DIY: Wedding Napkins

Any wedding is full of an array of endless details.  Being able to accomplish it all you have to divide and conquer.  Finding DIY projects you can conquer and prep will save you on money and time.  Reception napkin designs are a perfect example of a DIY wedding project that will save you money and at the same time allow you to add a few personal touches to your wedding day.

Here are 3 DIY wedding napkin ideas that each only take 3 steps to create.  Pick a style, your materials and enlist a few friends or work on your own. Any level DIYer can conquer these projects and you’ll be left with the perfect accent on your reception tables that you created yourself!

Rustic, romantic lavender napkin

Rustic, Romantic Lavender

This rustic lavender napkin design is light and romantic a fitting accent to your country wedding table setting.  The napkin is loosely folded reminiscent of a handkerchief, tied with white chiffon and a sprig of lavender.  This design holds a bit of nostalgia, thinking back to the days when grandma entertained and put time and care into the little touches.

To prep the DIY rustic lavender napkins start by separating sprigs of lavender from your bundles, pre-measure and cut your chiffon ribbon to the desired measurement.  Know how many place settings you will need for your reception and get that many napkins, lavender sprigs and pieces of ribbon ready.  You can assemble your napkins all in one sitting with some help from a few friends or work on them over a bit of time until you complete the amount needed.


  1. Loosely fold each napkin into quarters so it looks like a piece of pie.
  2. Place the sprig of lavender in the center just so the top lies over the point in your napkin.
  3. Gather the chiffon ribbon around the two at the end of the lavender and tie a loose bow.  A tip if you are prepping napkins ahead of time first tie a tight double knot with the ribbon so it does not come loose and untied, then finish with a loose bow.

The rustic lavender napkin will be a beautiful, soft touch to your table decor.  Pair with a lace overlay on the table and tied lavender bundles or wheat stalks for a romantic rustic look.

Labeled and Natural Napkin, pinterest.com

Labeled and Natural

This folded linen napkin with vintage tag label and pine cone are a fun take on your reception place settings. It’s neutral and natural palette will go with any wedding color scheme.  This DIY napkin is a fresh,non traditional take on reception napkins that will make your guests smile; a perfect fit for any fall, barn or country wedding. What you’ll need: off white linen napkin, twine, vintage tag label and pine cone.

  1. Fold your napkin horizontally and then again in half twice.
  2. Pass twine through the tag label and tie around the folded napkin, tying it off in the back.
  3. Leave the pinecones to lay next to or on the napkin once its on the place setting.

This is such a quick and easy DIY project you could accomplish in one night while watching TV.  Have fun with your tag labels and stamp or print with words and pictures.  Stick with something fun like EAT, or go with your name and wedding date, a stamped fall leave or a special thank you to guests.

Pocket Folded napkin, theknot.com

Folded Pocket

A folded pocket napkin showcases reception menus for guests and can also be paired with a flower accent, favor or escort card.  It will be a great decor focal point atop guests place settings.  Choose colored cloth napkins to coordinate with your wedding, reception decor and they will bring a beautiful accent of color to all your reception tables. This DIY napkin can easily be assembled before hand.  It is an ideal cheap wedding design idea, using products, napkins, menu, escort card or favor, as a beautiful decor item on your tables.



  1. Fold your napkins in half horizontally.  At the bottom fold over a slight lip an inch or two in and then at the same end, the bottom, fold it up to the middle of the napkin.
  2. With your napkin still laying horizontally take the two ends and tuck them under.  You will be left with a pocket in the middle, center of the napkin.
  3. Tuck your reception menu into the pocket. Accent with a flower or favor slid in with the menu or a escort card, favor laid on top.  Like the bird’s nest pictured.

The use of a colored napkin in this style is important, if you use a light cream or white napkin and then lay it over white plates they will wash each other out.  Choose a color that will accent and bring attention to your centerpiece.

Easy as 1, 2, 3 with 3 different styles to choose from.  Personalize your reception tables with one of these easy and budget friendly DIY napkin designs, customize your colors and materials to fit your theme.

