, Mindy


Coral & Green Wedding Flowers ~ Megan’s Inspiration Board

Megan writes:
I am getting married June 8th, and my wedding color is “coral” with lots of green and white, as well. I am having a hard time creating a wedding bouquet for myself and bridesmaids. Our wedding decor will be “rustic but sheek and elegant” since it will be in the evening. I would greatly appreciate your help designing my bouquets!

Bouquet Inspiration Photo:  Flowers by Anna

 Recreate Megan’s Bouquet Inspiration with the following floral stems, click HERE:

  1. 5-7 Coral Open Roses
  2. 3-5 White Lisianthus
  3. 3  Orange Berry Picks
  4. 3-5 Peach Dahlias
  5. 3 Cream White Hydrangeas
  6. 3-5 White Calla Lilies
  7. 3 Green Hydrangeas
  8. Finish by wrapping bouquet with White Crocheted Lace Ribbon

For your bridesmaids, try one of our Coral Bridal Bouquets.  Happy Planning, Mindy

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Purple Garden Wedding Flowers ~ Christina’s Inspiration Board

Purple-Wedding-ChristinaqBouquet Inspiration Photo:  Ally Michele Photography  |  Floral Designer:  Art With Nature Designs

{Christina’s Request}
Hi,  My MOH’s are wearing lavender and my bridesmaids are wearing purple. The wedding is at an old estate. I would like the feel of the wedding to be vintage romantic. The wedding is at the end of April.  Thank you for your help, Christina

{Christina’s Bouquet Details}
This gorgeous garden bouquet via Ruffled can be recreated with Lavender Roses, Purple Anemone, Roses, Calla Lilies, & Lilacs, and Wild Hops Greenery.  To finish this vintage bouquet, wrap with Midnight Plum & Natural Jute Ribbon.  Happy Planning, Mindy

Modern Red & Purple Wedding Flowers ~ Sheila’s Inspiration Board

modern-SheilaBouquet Inspiration Photo:  Stephanie Williams Photography  |  Floral Designer:  Commerse Flowers

{Sheila’s Request}
Hello! Our wedding colors are deep purple and deep red.  I really don’t know the names of most flowers.. but from what I’ve found online….The flowers I like are: calla lily, dahlias, purple ranunculus, sweet pea.  I’m looking for a deep color effect and no green mixed into the “top” of it.

{Sheila’s Bouquet Details}
This modern wedding bouquet via Before The Big Day can be recreated with Red Roses, Egglplant Calla Lilies & Dahlias.  The Dark Red Rose Bouquet can be carried by your bridesmaid.  To finish, wrap with Black Ribbon and accent with a Rhinestone Floraburst Bouquet Buckle.  Happy Planning, Mindy