Five Must Haves for a Vintage Wedding Bouquet

I am so in love with the latest vintage wedding trend. There’s rustic vintage, glam vintage, the list is endless. But, at the end of the day, there are five elements that every good vintage wedding bouquet needs.

1. Soft, Muted Tones

My favorite vintage wedding colors are blush and lavender. You will never see a vintage wedding bouquet with bright pops of color. The beauty of a vintage bouquet can be found in it’s  soft, romantic, and understated palette.

Use soft tones in your vintage wedding bouquet. Photo from Brides-Book.com
Use soft tones in your vintage wedding bouquet. Photo from Brides-Book.com

2. Charms, Charms, Charms

Bouquet charms are a cute wedding accessory, and a great way to honor loved ones that are dear to your heart, or have passed on. I personally would  put a picture of my adorable fur child (yes, my puppy) in one of those charms. I’m sure some of you dog moms definitely agree.

Photo from BridalMusings.com
Photo from BridalMusings.com

3. Baby’s Breath

This wedding flower is a vintage bouquet must have. It acts as a simple and classic filler. It’s inexpensive, but really adds to your wedding bouquet, making it look more lush and full.

Baby's Breath Photo From BridalMusings.com
Baby’s Breath Photo From BridalMusings.com

4. Satin Ribbon

Satin ribbon is timeless.  Wrap your bouquet with this classic wedding accessory. I don’t recommend using striped, patterned, or shimmery ribbon to wrap your vintage wedding bouquet, as it will totally clash with the simple style.

Lily of the Valley Bouquet from Afloral.com
Lily of the Valley Bouquet from Afloral.com

5. A Simple Manicure

You want your soft romantic bouquet to be the center of attention, so don’t ruin it with bright, tacky nails.

Wedding Nails
Wedding Nails

Are you a fan of the vintage wedding trend? Comment below!

Wedding Color Inspiration: Sierra & Miguel July 29, 2012

We got a request from a bride-to-be, Sierra,  for an inspiration board that includes her color scheme of black and white with plum & light purple accents. She is planning her July 2012 wedding and needed a little help designing her bouquet.

As you can see from her unique Save The Date Card, her theme is Masquerade Ball.  How elegant!

An awesome shot of Sierra and her hubby-to-be, Miguel in Paris…it couldn’t be more romantic!

Sierra wrote:  “My favorite flower is a white rose, what I was thinking for the bouquets was mainly white roses with a some orchids to mix it up a bit, purple accents and greenery. The problem I’m encountering is how much of said flowers and accents should I add? Should I put in some black or is that too much since the bridesmaid dresses and tuxes will be black. I’m also not sure about the centerpieces, I want to use some purple tulips because my fiancé is Dutch.”

I could really use some help and inspiration, thanks so much!  Sierra

Well Sierra, thanks for all the information.  It makes it so easy for us to select the right flowers. You can start with a premade bouquet in white roses & add the black & plum accents.  The second option is to create your own by using silk rose stems, orchids, tulips & greenery.  This option lets you select the exact roses.  You can add as much black as you want….depending how daring you want to be!! I think it would be fun to have your bridesmaids bouquet in solid plum with black accents!  You could also add feathers to go along with the Masquerade theme.

An easy centerpiece would be using glass cylinder vase and alternate white, plum & black orchids. We also have silk rose petals to scatter on the tables.  I look forward to seeing what you create. Thanks so much, Mindy!

**Click the highlighted text to view the silk florals used in the above Inspiration Board.

Blue, Green, and Pink Wedding Inspiration Board

“Hi LeAnne,
My wedding is in May 2011. I originally had light pink and moss/fern green chosen as my colors, but I’ve decided to change that for two reasons. First is that my dress has some very nice silver and crystal beading. Second is that I decided that I am way more of a “blue” person than a “pink” person, and although I love pink in moderation I wouldn’t feel right unless my MOH was wearing blue. So I really want to go with a blue and silver theme but I don’t want it to come off as “winter-y”, so I thought I would also incorporate pale pink and the moss/fern green as well. But I can’t find the “right” inspiration from internet searches so I’m turning to you. Can you help??”

I created this inspiration board with flowers in pinks, greens, and blues. I think the bouquets would be beautiful and still “spring” if you made them using pink roses, blue delphinium and iris, and green hydrangeas. Wrap a silver ribbon around the bouquet stems to bring in the silver color and perhaps accent that with pink or blue pins! I hope this helps give you some ideas for your flowers!

Items used to create the Blue, Green, and Pink Wedding Inspiration Board from Afloral.com (clockwise starting at top left):

Avocado Green Ranunculus, Blue Iris, Silver Satin Edge Ribbon, Assorted Pink Pins, Pink Open Rose, Blue Delphinium, Green Hydrangea, Pink Gerbera Daisy, Blue Hydrangea.

Lisa’s Silver, Sangria, and Green Wedding Inspiration Board

Lisa writes:
“Hi! I am planning a Spring 2011 wedding with the color Sangria from David’s Bridal as the main theme along with accents of green and silver. I need help for the flowers—thanks for any suggestions!!
Thank you so much!!

Lisa, I created your inspiration board with flowers in green and violet (which match the Sangria color beautifully)! I think the bouquets would look very pretty created with green spider dahlias, green cosmos, violet dahlias, and perhaps some sweetpea as accents. Complete the look and bring in the silver by wrapping a silver ribbon around the bouquet stems. I hope you like your board!

Dress from David’s Bridal. Items used to create Lisa’s Silver, Sangria, and Green Wedding Inspiration Board from Afloral.com (clockwise starting at top left):

Dark Orchid Sweetpea, Green Spider Dahlia, Violet Ranunculus, Green Triple Pearl Pins, Silver Satin Edge Ribbon, Violet Dahlia, Green Cosmos.

Peggy’s Jade, Orange, and Petunia Pink Wedding Inspiration Board

Peggy writes:
“So I need an ideal from flowers on the colors I picked out…My bridal dress are coming from Alfred Angelo. The colors are Jade and
Petunia and ideas on what flowers to use (oh and my accent color is orange) thanks!
Thank you,

Peggy, what a beautiful color combination you have chosen! Since we don’t have many flowers that are jade in color, I think create the bouquets with pinks and orange with jade accents. I think the bouquets would look great made up with watermelon pink roses, pink gerbera daisies, and orange lilies. Accent with seashell and pearl sprays or find a jade ribbon to wrap around the bouquet stems. I hope this board helps give you some ideas!

Dresses from Alfred Angelo. Items used to create Peggy’s Jade, Orange, and Petunia Pink Wedding Inspiration Board from Afloral.com (clockwise starting at top left):

Turquoise Jumbo Gerbera Daisy, Pink Gerbera Daisy, Ocean Rose Petals, Orange Chiffon Ribbon, Seashell and Pearl Spray, Assorted Pink Pearl Pins, Orange Day Lily, Premium Watermelon Open Rose.