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3 Reasons You’ll Love Silk Wedding Flowers

Planning a wedding is not an easy task.  There are countless categories with endless details in each one to make decisions about and arrange.  Wedding flowers is just one of these wedding planning categories.  None the less details in this one area are endless, from coordinating flowers with wedding colors, picking types of flowers, deciding on arrangement styles and the quantity of flowers needed throughout the whole wedding.

better than fresh peach bouquet

Choosing silk flowers can help ease and simplify your wedding planning.  Silk flowers have many benefits over real flowers.  Here are three great reasons you’ll love silk wedding flowers:

  1. Silk flowers are never out of season.
  2. Silk wedding flowers can fit any wedding budget.
  3. Silk floral arrangements are easy to preserve, making for great wedding keepsakes.

Always in Season

When planning a wedding the bride and groom must first decide what time of year they will get married.  Once they have a wedding date and season they can move onto details like location then wedding theme, style and colors.  Up next wedding flowers.  Can they find the right type and color of wedding flower in the season they are to be wed?

Using silk wedding flowers they would have no problem coordinating wedding flowers to their wedding season and wedding colors.  Silk flowers are available all year round in any season, from silk sunflowers, exotic orchids or fake rosesSilk flowers are always available and offer a variety of colors, styles and sizes real flowers can’t.

Budget Friendly

Another fabulous benefit of silk flowers is they are affordable, great for any budget wedding.  Whether you are purchasing single stems or pre-made wedding flower bouquets, silk flowers cost a fraction of what real flower arrangements cost.  What bride and groom wouldn’t enjoy a couple extra hundred dollars to use towards their wedding or honey moon?

A Love to Last Forever

Something you can’t beat with using silk flowers is that they will last forever.  Silks wont wilt or dry out like real flowers.  With the amount of time and money put into a wedding silk flower arrangements can easily be preserved and kept as a keepsake from your special day.

By using silk wedding flowers you can simplify your wedding planning and make sure you get what you want when planning your wedding flowers.  Silk wedding flowers can provide you the beauty of real flowers with a budget savings that will leave you smiling.  Whether you hold unto your silk flower arrangements as a sentimental keepsake or recycle them for another bride to use your wedding flowers will last for years to come.

Red Purple Orange Sunflower Bouquet ~ Wedding Inspiration Board


Bouquet Inspiration Photo:  Michaelwill Photography

{Pearl’s Request}
My daughter is getting married in Sept. the bridesmaid dress is a dark brown and it says apple red but it looks burgundy (dark red) and she likes sunflowers, roses, and she likes blue and purple; can you do anything with this. Any suggestions?

{Bouquet Details}
This wispy wildflower looking sunflower bouquet via The Knot is recreated with Bright Yellow Sunflowers, Burgundy Mums, Violet Purple Cosmos, White Daisies, Lavender Blue Lavender Sprays, Dark Orange Rose Buds, Curly Branches, and Mint Greenery.  The Hand-Tied Sunflower & Cream Rudbeckia Bouquet would make a perfect base for the bride’s bouquet or a bridesmaids bouquet.  To finish, wrap with delicate White Sheer Chiffon Ribbon.  Happy Planning, Mindy

Yellow & Blue Bouquet with Sunflowers ~ Amy’s Inspiration Board


{Amy’s Request}
Hey ladies, I’m having an October wedding of this year and need bouquet help!! My girls are wearing navy colored dresses and groomsmen wearing a dark grey tux… I’m interested in sunflowers but also open to options, no specific color theme just kinda want something that will accent the navy dresses!!

{Amy’s Bouquet Details}
This bright yellow and blue bouquet via Cebolla Fine Flowers is recreated with Sunflowers, Blue Delphinium, & Poppies, White Freesia, and Green Cymbidium Orchids.  For a beautiful and easy bridesmaid bouquet, use our Sunflower & Rudbeckia Bouquet.  Wrap each bouquet with Navy Blue Satin Ribbon. For more creative help, be sure to visit our Sunflower Wedding Design Ideas.  Happy Planning, Mindy



Teresa’s Elegant Purple & Blue Sunflower Bouquet Inspiration Board

Bouquet Inspiration Photo:  Charlotte Geary Photography

[Teresa’s Request}
I’m looking for a Turquoise and Purple theme.  I am really not interested in the whole peacock thing. It will be a outside wedding and I want to do the shepherd hooks for the aisle and I am unsure of what  flowers to use. I do like the rainbow roses, lilies, and sunflowers. We are looking for the simple, yet elegant atmosphere.

{Teresa’s Bouquet Details}
This vibrant Sunflower Bouquet via Charlotte Geary Photography includes:  Purple Iris, Calla Lilies, & Primrose, Bright Orange Rose Buds, Creamy~White Hydrangea, Turquoise Blue Delphinium & Ranunculus, and Yellow Sunflowers.  To finish this unique bouquet, wrap with Shimmering Sheer Turquoise Ribbon.  Happy Planning, Mindy

Simple Glass Vase filled with Sunflowers, Gerbera Daisies, and Mums wired on Shepherd’s Hooks
Country Bouquets~ Mount Vernon, WA

Sarah’s Rustic Garden Sunflower Inpiration Board

Sarah writes:
The theme of my wedding is “rustic garden”. I want a comfy feeling. My main flower is going to be sunflowers. I want my bouquet to be just sunflowers but have no idea what to do for bridesmaids. They will be wearing deep purple (eggplant). I also want another accent color of mossy green. For the center pieces I want to do something with lanterns and candlelight.

Sarah, I love the rustic gardern idea! I have made your board with various sunflowers, from a single stem to a bush that you could use for your centerpieces. I think using all sunflowers for your bouquets is a great idea, for the bridesmaids – why not add in eggplant sweetpea and green gerberas – both flowers you can use in your centerpiece arrangements as well. Finish the bouquet’s looks by wrapping the stems with some very rustic appropriate natural raffia. Good luck with all your wedding planning, LeAnne!