Country Wedding Inspiration Board

Country chic, Woodland, Bohemian and just plain Country….these are all popular themes that brides have been going crazy about, Ya’ll!  Here is our Country Wedding Inspiration Board that highlights a few of our favorite ways to decorate for your wedding shindig!

Moss initials mark the doors of your ceremony/reception or can be strung behind the head table. Natural grapevine balls can be easily displayed in a carved wooden bowl or added to a large glass vase for a simple and quick centerpiece. Paper lanterns have always been popular way to light up a garden themed wedding. Now,  for an updated look, hang this easy lighting  to brighten up your country themed setting. How much do you love the look of cowboy boots? Have your bridal party where their favorite cowboy boots to create a unique picture. Sweet natural or silk lavender chair back accents paired with flowing white tulle create a chic look on your wooden reception chairs in minutes. Branches of any kind fit into this natural theme. We illuminated them with little glass votive cups, added a sprinkling of silk flowers and centered on a moss table runner to create a natural tablescape. All of these ideas were created in minutes and can be adapted to your rustic wedding theme.

Define Color, Featuring Fall Wedding Hues

What’s hot? Color.

Color can be the most important element of your wedding day.  It is a powerful tool that will set the atmosphere, draw attention and/ or make a statement.  theknot.com reports the hottest thing happening at receptions is color; big, bold color.  Gone are the days of color used to accent white wedding decor, it has stepped into the forefront of wedding decorating.

But where do you start?  theknot.com lays out a few tips when choosing color combinations.  Make sure you consider your location and venue, whether it is a neutral palette or already packed with decor.  For inspiration find colors you like in art galleries, magazines, fabric stores, paint swatches ect.

Color Lesson 101

As you begin your search for the perfect wedding color scheme you will quickly learn it is not as easy as picking pink, purple, green or blue.  As you are searching for different color options you will most likely come across an array of terms like hues, tints, shades, tone, warm vs. cool colors.  Confused yet?



I’m going to break it down to the basics; here’s your go to guide for understanding color concepts and terms while in search for your perfect wedding day hues.
Color 101 is in session and it all starts with a color wheel or circle, which is an organization of colors or hues.  The color wheel is designed to show you the relationship of primary, secondary and complementary colors.


  • Primary colors are your 3 colors that all other colors are made from, Red, Blue, and Yellow.
  • Secondary colors are the mixture of two primary colors, Orange, Green, Purple.
  • Complementary colors are opposite of each other on the color wheel.
  • Analogous colors are colors run next to each other on the color wheel.

Within these distinctions of colors there are also terms to know such as tints, shades and tones.  Tints are lightening a color by adding white, Shades are darkening a color by adding black and a tone is adding gray to a color.  Colors are also often described as warm, cool or neutral.

  • Warm colors are vivid and energize, your reds, yellows, oranges.
  • Cool colors are calm and tend to recede, your blues, blue green, blue violet, purples.
  • Neutral colors are versatile and easy to pair or accent your more colorful hues. These are white, black, gray, cream, browns, and tan.

A lot of information just to define color, right?  Don’t worry you wont be quizzed on this.  It is just to provide a basic concept of how colors are defined and categorized.

Fall Hues

Now let’s put this information to work and apply it to a few popular hues for your fall wedding.  Whether you are planning a simple outdoors wedding, romantic rustic wedding, country chic wedding or barn wedding fall hues are known for their rich, deep tones while also providing some pop with vibrant warm colors.

  • neutral colors: silver, gold, creams, brown and taupe
  • warm colors: burgundy, burnt orange, crimson red, fuchsia, golden yellows
  • cool colors: dark green, navy blue, egg plant purple, turquoise, slate blue, lavender, plum

outdoor-wedding-ideas.com suggest when choosing your fall wedding colors, remember to limit yourselves to two-three colors so as not to take on too much.  Let’s try out a few combinations:

Fall Wedding Colors, Dahlia Silk Flowers


Those deep rich shades associated with fall colors can be reached pairing
burnt orange and rich burgundy accented by greenery pictured left in Afloral.com’s bold dahlia silk wedding flower arrangement.  The orange shade and rich, red burgundy are an analogous pairing of colors, because orange and red run next to each other on the color wheel.  Beautiful arrangement for any autumn wedding or country chic wedding.





