purple and green bouquet

Purple & Green Wedding Flowers ~ Anna’s Inspiration Board

Anna writes:  Hello, I’m having some difficulty with creating my wedding bouquet and thought maybe you could help figure out what I need to buy.  My theme is: generally nature princess (because lots of nature inspired things, but also sparkly and elegant)  Colors: lavender/lilac and lime/apple green (emphasis on green, with purple accents)  Favorite flowers: rose and hydrangea (would I include something else, or just these flowers?)  I like the tight round style bouquet.

Anna-Purple-GreenBouquet Inspiration Photo:  Loda Floral Design

To recreate and view the realistic floral stems used to in this purple and green inspiration bouquet, please click HERE:

  1. 3 Purple Ranunculus Sprays
  2. 3 Green Hydrangea Blooms
  3. 3 Green Berry Sprays
  4. 3 Green Button Pom Pom Mum Sprays
  5. 1 Lavender Rose Bush
  6. 3 Purple Acrylic  Jewel Sprays
  7. Wrap your bouquet with Purple Ribbon
  8. Accent with Rhinestone Floraburst Bouquet Buckle

Happy Planning, Mindy

Purple & Green Country Wedding ~ Teresa’s Inspiration Board

Teresa writes:  I am doing flowers for a friends wedding.  She is a farm girl and a little all over the board with her flowers. Her bridesmaids dresses are plum and her dress is cream colored. She is going for burlap, purple, and lime green accents. I am worried how the purple will go with the plum? Can you help? Or should I gently steer her back to the plum and lime green? They are starting a dairy farm, and she wants cows and black and white somewhere…I am trying to grasp all of this-some help is in order!

Teresa Purple Bouquet

via Fleurs de France

To recreate and view the floral stems used in the Purple & Lime Inspiration Bouquet, please click HERE:

  1. Violet Purple Orchids
  2. 5 Purple Calla Lilies
  3. 5-7 Dark Lavender Sweetpeas
  4. 2 Green Orchids
  5. Baby’s Tear Greenery
  6. Purple Calla Lily Bouquet for your bridesmaids
  7. Wrap the bouquets with Midnight Plum or Green Ribbon

Rustic Purple Wedding Theme ~ Stacey’s Inspiration Board

Rustic-Purple-StaceyBouquet Inspiration Photo:  The Collection  |  Floral Designer:  Cedarwood Weddings

{Stacey’s Request}
Hi There, We are having a rustic themed wedding.  I have an idea of what I want the bouquets to look like,  or how to do the centerpieces. We are using lanterns and I want something floral around the base of the lantern. They will be sitting on a base of wood.  I have no ideas.  HELP!

{Stacey’s Bouquet Details}
This rustic purple bouquet via Every Last Detail can be recreated with Purple Anemones & Calla Lilies, Lavender Roses, Green Orchids, Button Pom Pom Mums, & Berries, Pink Waxflower Sprays, and Peacock Feathers.  The Lavender & Purple Rose & Ranunculus Bouquet can be carried by your bridesmaids.  To each bouquet, wrap with Midnight Plum Ribbon.  Happy Planning, Mindy

purple lantern centerpieceRustic Lantern Centerpiece with Purple & Cream via The Knot
Centerpiece Inspiration Photo:  Images by Berit  |  Floral Designer:  Still Life Fine Flowers & Event Design





Lavender & Purple Wedding Flowers ~ Amy’s Inspiration Board

Purple-Bouquet-AmyBouquet Photo Inspiration:  Wirken Photography  |  Floral Designer:  Erin Volante

{Amy’s Request}
Hi, I’m so happy that I found this site! I’m getting married on May 9th. The bridesmaids dresses are a sage green color. I want to incorporate some purple in my flowers. I want my wedding colors light and elegant. With maybe one dark type of purple flower included in the bouquet. Thanks for the help!

{Amy’s Bouquet Details}
This lovely bouquet via Erin Volante Floral can be recreated with Lavender Roses, Purple Salvia & Button Pom Pom Mums, Light Green Hydrangea, and White Lily of the Valley & Freesia.  The Lavender & Green Rose and Hydrangea Bouquet would be perfect for your bridesmaids.  Wrap each bouquet with delicate White Chiffon Ribbon.