Peony and Rose Wedding Flowers

Fuchsia & Coral Wedding Flowers ~ Megan’s Inspiration Board

Megan writes:  Our wedding colors are aqua, and a combination of pink, coral, and orange-ish colors…all bold, not pale. We are thinking of doing aqua for bridesmaid dresses, so we were wanting the bouquets to have those warmer colors. Then we were going to wrap the stems with aqua lace or ribbon. I wasn’t even considering artificial flowers until I saw some on Pinterest that looked gorgeous.


Bouquet Inspiration Photo:  Purrington Photography  |  Floral Designer:  Walker Floral

To recreate this bold Fuchsia & Orange Inspiration Bouquet, click HERE:

  1. 7 Fuchsia Peonies Stems or 1 Fuchsia Bouquet {#5}
  2. 7 Orange Rose Stems or 1 Coral Orange Rose Bouquet {#4}
  3. 7 Fuchsia Purple Calla Lilies
  4. Coral Orange Rose Bouquet for Bridesmaids
  5. Fuchsia Pink Peony Bouquet for Bridesmaids
  6. Turquoise Satin Ribbon
  7. Aqua Diamond Refection Bouquet Wrap



Coral, Ivory & Pink Wedding Centerpiece Inspiration Board

Nadene writes:

Hi all! My sister is getting married to a great guy in May and I am the maid of honor as well as the decorator for the reception. We are on a tight budget but we also have 32 guest tables which all need centerpieces! I have been researching online but I am at a complete loss of where to start! It’s so overwhelming! But I stumbled on your site and it looks great, so I’m praying you can help!!

The colors of our dresses are coral reef and the brides dress is ivory. We would like the colors for the wedding flowers to be coral, ivory, white, green, and yellow (preferably pale yellow)…but please, feel free to give your input!!

Attached are pictures of flowers my sister liked as well as the dress in coral reef that we will be wearing.  Thanksss so much in advance!!! ~Nadene

Nadene,  I composed two different centerpiece options plus the one you included to give you options for your sister’s wedding.  The first is from Once Wed and it large blooms of Peonies in a French Metal Bucket.  In the photo, the buckets serve a dual purpose as a table number.  The second photo from Southern Weddings is a Woodland Planter filled with a small cluster of Peonies, Roses and Greenery wrapped with Floral Ribbon.  You can achieve this look by using one of our Premade Peony or Rose Bouquets.  The third is the choice you sent in of Peonies & Sweetpeas in a Glass Floral Vase which can be found on Dollar Tree.com.  Happy Planning, Mindy