Fall Wedding Flowers, Billy Buttons, Cornflowers



Afloral.com’s arrangement of golden yellow, billy buttons and blue, cornflowers are the perfect example of complementary color choices.  Blue and yellow are located opposite of each other on the color wheel.  What a fun, fresh take on traditional fall hues; use this idea to add a little pop to your outdoor wedding or barn wedding.




Romantic wedding, lavender, wheat bundles



A great example of soft, romantic fall tint and the use of neutrals is found in Afloral.com’s lovely lavender shot.  Lavender is a pale tint, which is the lightening of a color by adding white, of violet.  This cool tint sets a calm, soft atmosphere accented by a touch of warmth in the wheat and crispness of the white flowers, sheer ribbon and lace.  Make sure and read Kaila’s post In Love with Lavender Weddings for how to incorporate lavender into your fall wedding decor.



It’s easy to see how color can be the most powerful tool to define your wedding day.  Armed with a basic understanding of relationships on the color wheel, and a few common terms you’ll be able to decipher the cryptic code of color.  Whether you go with deep, rich fall tones, soft, cool tints or bright, complementary colors you’ll be able to better understand how color can step into the forefront of your wedding decor.

Still not sure where to start? Check out weddingcolors.net color quiz and take a spin on weddings.com fun color tool.

In Love With Lavender Weddings- Rustic Romance

There is something so romantic and feminine about lavender.  From the heavenly smell to the delicate blooms, this flower is perfect for a Lavender Wedding Theme.  We carry it in dried bundles that can be cut to make small projects, or combined with other bundles to make a centerpiece by itself.  Have you ever seen a bouquet with lavender in it?  It is so simple and lovely that it makes a perfect wedding bouquet.

We decided to include it in our Fall barn wedding photo shoot this year because it works so well for lavender weddings.  It couldn’t be simpler to create some amazing designs, and a little can go a long way!

Take these place settings, for instance.  We took some card stock, penned the name, and then used a bit of floral tape to wrap some sprigs of dried lavender. We cut two openings into the side of the card stock and tucked the wrapped sprigs right in there. Voila! Super simple and very inexpensive, yet tasteful and elegantly sweet. ( I think it took us less than 5 mins to assemble the whole thing.)

How about napkin rings? Sometimes dressing up a table for purple wedding themes is as simple as adding a touch of color at the place setting.  Napkin rings can be costly, but this pretty lavender accent will add class to your table settings without adding burden to the wedding budget.
We wrapped another few sprigs of lavender with some floral tape (larger sprigs this time) and secured it within the napkin with a soft chiffon ribbon.  The chiffon adds romance and the lavender adds a touch of color and is considered to be a wildflower, which goes well with both rustic and barn themed weddings.

For a centerpiece that is natural and beautiful, try using stem wrap to tie two bundles together.  Finish with a chiffon ribbon for a fragrant centerpiece that anyone can create.  To create bouquets that tie in with the lavender theme, simply cut some longer sprigs from the bundle and add them to other flowers of your choice.  We chose some white pom-pom mums, and we used our handy stem wrap to tape them all together, finishing with the chiffon ribbon for the perfect lavender bridal bouquets or lavender wedding flowers.

Lavender is great because it is so versatile and the color will blend with many wedding theme ideas. It’s perfect for wedding themes by color,
including purple wedding themes. Imagine candles, soft lighting, and a hint of lavender in the evening air. How romantic!

Just because you aren’t having a barn wedding doesn’t mean you can’t have this rustic and romantic flower in your arrangements.  It will work well outdoors and indoors, and the little buds that come off the bundles can be tucked into the bottom of your containers instead of stones or marbles, or inside little bags for the perfect sachet wedding favor. Your guests can enjoy the soft fragrance long after you say “I do” and will remember how lovely your wedding was.