Get the Look: Blue Hydrangea Wedding

Blue hydrangeas are a classic and popular wedding flower. These garden stems are perfect for a summer wedding,  as they act as a gorgeous and natural accent, but don’t dominate the entire ceremony.

Assembling a blue hydrangea wedding is also incredibly easy. At the very least,  you just need several hydrangea bushes, stem cutters, floral tape, large containers, and finishing ribbon for the bouquet wrap. If you want to create a more full and diverse look, you can also add in some assorted greenery or white/cream stems, such as a rose.

The visual below shows you just how easy it is to assemble your own blue hydrangea wedding bouquet.

Blue Hydrangea Wedding  - Do It Yourself

I also fell in love with this wedding centerpiece pictured below. This is great for all you DIY brides who cannot get enough blue. The mason jars add a simple rustic touch and the blue hydrangeas definitely complete the look.

You can recreate this look by trimming off the stems from our blue hydrangea bush, and placing them in one of our blue mason jars. If you want to change it up a bit, scatter a couple mason jars around the event with white hydrangeas as well.

Blue Hydrangea Centerpiece – Photo from ElizabethAnneDesigns.com

If you aren’t much for assembling your own wedding bouquet or wedding centerpiece, just use our premade blue hydrangea wedding bouquet for both.

Blue Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet Only $14.89
Blue Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet Only $14.89

Carry it alone, or pair it with one of our lovely containers for your wedding centerpieces.

The blue hydrangea wedding is one of the simplest looks to recreate. It is perfect for a summer wedding, and goes well with DIY brides who prefer a more natural, garden fresh look without much fuss.

Did you use blue hydrangeas in your DIY wedding? Comment below!

Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

The sky is really the limit when it comes to choosing your wedding flowers. Wedding flowers can be chosen by season, color, type and are also heavily influenced by your wedding theme and decor colors.  In the beginning stages of planning the idea of settling on a specific wedding theme and making wedding flower choices can be overwhelming.

Our advice use your resources, look for wedding inspiration on online sites and bridal magazines.  Slowly narrow down your wedding inspiration to looks you like to then make a decision.  Start with a basic idea of what type of wedding theme and wedding flowers you’d like you and build your look from there.

Recent post in the Idaho Statesmans Living section, Find the Perfect Wedding Flowers by the weddingchannel.com runs through some great wedding flower choices by wedding theme.  For a bride just starting out in her wedding planning this post gives some great suggestions for wedding flower choices in a wide array of themes.  From orchid wedding flowers for an exotic wedding theme, paper flowers for a whimsical day, calla lily wedding flowers for a modern look to more traditional hydrangeas and garden roses for a monochromatic wedding flower bouquet.

The post goes on to give more suggestions than just a type of wedding flower pairing with wedding theme, it goes over what type and how to arrange wedding flowers for a particular wedding theme also taking into account other wedding flower arrangements for your bridal party.

“The most traditional approach to wedding flower pairing is as simple as picking a few flowers (like garden roses and hydrangeas) and colors, and sticking to them. The color your bridesmaids carry might show up in your bouquet and in the boutonnieres as well.”

“If you want all of the day’s flowers to feel just-picked, decide on a loose color palette.  A mix of various flowers in your chosen colors, with a few grassy, green accents consistent throughout. The similar tones, flower types and styling will keep everything cohesive.”

wedding flower bouquets with boutonnieres

photocredits: red rose, calla lily and  green/blue/white hydrangea bouquets afloral.com; paper wedding flowers weddingbee.com

Depending on your wedding theme you may be looking for specific types of wedding flowers to use in your bridal bouquet and carry throughout the rest of your wedding flower arrangements, like in the tradition example.  If you are planning around a specific season or color for your wedding flowers your type of flower might be a bit more flexible as you try and carry certain colors throughout your wedding flower arrangements.
When you narrow down your wedding inspiration see how things look together.  Do you have a certain color and type of flower in mind?  Email mindy[at]afloral.com and have her build your personal wedding inspiration board.  Search our past inspiration boards for another resource in your wedding planning.

Summer Wedding Flowers

Summer weddings are a popular choice amongst brides; perhaps because of their versatility.  Summer weddings can be dressed up or dressed down to fit any couple’s special day.

Determining your wedding style and look,whether it’s formal, semi-formal or somewhere in between, will also help determine your type of wedding flowers.  Specific wedding flower choices will help you achieve your desired wedding look.

Claire from koyalwholesale.com blog recently gave a run down on “The Top Summer Wedding Flowers” and also gave a great plug for using silk wedding flowers.  Her top 10 summer wedding flower picks were:  Calla Lilies, Daisies, Hydrangeas, Iris, Poppies, Ranunculus, Roses, Sunflowers, Tulips and Water Lilies.

