peacock feather wedding flowers

Yellow & Blue Wedding Flowers ~ Eva’s Inspiration Board

Eva is having a September wedding and her dress is Ancient Greek-inspired.  Eva’s bridesmaids dresses are royal blue.  She wants a bouquet of yellow roses with a blue flower and accented with peacock feathers in the bouquet.  A single peacock feather will be in her hair.


 Bouquet Inspiration Photo & Floral Designer:  Goen South

To recreate Eva’s Bouquet:

  1. 7-9 Yellow Roses
  2. 3 Peacock Feathers
  3. 3-5 Green Berry Sprays
  4. 3 Green Button Pom Pom Mums
  5. Yellow Rose Bouquet for your Bridesmaids or a base for the bridal bouquet
  6. Royal Blue Satin Ribbon
  7. Add a 3-5 Royal Blue Calla Lilies to accent your bouquet

Peacock Feather Wedding Flowers ~ Kimberly’s Inspiration Board

turq-purple-KimberlyBouquet Inspiration Photo:  Jamie Hammond Photography  |  Floral Designer:  Twigg Botanicals

{Kimberly’s Request}
My wedding colors are teal and purple. I’m planning on wearing a tea length wedding dress and a birdcage veil. I’d like to have some brooches and feathers in my bouquet along with cream, teal and purple accents. I’ll also need a bouquet for my future step daughter to carry. She will be wearing a purple dress. Any ideas for boutonnieres and corsages would be welcome. Any flowers. I’m not picky about that. Just want something nice, but not too expensive. Thanks!

{Kimberly’s Bouquet Details}
This exotic purple bouquet via Amorology Weddings can be recreated with Purple Anemones & Astrantia, Peacock Feathers, Green Hydrangeas, Cream Green Tulips, and Cream Ranunculus & Hydrangeas.  The Purple with hints of green Hydrangea Bouquet can be carried by your bridesmaids. Wrap each lovely bouquet with Sheer Turquoise Ribbon.  Happy Planning, Mindy

orchid and peacock feather boutonniereCream Calla Lily, Blue Orchid, and Peacock Feather Boutonniere
via Peacock Themed Wedding


Peacock Feather Wedding Flowers ~ Jessica’s Inspiration Board

Blue-Green-BouquetgBouquet Inspiration Photo:  Kate Kelly Photography

{Jessica’s Request}
Hi! We are getting married in September and have both decided the color emerald green is very important to us. As our second color we were thinking blue (maybe sapphire blue since we are getting married in September) and were thinking sapphire/navy blue bridesmaids dresses. I’m not sure what flowers to pick that would go with these colors, or what other colors to incorporate. Please help! Thanks you :)

{Jessica’s Bouquet Details}
This dark and elegant bouquet via Kate Kelly Photography can be created with Blue Hydrangeas, Peacock Feathers, Dark Blue Mums, Eggplant Calla Lilies, Belles of Ireland, Green Berries, Cream Hawaiian Ginger, and Fiddlehead.  To finish the bouquet, wrap with White Satin Ribbon.  Happy Planning, Mindy


Peacock Feather Centerpiece ~ Emily’s Inspiration Board


Bouquet Inspiration Photo:  Cory Ryan Photography

{Emily’s Request}
I need some help with 4 vase arrangements. The vases are tall, tapered from smaller base to larger top. The wedding colors are copper, charcoal gray, and details in teal. I want to incorporate your lighted flowering vines and tall peacock feathers. The arrangements will all be identical.
Thank you.

{Emily’s Bouquet Details}
This elegant peacock feather centerpiece via Cory Ryan Photography is recreated with Peacock Feathers, Glittered Copper Mitsumata Branches & Curly Ting, and Peacock Feathers.  Fill the Tall Glass Cylinder Vase with Smokey Grey Diamond & Turquoise Crushed Glass Vase Filler.  The Diamond Table Runner and Votives will light up your centerpieces.  Happy Planning, Mindy


Purple Peacock Feather Bouquet ~ Kimberly’s Inspiration Board


Bouquet Inspiration Photo:  Clane Glissel Photography  |  Floral Designer:  Debra’s Botanical Designs

{Kimberly’s Request}
Colors I am looking to work with is teal and brown or teal and deep purple. My inspiration is the peacock feather. It is a fall wedding. I like calla lilies, gerbera daisies, hydrangeas and feathers.

{Kimberly’s  Bouquet Details}
This dramatic bouquet via the Wedding Channel is recreated with Dark Purple Calla Lilies, Gerbera Daisies, & Anemones, Yellow~Green Berry Sprays, Blue Thistles, and Peacock Feathers.  For some special details, add Turquoise Baby Cosmos and wrap with Satin Turquoise Ribbon.  Happy Planning, Mindy