Peacock Feathers

Keara’s Modern Pink, Royal Purple, & Turquoise Orchid Inspiration Board

Keara writes:

I’m planning a March wedding in Massachusetts – typically early spring, but more than likely still winter here! I’m not someone who typically enjoys lots of delicate flowers, but I’d really like an outstanding, fairly bold and modern bouquet to walk down the aisle with on my day. My fiance and I have chosen baby pink, royal purple, and turquoise as our colors (with turquoise being the accent). I’m not sure what would look appropriate together, but I do like the idea of lilies or orchids taking center stage; but I also don’t know what translates to something a bit more rugged for the men. Please help!

Keara, your bold color palette was a great choice when using Lilies & Orchids in your bouquet.  The inspiration photo from Studio Stems, features a colorful array of tropical flowers.  I chose to start with a Premade Lime Green Cymbidium Orchid Bouquet as the base of your bouquet.  If you do not like the green, this is also available in a light pink bouquet. You can add Purple & Pink Phalaenopsis Orchids, Calla Lilies, and Sweetpeas.  To create a modern look, accent with Peacock Feather Sprays, wrap with Purple and Turquoise Ribbon, and finish with a Vintage looking Bouquet Jewel.

Kristi’s Turquoise & Chocolate Inspiration Board

Hello! Girls dresses are Chocolate, guys tuxes are chocolate with mermaid (teal/turqoise) vests.  I want to be unique..HELP!! =)

Kristi wanted something unique for her wedding color scheme.  I chose Turquoise infused Ranunculus and Peonies, Chocolate Open Roses and Sage Hydrangeas to match the colors in the Peacock Feather Plume Spray.  I featured her board with a Silk Strapless Bridesmaid Dress from Ann Taylor in Mocha.