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Spring Wedding Flower Bouquets

I am beginning to question if Spring is right around the corner or not.  While I hold out hope just a little bit longer I have found some inspiration to get me through.  Huff Post Weddings gives us an early taste of spring with guest post by Kellee Khalil, founder and CEO of Lover.ly, “10 Perfect Spring Wedding Bouquets”.

Khalil shares, “we adore bouquets filled with springtime blooms.” So what are we to look for in a Spring wedding bouquet?  Khalil keeps a bride’s options open, “a floral bunch of pastel pretties, (one of the most popular trends) is equally as appropriate as a bouquet filled with brighter blooms.”

Keep in mind Springtime has a different meaning for each person, and rightfully so your style and taste for a Spring wedding will be equally as unique.  Perhaps you are a bride who is in love with this year’s pastel, muted trend when planning your wedding flowers.  Or on the other spectrum you are looking to pump up the volume with brightly colored floral hues.

Spring Wedding Flower Bouquets;
Spring Wedding Flower Bouquets; lover.ly; tulips- everylastdetail.com; ranunculus bright bouquet- heartloveweddings.com, peach and coral- weddingchicks.com; white tulip- heartloveweddings.com; blue hydrangea- singleflower.com

The peach and coral wedding flower bouquet from weddingchicks.com on lover.ly, represents a softer, natural side of the Spring season.  Ranunculus are a larger, full bloom that work well paried with a variety of other blooms or on it’s own.  Heartloveweddings.com on lover.ly pumps up the spectrum with their ranunculus, peonies, rose bouquet in vibrant in pink, orange and yellow.  Ideal for a fun, modern or outdoor wedding.

Khalil gives our Springtime brides a variety of bouquet options with her top 10 picks.  Consider a high intensity bouquet like the blue hydrangea bouquet that makes a statement with color but keeps it simple with one floral choice and a simple arrangement.

Tulips are the epitome of a Springtime flower.  Create a beautiful, simple arrangement with loosely tied tulip stems or combine them with blooms as seen in everylastdetail.com on lover.ly.  Sunshine yellow with tulips, billy balls and calla lilies.

To get your taste of Spring and great savings on silk wedding flowers shop afloral.com.  Spring savings are here early!

Hydrangea Wedding Flowers

Hydrangea wedding flowers, afloral.com

Hydrangeas are a beautiful, full floral stems for wedding flowers.  They are a favorite among summer brides for their simplicity and feminine beauty.

Sleekgossip.com’s recent blog post “Wedding and Bridal Flowers: Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet Ideas and Designs” features the popularity and versatility of this summer favorite.  “Inexpensive and widely available, hydrangeas can fit any wedding budget.”  The benefits of hydrangea wedding flowers are they “offer a large color selection and they are a sturdy flower that can be clipped down or added to for various size bouquets.” 

Sleekgossip.com highlights several great reasons hydrangeas make beautiful and affordable wedding flowers for wedding bouquets and they also add they are fabulous for a variety of DIY wedding ideas.  Hydrangeas can be used in easy DIY wedding ideas like “reception table centerpieces using beach buckets with stenciled tabled numbers, tiny flowers in votive candleholders or long stems tied with ribbon for chair and pew decorations.”

Hydrangeas have a unique look, each stem is made up of several tiny flower blooms.  Each long slender stem ends in an explosion of lush, feminine flowers accent by rich, medium sized leaves.  As sleekgossip.com showed us hydrangeas are a popular choice for wedding bouquets.  Stems can be paired with other types of wedding flowers to create full, lush bouquets or left on their own.  Create a simple, chic wedding flower bouquet by tying several hydrangea stems with loose satin ribbon.  Hydrangeas are versatile to fit your wedding palette available in white, blush, lavender and soft green or blue.

DIY wedding projects are ideal with this unique wedding flower.  Full stems fill out vases and containers for wedding centerpieces and decorations saving you money on the quantity you’ll need for projects.  Individual stems can be clipped to separate tiny flowers as accents on decorations like candle holders, place cards and your wedding cake.  Unique, beautiful and inexpensive hydrangea wedding flowers have me sold!

hydrangea wedding flowers

photocredits: blue bridesmaid bouquets bouquetbridal.blogspot.com; pink centerpiece afloral.com; peach rose with white hydrangea centerpiece weddings.theknot.com; pink rose with white hydrangea centerpiece stylemetpretty.com; blue handtied bouquet rusticweddingchic.com

Creative Ways to Save on Wedding Flowers

A bride’s wedding budget has to be well planned and balanced to pull off a special day that won’t break the bank.  Having all the areas of your wedding, from your dress, decor and wedding flowers to rentals and caterers budgeted will help you know what you have to work with.  If one area is coming in over budget, brides will have to get creative in order to save on another.  Wedding flowers are a great example of where a little extra planning with the right type of DIY touches can save you cash to use somewhere else in your budget.  A recent article in Huffington Post Weddings, Wedding Flowers: How Do I Get a Cheap Wedding Bouquet, looked at creative ways to save on wedding flowers.

“Flowers and decor will take up approximately 10 percent of your wedding budget, and between personal flowers (bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages), ceremony decor and reception centerpieces things can quickly add up,” states Anne Chertoff.

Chertoff interviews floral designer and blogger Janie Medley for ways brides can save on wedding flowers, and one of her tips is to use larger bloom wedding flowers.  “My first choice would be peonies. Peonies are stunning on their own and you can even carry one single bloom if you prefer.

Larger bloom flowers like peonies will help you reduce the amount of wedding flowers you’ll need for your bouquet.  Other choices like dahlias, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums and sunflowers can create beautiful arrangements with just a few stems.  Choosing silk wedding flowers will take your savings a step further.  Brides can order their choice of wedding flowers anytime throughout the year, even months in advance to their wedding.  Brides can be chic with beautiful, large wedding flower blooms on their special day while also being savvy and smart with big wedding budget savings.

Photos: Sunflower bouquet, weddingbee.com; white dahlia bouquet, ruffledblog.com; hydrangea tied bouquet, weddingchick.com; peach peony bouquet, afloral.com