peacock wedding

Peacock Quinceanera Party ~ Rachel’s Inspiration Board

Rachel writes: I am not having a wedding. It is a quinceanera for my daughter. The date is set for November 15, 2014. The theme is “Peacock”. colors are light blue, lime green, purple, royal blue, accent color is gold. The main flower is the Calla Lilly, but I am not sure what other flowers would go with the Calla since it is such an elegant flower, just by itself is gorgeous. I do have the peacock feathers to go with it. Any help would greatly be appreciated.


Love these colors!  Although we picked a bouquet for your board – the arrangement can still be used for a centerpiece design, and all the items in it look great with calla lilies. You can either add callas to this mix, or swap out the roses. Add a gold vase and some purple table decor to tie in all the colors.

Get the Goods:

Blue Orchids

Calla Lilies

Green Hydrangea

Gold Vase

Diamond Table Decor

Happy planning,

Turquoise & Black Orchid Wedding ~ Angela’s Inspiration Board

Angela writes:  Glamorous Black, White, and Turquoise Bouquet with Silk Orchids.

Angela-Orchid-BouquetBouquet Inspiration Photo via True Photography

To recreate and view the realistic floral stems used to in this gorgeous inspiration bouquet, please click HERE:

  1. Start with a White Orchid bouquet and add
  2. 1 Amaryllis Spray
  3. 3 White Calla Lilies
  4. 3 White Tulip Sprays
  5. Succulent Greenery
  6. Black Jewel Sprays to add some black elements to your bouquet
  7. 1 Peacock feather Spray

Happy Planning, Mindy