Three Simple Bouquets for the DIY Bride

Not all you DIY brides want to throw together a bouquet with 8 different types of wedding flowers.

If you’re an anti crafter by nature (like me), you want a wedding bouquet that’s  beautiful and easy to assemble. You might not have time to throw together an elaborate creation, or you just might not want to.

But, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice beauty for simplicity.

Here’s three bouquets that can be made with one or two products, but still look absolutely gorgeous.

1. Baby’s Breath Bouquet – Use 3-5 bunches of baby’s breath to recreate this country inspired bouquet.

Baby's Breath Bouquet Photo From RuffledBlog.com
Baby’s Breath Bouquet Photo From RuffledBlog.com

2. Peony Bouquet – This lush bouquet uses 12-14 pink peonies, but that’s all you’ll need to make a statement.

Pink Peony Bouquet Photo  By BDG Photography
Pink Peony Bouquet Photo By BDG Photography

3. Last, but not least, the ever popular calla lily bouquet, which can be made in a variety of colors. Assemble this bouquet using 12-14 individual stems, or buy one of our premade calla lily bouquets.

Calla Lily Bouquet Photo From Pinterest
Calla Lily Bouquet Photo From Pinterest

Do you have any other simple wedding bouquet ideas? Comment below!


Outdoor Inspired Wedding Decor-Spring

Moving right along in 2013 we are warming up in temperature and into peak wedding season.  A favorite, Spring and Summer wedding seasons offer brides the opportunity for beautiful outdoor venues.

But even if you are not planning a strictly outdoor wedding, brides can look for decor inspiration and bring a little nature indoors. Melissa on the designinspirationalist.com blogs, “having a spring wedding allows for nature to play an important role in the decor.” Embrace natural elements and textures to work with wedding decor colors.

Outdoor Spring Wedding;
Outdoor Spring Wedding; outdoor barn wedding- intimateweddings.com; wedding sign- lianemccombs.blogspot.com; cherry blossoms- architectureartdesign.com; baby’s breath wreath- iloveswmag.com; shabby chic table- 100layercake.com/blog

Looking for inspiration, “the colors of spring range from pastels and creams to vibrant hues that can easily be taken from nature.” Wedding flowers and greenery can set the stage for decor with rich or softly, subtle colors.  But don’t forget about the power of textures, especially in such a beautiful season as Spring, that can be brought into decor with natural elements like branches, bark and moss.

A romantic at heart?  Style a Spring, shabby chic and rustic wedding with natural elements, the popular 2013 pastel palette and vintage decor items.  The beauty of Spring can be brought to life with cherry, plum or orange blossom branches in arrangements or look to Spring flowers like tulips, or peonies.  Keep flowers and branch blossoms soft within the pastel palette to accent vintage vases and china graciously, tying into the shabby chic theme.

If pastels aren’t your palette preference, lets work from the other end of the spectrum with some rich, deep natural hues.  Rich greens and browns with wildflower accents are perfect for a rustic, barn wedding decor.  Exposed wood and simple decor items like haystacks, galvanized metal and mason jars will play on the beauty of simple, rustic wildflowers.

Melissa at thedesigninspirationalist.com gives us one last tip, that is to utilize personal touches to make your special day meaningful.  Once you’ve worked seasonal and decor items into your wedding theme don’t forget special touches that speak to the bride and groom.  After all isn’t that what your wedding day is about!

Customer’s DIY Bridal Bouquet

In the world of wedding inspiration its nice to see real brides showing off their DIY skills.  And what does afloral.com like even more than real brides using their DIY skills?  That would be real brides using their DIY skills while beautifully showcasing afloral.com silk wedding flowers.

Afloral.com offers a multitude of affordable wedding flower options for the everyday bride, from silk wedding flowers, pre-made bouquets, floral accessories and now real wedding flower packages.  When customers show off their real wedding flower projects on the afloral.com facebook page, customer showcase board pinterest.com or their own social media platforms they are giving a testament to products and what afloral.com sets out to do, provide beautiful yet affordable wedding flowers for real brides.

A recent afloral.com customer Kayla from kaylasmalltownlife.blogspot.com blogged about her approaching wedding day and silk wedding flower options in DIY Bridal Bouquet post.  Kayla showcased gorgeous silk wedding pre-made bouquets and singular stems that she combined for her own customer bridal bouquet.

DIY wedding flower bouquet, kaylasmalltownlife.blogspot.com

Not only did Kayla showcase her beautiful peony, anemone, ranunculus and tulip DIY wedding flower bouquet she also outlined three benefits for choosing silk wedding flowers “1. You can keep your bouquet forever 2.  You don’t have to worry about keeping wedding flowers out of water too long or wilting 3. it is cheaper to make silk bouquets.”

