purple and blue wedding flowers

Purple & Blue Beach Wedding ~ Victoria’s Inspiration Board

Victoria writes:  Hi there!  I am planning a very DIY, casual beach wedding (sunset ceremony on the beach followed by a backyard reception under the stars!!) and I’m having trouble finding the right combination of flowers! My colors are teal, purple, and raspberry/pink (check out our Save the Dates for color and style reference).  Any help you could provide would be so amazing! I love your blog and have been browsing for about a year now, but I just can’t decide on the right combo of flowers! Thanks!!

Victoria-Blue-&-PurpleBouquet Inspiration Photo:  Botanica Floral Events & Design
via Pinterest

To recreate and view the realistic floral stems used to in this blue and purple inspiration bouquet, please click on items below:

  1. 2 Blue Hydrangea Blooms
  2. 3 Orchid Pink Orchids
  3. 1 Purple Ranunculus Spray
  4. 2 Purple Hydrangeas
  5. 3 Orchid Purple Hydrangeas
  6. Wrap your bouquet in Purple Satin Ribbon
  7. Accent your bouquet with a Rhinestone Bouquet Buckle

Happy Planning, Mindy


Peacock Wedding Flowers ~ Alisha’s Inspiration Board

Alisha writes:
My wedding is September 12th and I don’t have a big index on flowers. I don’t want anything to big that’s going to block my view but I would like some of the flowers to hang down to about above the knee. My colors are a lime green, dark purple, and I want a little bit of royal blue and light blue incorporated into it for the peacock wedding theme.

Alisha-PeacockBouquet Floral Designer:  Flowers By Darcy
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To recreate this Cascading Peacock Feather Bouquet, please click HERE:

  1. 5 Blue Orchids
  2. 5 Blue Roses
  3. 5-7 Cream & Purple Calla Lilies
  4. Purple Iris & Lilacs
  5. Cream Suzette Roses
  6. 1 Hanging Ivy Bush
  7. 1 Bundle Peacock Feathers
  8. Royal Blue Satin Ribbon



Purple & Blue Wedding Flowers ~ Lexie’s Inspiration Board


{Lexie’s Request}
Hi Mindy…we are having a late November 2013 wedding. It is the second wedding for both of us and it will be a fun, very family oriented Friday evening. As it is my second wedding, I chose to wear color rather than white (never really liked white to begin with!). I am wearing a dress that is a deep shade of teal. My fiance will be wearing a grey western style suit, with black cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. ( I don’t want to go too crazy on the Western theme though.) We like the colors found in peacock feathers, the deep blues, purples, greens and teals. We will likely avoid using the actual feathers though as my sister used all feathers, no flowers for her wedding. Just not sure how to infuse the colors into a bouquet that will coordinate with my dress. We will also have burlap on the ivory tablecloths decorated with vintage-looking handmade paper flowers to add some color and texture. We would like something simple as a centerpiece with our colors in mind. We like the idea of small vases with one flower in each or something similar. We don’t like the look of Mason jars and I don’t like roses…other than that, we are pretty open minded. Thanks for your help!!!

{Lexie’s Bouquet Details}
This colorful bouquet via Bouquet Wedding Flower is recreated with Dark Purple Anemones, Lavender Lisianthus, Violet Ranunculus, Turquoise Peonies, Blue Orchids, and Purple Hydrangeas.  The Anemone, Lisianthus & Rose Bouquet in similar colors can be your bridesmaid bouquet.  To finish this unique bouquet, wrap with Turquoise and Royal Blue Ribbon.   Use the Turquoise and Violet Gerbera Daisies or Ranunculus for the single flower in your Centerpiece Vases.  Happy Planning, Mindy




Blue & Purple Orchid Exotic Wedding Bouquet ~ Allison’s Inspiration Board


{Allison’s Request}
Hello, I’m having trouble finding colors that complement my bridesmaids dresses (Lapis from David’s Bridal- it’s a dark purple). Some color ideas I have are either a light yellow, a green, or some kind of blue. My dress is white, the wedding is at the end of August in Florida. I love tulips, lilies, and hydrangeas, but I’m completely open to any suggestions!

{Allison’s Bouquet Details}
This exotic bouquet inspiration via Carrie Anne Powell Floral Designs features: Royal Purple Orchids, Violet Purple Calla Lilies, Delphinium Blue Hydrangea, Lavender~Purple Tulips, and Cream Delphinium.  Our premade Anemone Hand-Tied Bouquet features the coordinating colors.  Wrap each bold bouquet with Royal Blue Garbo Ribbon.  Happy Planning, Mindy




Teresa’s Elegant Purple & Blue Sunflower Bouquet Inspiration Board

Bouquet Inspiration Photo:  Charlotte Geary Photography

[Teresa’s Request}
I’m looking for a Turquoise and Purple theme.  I am really not interested in the whole peacock thing. It will be a outside wedding and I want to do the shepherd hooks for the aisle and I am unsure of what  flowers to use. I do like the rainbow roses, lilies, and sunflowers. We are looking for the simple, yet elegant atmosphere.

{Teresa’s Bouquet Details}
This vibrant Sunflower Bouquet via Charlotte Geary Photography includes:  Purple Iris, Calla Lilies, & Primrose, Bright Orange Rose Buds, Creamy~White Hydrangea, Turquoise Blue Delphinium & Ranunculus, and Yellow Sunflowers.  To finish this unique bouquet, wrap with Shimmering Sheer Turquoise Ribbon.  Happy Planning, Mindy

Simple Glass Vase filled with Sunflowers, Gerbera Daisies, and Mums wired on Shepherd’s Hooks
Country Bouquets~ Mount Vernon, WA