peacock feather wedding theme

Peacock Feather Wedding Flowers ~ Jessica’s Inspiration Board

Blue-Green-BouquetgBouquet Inspiration Photo:  Kate Kelly Photography

{Jessica’s Request}
Hi! We are getting married in September and have both decided the color emerald green is very important to us. As our second color we were thinking blue (maybe sapphire blue since we are getting married in September) and were thinking sapphire/navy blue bridesmaids dresses. I’m not sure what flowers to pick that would go with these colors, or what other colors to incorporate. Please help! Thanks you :)

{Jessica’s Bouquet Details}
This dark and elegant bouquet via Kate Kelly Photography can be created with Blue Hydrangeas, Peacock Feathers, Dark Blue Mums, Eggplant Calla Lilies, Belles of Ireland, Green Berries, Cream Hawaiian Ginger, and Fiddlehead.  To finish the bouquet, wrap with White Satin Ribbon.  Happy Planning, Mindy


Peacock Feather Centerpiece ~ Emily’s Inspiration Board


Bouquet Inspiration Photo:  Cory Ryan Photography

{Emily’s Request}
I need some help with 4 vase arrangements. The vases are tall, tapered from smaller base to larger top. The wedding colors are copper, charcoal gray, and details in teal. I want to incorporate your lighted flowering vines and tall peacock feathers. The arrangements will all be identical.
Thank you.

{Emily’s Bouquet Details}
This elegant peacock feather centerpiece via Cory Ryan Photography is recreated with Peacock Feathers, Glittered Copper Mitsumata Branches & Curly Ting, and Peacock Feathers.  Fill the Tall Glass Cylinder Vase with Smokey Grey Diamond & Turquoise Crushed Glass Vase Filler.  The Diamond Table Runner and Votives will light up your centerpieces.  Happy Planning, Mindy


Purple & Peacock Feather Wedding Flower Inspiration Board

Bouquet Inspiration Photo:  Jennifer Dery  |  Floral Designer:  Karen Tran

{Bouquet Request}
My colors are jade green for the bridesmaids.  The bride and groom colors are ivory, and groomsmen are in black.   My favorite flowers are roses, but it doesn’t have to be. I would like to see some combinations. The wedding is in November.

{Bouquet Details}
This brilliant purple inspiration bouquet via Brides would be a perfect compliment to your jade wedding theme.   This bold bouquet contains:  Lavender Open Roses, Eggplant Calla Lilies, Plum Calla Lilies, Orchid Tulips, Green Orchids, and Light Blue with Purple highlights Hydrangea.  To finish, accent with Peacock Feathers and Black Satin Ribbon.  For a lighter bouquet, all flowers used are available in Cream~Ivory.  Happy Planning, Mindy


Jessica’s Purple & Blue Wedding Flower Inspiration Board

Bouquet~Photo: Pamela Scott Photography | Floral Designer: Karan Tran| Boutonniere~theknot

{Jessica’s Request}
Hello! My wedding is going to be in December 2012 and our colors are Navy and Purple with touches of Turquoise. The bridesmaids will be wearing dark navy dresses so we need flower ideas that will pop! We love non-traditional boutonnieres! We are having the reception in a Natural History Museum with gorgeous high ceilings! Looking for beautiful/different centerpiece ideas that reflect our colors and winter at the same time! Thanks in advance!

{Jessica’s Floral Details}
I can’t get enough of the exquisite wedding florals from designer Karen Tran.  Her inspiration bouquet is filled with Purple~Orchid colored Orchids & Ranunculus, Eggplant Calla Lilies, Dark Purple Snapdragons, Blue Hued Anemones, Lavender Open Garden Roses,and Exotic Peacock Feathers. Pair this bouquet with a unique Calla Lily & Peacock Feather Boutonniere from theknot. Below is an elegant example of purple and blue centerpiece ideas, with similar flowers to the bouquet, also from Karan Tran & Pamela Scott via Ceremony.

Gorgeous Purple Wedding Florals in Bronze Footed Floral Pots and Rectangular Centerpiece Boxes




Vanessa’s Lily and Peacock Feather Bouquet Inspiration Board

{Vanessa’s Request}
Hi my name is Vanessa Taylor.  I am having a lily and peacock feather wedding.  I would like to have fake flowers cause you can do more with them, as well as, I have serious allergies to most flowers.  I’m having a hard time finding a blue flower to go with my theme.  I would like blue lilies and or orchids with altari lilies and some kind of white filler flower, as well as, my theme the peacock feather.  I would love you help to try and find some kind of inspiration.  I’m doing most of my planning alone.  Thanks so much and  I hope to hear back soon as my wedding in July 2013 and I would love to order flowers soon.

{Vanessa’s Bouquet Details}
The top inspiration photo is from Lauren Pauline via Bouquet Wedding Flower.  It would be an excellent base for your bridal bouquet and it features:  Blue Orchids, Cream/White Bud RosesHydrangeas, and Peacock feathers.  To include your lovely inspiration photo from Bouquet Wedding Flower, add Stargazer Lilies and Cream/White Orchids.  To finish,  wrap with Sheer or Satin White Ribbon. The premade Lily and Rose Bridal Bouquet would be beautiful for your bridesmaid bouquet or to use in a vase as a centerpiece.  For more design ideas, check out our other floral boards with Peacock Feather Inspiration.  Happy Planning, Mindy