DIY wedding flower bouquet, kaylasmalltownlife.blogspot.com

Kayla’s inspiration came from a pre-made ranculus, peony and tulip silk wedding flower bouquet.  She kept these smaller bouquets  as her bridesmaid bouquets but took her bridal bouquet a step further.  Kayla created a cream, pink and green bridal bouquet by adding peony stems in white and pink, green ranunculus and button poms, with crystal picks as an accent.

DIY Fruit & Wedding Flower Arrangements


“Thinking outside the vase” when it comes to planning your wedding flowers can give you a custom, personalized look unique to you.  Consider incorporating non-traditional items like seasonal fruit into your wedding flower arrangements for a fresh DIY wedding idea that will look great and save you money!

Kate from Projectwedding.com recently posted these beautiful DIY wedding flower centerpiece photos in her post: DIY Wednesday: Peaches ‘n Cream Floral Centerpiece.  Kate blogged a “floral centerpiece is a great way to incorporate seasonal produce into your wedding!” 

Her DIY wedding centerpiece contained an arrangement of peaches, peony wedding flowers, queen anne’s lace, pholx, dusty miller, alchemilla and greenery.  Kate also shares, “to adjust the recipe for other flowers: use one large focal flower, 7 stems of filler flowers, 2 pieces of fruit, 2 secondary flowers and 3 stems of greenery.”  

Fruit is a fresh accent to wedding flower arrangements in centerpieces.  Fruits like peaches, berries and citrus are a fabulous way to showcase the bounty and beauty of the summer months.  Pair fruits with romantic flowers such as peonies and roses for a soft look ideal for any romantic, vintage or rustic wedding theme.  Or go for a chic, modern take using fruit like limes, lemons or oranges in a submersible arrangement.

Not only will fruit paired with your wedding flowers look great, it will also save you money on your wedding flower budget.  Fruit is a great filler that will take up more room in your arrangement thus saving you more by needing less supplies.  Consider artificial fruit during the hot summer months and you’ll be able to assemble your DIY creations days if not weeks in advance without having to worry about them spoiling before your special day.

fruit and wedding flower arrangements

photo credits:  apples with flowers- anointedcreations.blogspot.com; peaches, plums, grapes with roses-onewed.com; submersible lemons- afloral.com; peaches with pink peony, roses- afirstclasswedding.com

Picking Your Wedding Flowers

A bride to-be has a lot of decision making when it comes to picking the right wedding flowers.  Wedding flowers have a big impact on the look of your special day.  A bride wants her flower choices to reflect her personal taste, work within an allotted budget, and also speak for the look the couple wants on their wedding day.  That’s quite a bit to take in.

If you’re currently tossing around this complex decision of what wedding flowers to go with for your big day, I’ve come across some wonderful advice in a recent article from the Worcester Telegram & Gazette online.  Margaret LeRoux from Worcester Living discusses the importance of wedding flowers and points us in the right direction with tons of great tips from Worcester florists in Bunches of Love: Finding the Right Wedding Flowers.

The following quotes are just a few of the fabulous tips she’s pulled from area experts on the topic of planning and picking the right wedding flowers.
“Flowers are important in setting the mood and tone of the wedding,” said Sean Maher, floral designer at La Jolie Fleur in Worcester.  Echoing his sentiment Virginia Orlando, co-owner of Seed to Stem, which is moving in June to Worcester from its current location in Sterling, agrees that flowers “create the vibe for the wedding.”

Orlando goes on to comment on some current wedding flowers trends, saying, “We’re seeing lots of muted pastels in bridal bouquets and off-white, cream and green, though some brides want bright colors, usually blue or purple for punch.” Veteran Worcester florist Cathy Walsh, proprietor of Sprout says, “No matter if the color choice is subdued or bright, the big thing now is texture.  Everyone wants succulents, pods, berries or creeping vines in their bouquets.”

Some of the florist give more advice on picking the right wedding flowers that reflect your personal taste, and note not to go with something that is outside your comfort zone.  And as you can see, current trends also affect what’s “in” with wedding flowers.  Right now white, off-white and muted pastel wedding flowers are  big.  White rose, hydrangea, dahlia and peony wedding flower bouquets are popular with this trend.  Also  for the texture trend in wedding bouquets. Succulents like echeveria, baby agave and lambs ear are a great accent.

photo credits: texture wedding bouquet with sprays- greenweddingshoes.com; texture bouquet with baby’s breath and peacock feathers-site.advantagebridal.com; “stunning succulent bouquet”- polkadotbride.com