Top 5 Submersible Wedding Centerpieces

Submersible wedding centerpieces were incredibly popular in 2013, and they still  are making a strong appearance in 2014 wedding trend forecasts. Not only do they make a lasting dramatic impression, but they’re so easy to assemble. Check out our top 5 picks for this season’s hottest submersible wedding centerpieces.

1. Submersible Orchid Centerpiece

Recreate this centerpiece with  one floating candle, a tall cylinder glass vase, and 1-3 submersible orchids.

Submersible Orchid Centerpiece from Afloral.com
Submersible Orchid Centerpiece from Afloral.com

2. Submersible Calla Lily Centerpiece

Recreate this centerpiece with two submersible calla lilies and one circular floral container.

Submersible Calla Lily Centerpiece from Afloral.com
Submersible Calla Lily Centerpiece from Afloral.com

3. Submersible Red Rose Centerpiece

Recreate this centerpiece with one cylinder glass vase, one single submersible red  rose, and red vase filler.

Submersible Red Rose Centerpiece
Submersible Red Rose Centerpiece

4. Submersible Flower Heads with Stones

Recreate this centerpiece with natural stones, one submersible flower head, a floating candle, and a cylinder glass vase.

Submersible Flower Heads with Pebbles
Submersible Flower Heads with Pebbles

5. Submersible Fish Bowl Centerpiece

This was so unique, I just had to share :)  Recreate this look with three different sized fish bowls and three submersible cymbidium orchids.

Submersible Fish Bowl Centerpiece
Submersible Fish Bowl Centerpiece

Do you have any other submersible centerpiece ideas? Comment below!

How to Make a Rose and Calla Lily Bouquet

Although I’m not a huge fan of extravagant wedding bouquets, this beauty caught my eye.

Just a fair warning, it does require a hefty amount of wedding flowers, but let me tell you, it’s totally worth it!

This bold summer wedding bouquet is perfect for a casual backyard wedding.

Rose and Calla Lily Bouquet Photo From StyleMePretty.com By Shane Godfrey Photography
Rose and Calla Lily Bouquet Photo From StyleMePretty.com By Shane Godfrey Photography

1. Arrange three yellow calla lilies and two orange calla lilies in a small bunch.

2. Surround this bunch with three red berry sprays, in a triangular fashion.

3. Follow by adding two red roses, two yellow roses, and two peach roses to the bouquet.

4. Finish the bouquet with three red tulips, two peach roses, and three eucalyptus.

5. Go have a cocktail in celebration of all your hard work.


Calla Lily and Rose Wedding Bouquet
Calla Lily and Rose Wedding Bouquet

Hehe, ok the cocktail  part isn’t necessary, but you may find it’s quite needed!

What do you think  of this wedding bouquet, love or leave?


Better Than The Real Thing! Five Reasons Why Silk Flowers Beat Fresh in 2014

When you hear the word “silk flowers“, what comes to mind? Before I started working for Afloral.com, I pictured dull, fake, plastic looking stems with a flimsy flower on top. Definitely not lifelike, and totally not something I would want at my wedding.

But then, everything changed. I was introduced to the gorgeous, “not your Grandma’s” silk flowers at Afloral.com. One of the first beauties I ran across was the breathtaking Sophia Rose. Not to be a drama queen, but this stem took my breath away.

Red Rose Wedding Table Centerpiece
Learn how to make this gorgeous wedding table centerpiece at Afloral.com.


How stunning is that! Those silk roses make absolutely gorgeous wedding table centerpieces, don’t you agree? So let me get right to it. I am fully prepared to back all of these reasons, so if you have any questions, or disagree, please share your thoughts below in the comments.

1. Silk flowers are more affordable than fresh flowers.

It’s 2014, ladies. There is absolutely no reason why you should be spending $2,500 on your wedding flowers. It’s time to be stylish and  savvy.

2. Silk flowers are a lasting keepsake, while fresh flowers last less than a week.

Now you can keep your bridal bouquet as a lovely reminder of your special day, instead of watching it quickly wilt and die.

3. Silk flowers offer many more color and style options.

What if your wedding colors are mint and gold, and your favorite flower is a rose? With the endless amount of silk flower options, you can make this vision a reality.

4. Silk flowers are hassle free and no fuss.

Wedding prep is stressful enough. Who wants to spend their big day making flower food and wrapping fresh stems in wet paper towels?

5. Silk flower arrangements can be prepared months in advance.

Now you can check wedding flowers off your list months in advance. Prepare your silk flower arrangements three months before your big day, and no one will know but you!

If these reasons don’t convince you that silk flowers really are better than fresh, I don’t know what will. Choose fresh flowers, and you will spend more, fuss more, and probably collect a few grey hairs along the way. {Yes, it’s true!} Choose silk flowers and you will be breathing easy on your big day.

Happy planning, you savvy stylish bride you!

Halloween Inspired Weddings

Being the last Saturday before Halloween everyone will have their festivities in full swing this weekend.  Keeping with this “spook-tacular” weekend I pulled several fun Halloween inspired wedding photos.