After running down her top picks Claire shares, “Depending on your setting, you’ll want to choose flowers that are either formal or semi-formal.”  Once you have your wedding flowers narrowed down, “Consider using bulk silk flowers that can be reused as home décor and wedding favors. These flowers look just like the real thing and last for much longer than your wedding day. Mix and match different flowers with silk flowers to create a multidimensional flower arrangement that will save you time and money.”

Any of Claire’s picks are beautiful summer wedding flower choices.  But where do you start?  Narrow down your wedding flower choices by starting with the type of wedding you are looking for, as we talked about before.  A more formal affair could be looking at the traditional, romantic rose, a modern, chic orchid or lily.  Casual arrangements of wildflowers like sunflowers or hand-tied bouquets of hydrangeas or daisies will lend themselves to less formal weddings.  As you start narrowing down your choices search those types of silk flowers to see different arrangement options and ideas to see what you like best and what will work to bring your special day to life.

photo credits: wildflowers iloveswmag.com; yellow/white wildflower bouquet oh-lovely-day.com; white/pink bouquet weddingchicks.com; calla lily bouquet wedding-possible.com; calla lily arrangement afloral.com

Picking Your Wedding Flowers

A bride to-be has a lot of decision making when it comes to picking the right wedding flowers.  Wedding flowers have a big impact on the look of your special day.  A bride wants her flower choices to reflect her personal taste, work within an allotted budget, and also speak for the look the couple wants on their wedding day.  That’s quite a bit to take in.

If you’re currently tossing around this complex decision of what wedding flowers to go with for your big day, I’ve come across some wonderful advice in a recent article from the Worcester Telegram & Gazette online.  Margaret LeRoux from Worcester Living discusses the importance of wedding flowers and points us in the right direction with tons of great tips from Worcester florists in Bunches of Love: Finding the Right Wedding Flowers.

The following quotes are just a few of the fabulous tips she’s pulled from area experts on the topic of planning and picking the right wedding flowers.
“Flowers are important in setting the mood and tone of the wedding,” said Sean Maher, floral designer at La Jolie Fleur in Worcester.  Echoing his sentiment Virginia Orlando, co-owner of Seed to Stem, which is moving in June to Worcester from its current location in Sterling, agrees that flowers “create the vibe for the wedding.”

Orlando goes on to comment on some current wedding flowers trends, saying, “We’re seeing lots of muted pastels in bridal bouquets and off-white, cream and green, though some brides want bright colors, usually blue or purple for punch.” Veteran Worcester florist Cathy Walsh, proprietor of Sprout says, “No matter if the color choice is subdued or bright, the big thing now is texture.  Everyone wants succulents, pods, berries or creeping vines in their bouquets.”

Some of the florist give more advice on picking the right wedding flowers that reflect your personal taste, and note not to go with something that is outside your comfort zone.  And as you can see, current trends also affect what’s “in” with wedding flowers.  Right now white, off-white and muted pastel wedding flowers are  big.  White rose, hydrangea, dahlia and peony wedding flower bouquets are popular with this trend.  Also  for the texture trend in wedding bouquets. Succulents like echeveria, baby agave and lambs ear are a great accent.

photo credits: texture wedding bouquet with sprays- greenweddingshoes.com; texture bouquet with baby’s breath and peacock feathers-site.advantagebridal.com; “stunning succulent bouquet”- polkadotbride.com

Gail’s Multicolored Wedding Bouquet Inspiration Board

Gail’s Wedding Details:
Black dresses(6 attendants) each trimmed in a diff. color, yellow,pink,green,blue,purple,orange not pastels but bold vibrant colors.  Thinking of mixture of flowers in all the colors for bridesmaids.  Love bling!
Centerpiece suggestions??  Using Black and whites also. Thanks for your help!

Gail,  I love your bold choice of colors.  The inspiration photo from photographer Heather Parker can be adapted to any flowers you want and it shows how all of your colors can look beautiful together.  It includes:  Bright Fuchsia Peonies, Rustic Sunflowers, Purple Iris, Vibrant Orange Roses, and finally Lime Green Hydrangeas.  You can add black and bling elements by wrapping your bouquet with our black Satin Ribbon and adding some Bouquet Crystals/Jewels.  Our Premade Bouquet in similar colors, would look lovely in a cylinder vase with glass Vase Filler on our Diamond Table Runner (shown below) for your centerpiece. Happy Planning, Mindy

Sparkle & Shine: Diamond Table Runner with Votive Cups & Acrylic Ice