purple and orange bouquet

Purple & Orange Wedding Flowers ~ Alisha’s Inspiration Board

Alisha writes:  Mindy….help, please! We are doing tall eiffel vases and want various shades of purple and orange for the centerpieces. We are also doing our own bouquets. I don’t know how to mix and match what flowers!

Alisha-Orange-Purple Bouquet Inspiration Photo:  Jenn Hopkins Photography |  Floral Designer:  Rachael Kasie Designs
via The Knot

To recreate and view the floral stems used to in this colorful inspiration bouquet, please click HERE:

  1. 2 Purple Ranunculus Sprays
  2. 3 Cymbidium Green Orchids
  3. 5 Yellow Orange Tulips
  4. 4 Purple Hydrangea Blooms
  5. 3 Orange Ranunculus Sprays
  6. White Lace Ribbon to wrap your bouquet
  7. 1 Orange Tulip & Ranunculus Bloom for Boutonniere


Purple & Orange Wedding Flowers ~ Amy’s Inspiration Board

Amy is getting married and needs some help with flowers.  Her bridesmaids are wearing dark purple dresses with a dark orange accents.  She wants a bouquet with both dark and light purples and a cream color along with orange and maybe a touch of green. Roses are her favorite flower, but she wants to keep my cost down. How do I add color without a lot of cost? Thank you!


Bouquet Inspiration Photo:  Jen Ayara Photography

Recreate Amy’s Bouquet with:

Purple Orange & White Wedding Flowers ~ Courtney’s Inspiration Board

purple-orange-CourtneyBouquet Inspiration Photo:  Carley Rehberg Photography  |  Floral Designer:  Jane Guerin Flowers

{Courtney’s Request}
My wedding is on September 6th 2014. My colors are plum, orange, white and tan. I believe I am going to have my bridesmaids wear a plum dress so maybe for the bridesmaids orange and white flowers and for me orange, white and plum flowers. Whatever you think would look good! I would like to stick with flowers that are in season in September even though they are fake. Thanks!

{Courtney’s Bouquet Detail}
This colorful purple and orange bouquet via Carley Rehberg Photography can be recreated with Orange Spider Dahlias & Roses, Creamy Beige Hydrangeas, Purple Hydrangeas, Green Berry Sprays, and Lamb’s Ear Greenery.  The Orange Rose & Sunflower Bouquet can be carried by your bridesmaids.  Both bouquets can be wrapped with Midnight Plum Satin Ribbon.  Happy Planning, Mindy


rustic purple and orange centerpieceRustic Purple Delphinium, Orange Alstroemeria, & Lavender Centerpiece with Burlap Accents
via Wolfcrest Photography & Design

Purple & Orange Wedding Flowers ~ Lauryn’s Inspiration Board

orange-and-purple-LaurynBouquet Inspiration Photo:  Sharon Litchfield Photography  |  Floral Designer:  FaBLOOMosity

{Lauryn’s Request|
This is for a Winter wedding. Theme diamonds and pearls. Colors were purple/silver.Now that I have been around your site I have now added orange to the mix but, I can’t figure out how to incorporate the silver into the arrangement! The burnt orange it seems wintery. What shade of purple, I’m not sure I love them all! Of course can’t forget my silver! Bride bouquet, bridesmaid and centerpiece ideas is what I need, with the diamond and pearls theme and my new colors purple/silver/burnt orange.

{Lauryn’s Bouquet Details}
This elegant purple and orange bouquet via Awespiring Weddings can be recreated with Purple Dahlias & Orchids, Orange Roses, Dahlias, Orchids, & Calla Lilies, Guinea Feathers, and Fiddlehead Greenery.  To add some sparkle, accent your bouquet with Rhinestone Jewel Sprays & Bouquet Buckle.  To finish, wrap the bouquet with Purple Ribbon.  Happy Planning, Mindy




Purple & Orange Wedding Flowers ~ Lena’s Inspiration Board

Purple-&-Orange-BouquetBouquet Inspiration Photo:  Joe Hendricks Photography

{Lena’s Request}
Hi,  My colors are purple and orange and I would like help to put the right flowers together. Thank you.

{Lena’s Bouquet Details}
This beautiful orange and purple bouquet via Pinterest is recreated with Orange Gerbera Daisies, Cream Roses, and Purple Hydrangea & Mini Gerbera Daisies.  The Purple & Tangerine Ranunculus Bouquet can be used for a bridesmaid bouquet.  Wrap each bouquet with Midnight Plum Satin Ribbon.  Our Orange Ranunculus Sprays in a Hobnail Vase would make a perfect centerpiece.  Happy Planning, Mindy