Everyone has a different take and way they celebrate this annual holiday therefore I mixed it up with two very different takes on Halloween Wedding Inspiration Boards.  Both capture the atmosphere of late Fall and Halloween in their own way.

Rustic Pumpkin Wedding

bouquet-weddingchicks.com; carved pumpkin-Lori O’Toole Photography google.com

A simple, rustic style spiked with bountiful seasonal pumpkins is a beautiful, romantic take on a Halloween Wedding.  Utilizing pumpkins, fall hues in wedding flowers and rustic, natural elements gives brides a more seasonal Autumn theme to a late October wedding.

The beauty of this wedding style is how the rustic styling comes across simple, not over worked or over thought out.  Pumpkins are used in the right areas of decor with a hint of creativity in the use as place cards and name carvings.  Other items like the tablescape are kept simple with a runner on bare table, individual place setting and pumpkins mixed in with wedding flowers for a centerpiece.

Goth Glam

Goth Glam Halloween Wedding; afloral.com rock n’ roll wedding; candle centerpiece- rachelevents.com; pumpkin ring bearer- etsy.com seller Tellable Design

Find some inspiration for a darker take on Halloween with afloral.com’s Rock n’ Roll wedding theme.  Deep red dahlias, crimson blood red roses, black feathers and jewel accents are a more edgy look.  The roses and red wedding flowers give arrangements a classic touch of beauty while the feathers and black decor palette edge up your look with a touch of glam in jewel garland and votive candle holders.

Taking note from our Twilight Inspired Wedding Theme post: “Dimmed lighting is a must with scattered romantically lit candles in various heights and styles, stick, votive and tea lights.  Twinkle lights strung through out decor will also help to set a romantic ambiance.

Just For Fun

If you couldn’t think of a better time to incorporate trendy photo booths into your reception entertainment it would have to be a Halloween inspired wedding.  Find fun props like fake mustaches, wigs, funny glasses and hats, also incorporate chalkboards or dry erase boards for guests to write you a message.

Photo Booth Wedding Reception- weddingwindow.com; mynoahs.blogspot.com; ohanablog.com

What’s Your Wedding Flower Style?

What’s your flower style?  Do you have a personal style you’re looking to transfer into your wedding day look?  Fun and flirty, hopelessly romantic or chic and modern; different wedding flowers can fit best into particular looks.

Styling your wedding day requires a lot of details and planning.  Some brides don’t even know where to begin.  The key is to keep it simple and establish the basics before you add in the details.  When you’re first planning your wedding flowers your first decision is what type of flower and look you are going for.  Hence, what’s your flower style?

Fun and Flirty Gerbera Daisy Wedding Flowers, afloral.com

Fun and Flirty

Are you fun and flirty? Are you and your groom looking for a low key, fun filled day with family and friends?  Gerbera Daisies are the perfect wedding flower for your special day.  Cheerful, bright and full bursting blooms gerbera daisies will greet you with a smile.

Gerbera daisies make a cheerful bouquet whether they stand on their own or are mixed in with a variety of vibrant flowers.  Their presence stands well as your main flower in wedding arrangements.  Use small vases for single stem daisy centerpieces or create arrangements like afloral.com’s retro daisy metal layette pot with poppies and billy buttons.

Hopeless Romantic Rose Wedding Flowers, afloral.com

Hopeless Romantic

The most traditional wedding flower has to be the romantic rose.  Roses are available in a variety of beautiful styles from open roses, rose buds and rose bushes.  They are soft and delicate, paired with a traditional white, pink or red roses are a very feminine and romantic flower choice.

Roses are not only a flower of classic beauty but they are versatile bloom that works with almost any other type of flower.  To keep with a romantic look pair roses with lush hydrangea stems, peonies or ranunculus. Roses can be styled traditionally with a wrapped bouquet stem and rhinestone accents or kept more casual with a loosely, hand tied ribbon.  Afloral.com’s white Sophia rose arrangement is a simple yet romantic centerpiece idea that would work with a variety of wedding styles, pair with softly lit votive candles to complete your reception ambiance.

Chic and Modern Calla Lily Wedding flowers, afloral.com

Chic and Modern

Chic and modern.  Are you all about keeping it minimal, fresh and chic?  Calla Lilies are wedding flower with a unique and sleek look perfect for a fresh, modern wedding.  A well planned modern wedding will keep it minimal using a few key elements strung throughout your décor.

Consider a submersible centerpiece like afloral.com’s Calla lily in bubble vase for a play on elements, glass, water and floral that make a stunning statement.  If you go with white calla lilies add a pop of color with your reception table clothes or vice versa, glass or metallic container for centerpieces will keep it chic and lighting can set the mood with simple twinkle lights or votive candles.

The Right Planning

Finding your wedding style and flower style can take some time.  Browse wedding magazines, websites and who can stay off pinterest these days for some inspiration.  Once you have settled on a general style look then start in with the details like what type of wedding flowers to use, color palettes and move on to more details like types of arrangements and décor items.