Rustic Wedding

Rustic Orange Wedding ~ Alisha’s Inspiration Board

Alisha writes: My fiance and I are having a fall wedding so our color theme will be burgundy (David’s Bridal Apple Red) orange, chocolate brown, and we will be using burlap and jute. Our flower budget is low.  I will be DIYing everything but since I have no prior experience, I would like simple round but beautiful bouquets.


Since you are going for DIY wedding and want to keep it simple – we recommend starting with a pre-made bouquet and simply adding additional flowers to it! You can complete the look by wrapping the bouquet stems with burlap and jute.

Get the Goods:

Orange and Burgundy Calla Lilies

Orange and Burgundy Lilies

Pre-Made Purple Rose Bouquet

Burlap Ribbon

Jute Cord

Happy planning,

Rustic Lavender Wedding ~ Tamara’s Inspiration Board

Tamara writes: My colors are eggplant and wheat my girls are in eggplant and the guys will be in dark khaki suits. I will have an antique gold gown. We are decorating with burlap, lace, wine bottles, and blue mason jars. Very country, rustic, laid back. I was thinking lavender and babies breath, but I’m not sure what else to use. I like dusty millers and a softer palette, but not sure how it will go with the dark purple. Help!! :-)


Light blue, lavender, and eggplant with a mix of greenery and gold accents is actually quite a striking palette! Hopefully this board will show you that with them all together.

Get the goods:

Blue Mason Jars

Preserved Gyp (gold on this board but there are a few different colors)


Burlap & Lace Bouquet Wrap

Eggplant Cymbidium

Preserved Lavender

Happy planning,

Five Must Have Items for a Rustic Wedding

As the weather gets warmer, we start to see a lot more rustic wedding inspiration. This theme definitely pairs well with a sunny outdoor ceremony, so if you’re planning a rustic wedding right now, don’t forget to add these five essential items to your shopping list.

Grapevine Balls

We love using these grapevine balls as a simple rustic wedding accent. Scatter them across the table, or fill one large cylinder glass vase with these natural beauties.

6" Grapevine Ball Only $4.19
6″ Grapevine Ball Only $4.19

Mason Jars

Mason jars are so trendy this season, and we couldn’t agree more. Although we do sell mason jars in a plethora of colors, I suggest you keep your rustic wedding simple with the clear mason jar. Perhaps fill it with pink flowers or cream flowers for a more romantic look.

Clear Mason Jar Only $64.99 for a pack of 24
Clear Mason Jar Only $64.99 for a pack of 24

Lots of Burlap

Just when you thought more burlap wasn’t possible, they went ahead and made burlap flowers :) Who would’ve ever imagined that? Pair our burlap flowers with a scripted flower in your rustic wedding centerpiece. They compliment each other quite well.

Burlap Wedding Decorations from Afloral.com
Burlap Wedding Decorations from Afloral.com

Wood Sign

We sell sooo many different wood signs, so pick one and customize away. You can paint them, carve them, bedazzle them, whatever you like. The wood sign is great for an outdoor ceremony, as it also adds a whimsical touch.

Wooden Wedding Sign Only $5.99
Wooden Wedding Sign Only $5.99

Branches Galore

Not every DIY bride likes branches, but at a rustic wedding, they are an absolute necessity.  If you’re not too crazy about the whole “tree” look, just place one at your card table for a hint of natural. If you’re going more for rustic glam, spray paint the branch and voila! – fabulous.

27" Artificial Branch Only $18.99
27″ Artificial Branch Only $18.99

Are you having a rustic wedding? Share your ideas below :)

Butterflies in Wedding Flowers

Butterfly Wedding Bouquet; afloral.com jeweled butterfly; bluepetyl.com; michelleturner.com; littlebouquetshop.com
Butterfly Wedding Bouquet; afloral.com jeweled butterfly; bluepetyl.com; michelleturner.com; littlebouquetshop.com

Butterflies are a natural companion to flowers in nature.  They are also a symbolic representation of a new life, a new beginning.  This natural relationship and symbolic meaning make butterflies the perfect wedding decor accent in bouquets, centerpieces, even favors and wedding cakes.

How can you tastefully incorporate butterflies into your wedding flower arrangements?

Wedding Flower Bouquets

Butterflies symbolize a transformation from old to new.  The joining of bride and groom during the wedding ceremony is the joining of two old lives into one new life together.  Butterfly accents in the wedding party’s flowers are a representation of this new life and new beginning two people are about to embark on.

Realistic butterflies can be adhered or clipped onto the bride’s or bridesmaids’ flower bouquets.  Let them rest above the floral blooms just as butterflies would in nature.  Depending on the size of the bouquet two to three butterflies can be tastefully worked into the arrangement.  White butterflies on picks are a subtle way to use this trend, they act as a soft accent and let the beauty and color of wedding flowers shine.

Another option is a butterfly jeweled pick or bouquet brooch to add to a bouquet arrangement.  Every bride needs jewelry to dress up on her special day, why not let her wedding flower bouquet dress up to?

Butterfly Wedding Decorations; afloral.com butterfly frames; bridalguide.com; myweddingbloomsblog.com; via ricevereconstile.blogspot.com
Butterfly Wedding Decorations; afloral.com butterfly frames; bridalguide.com; myweddingbloomsblog.com; via ricevereconstile.blogspot.com

Wedding Flower Centerpiece

Butterflies can transition into reception decor to carry on the symbolism of a new life and new beginning for the married couple.  Just as they did with bouquet arrangements butterflies are a beautiful accent added to table centerpieces.

Flowers and butterflies are a natural pairing.  The subtle accent of butterflies tucked into floral blooms will radiate a fresh, lively tone perfect for a spring or summer wedding.  Butterflies can also be easily incorporated into a rustic, woodland or vintage wedding theme.

You can coordinate colors within your floral arrangement to the color of butterflies you use for a harmonious arrangement.  Or for a trend that will really pop and bring the butterflies to the center of attention use brightly colored butterflies against your wedding theme colors.

Chalkboard Wedding Decorations

Chalkboard Wedding Decoration Ideas
Chalkboard Wedding Decoration Ideas; mineforeverapp.com; etsy.com seller riverroadrustic; bhldn.com

Chalkboard decor is everywhere!  This hot trend is huge in wedding decor right now.  And it is the perfect wedding decoration for a rustic, woodland, country or even vintage wedding.

Chalkboard decorations are so popular because brides can customize them to create special touches in their wedding day for a small cost and ever smaller effort.  They  range from effortless to easy when it comes to DIY wedding projects.  Here are some creative ways to use chalkboard decorations in your wedding, followed by two great wedding chalkboard project ideas:

  • Signs: greet guests, announce the ceremony program, instruct guests where to sit, place by a favor table or guest book table.
  • Menus: food menu, label a buffet or dessert table, drink menu.
  • Little Details: use as escort cards, table numbers, label a candy buffet, bridal party chairbacks.
Wedding Chalkboard Menu Ideas; mywedding.com; squidoo.com
Wedding Chalkboard Menu Ideas; mywedding.com; squidoo.com

Ready to-go Chalkboard Decor

“Our Love Story” chalkboard sign is a sentimental, creative way to add some personalized touches to your wedding day, and a fun project for the bride and groom to-be to work on and reminisce over.  The “Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right” chairback idea is an equally unique wedding decor project that requires minimal time and steps to create.  Simply order the size chalkboard your looking for and decorate with chalk or chalk paint markers!

DIY Chalkboard Drink Menu
DIY Chalkboard Drink Menu

Easy DIY Chalkboard Drink Menu

Chalkboard decor can make for a fun DIY wedding project.  Make your own version of the DIY drink menu from our inspiration photo.  Materials needed are wooden basswood plaque, krylon chalkboard paint from afloral.com, blue painters tape and a plate stand available at your local dollar or craft store.

Note: Use chalkboard paint in a well ventilated area or outdoors. 

  1. Lay down newspaper or an old cloth to place the plaque on.
  2. With the blue painters tape, tape off a border around the plaque.  That area will not have chalkboard paint on it when finished.
  3. Make sure the tape edges are secure by going over them with your fingers.
  4. Shake the chalkboard spray paint can well.  Go over the plaque using a sweeping, back and forth, motion to evenly cover the area. May need 2-3 coats.
  5. Let air dry for the required time suggested on the paint can and until dry to touch.
  6. Remove painters tape and viola!

Another great thing about chalkboard decorations is after your wedding day there are countless ways to re-purpose them into home decor!