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Budget Wedding Planning

Dollar signs can rack up fast when you are planning a wedding. Certain areas like venues, vendors and bridal gowns can take up a large part of your budget but not to be out done little things like decor, deposits, rehearsal costs and other details can multiply and topple over your budget too.

How are real brides suppose to set a realistic budget and stay within it?  With so much inspiration and so many ideas to incorporate into your day to make it extra special when do you say enough is enough?

Natasha Burton from Huff Post Weddings shows us how Kristen Abele and James Schulman score a Miami Beach wedding for $8,000.  Planning their wedding while in the first year of opening their own business Abele and Schulman found “deciding to spend less on our wedding wasn’t so much a big, conscious decision as it was a life necessity.

Above all, my husband and I wanted our wedding to be fun, carefree and a hell of a good time. So, we focused on the necessities: food, booze and a few core decor elements — you know, like tables.”  Abele didn’t get caught up in too many ideas for her wedding day, she shares some practical wedding resources that helped her apracticalwedding.com and google.com/weddings.

The couple found ways to cut costs and areas for big budget savings.  “Instead of a cake, a family friend offered to bake outrageously delicious cupcakes. We paired blue glass vases with white flowers — and not overdo it with the décor.”

Budget Wedding Planning

Abele and Schulman had a set idea but more importantly a set budget for their wedding day.  The couple was adamant their wedding had to come in under any typical Miami wedding budget that is around $18,000.  Knowing how much they had to spend the couple found areas to save and then were able to have an area to splurge like the bride’s dress.

You can reign in your wedding day by keeping decor simple with vases and wedding flowers as centerpieces, cupcakes for dessert and keeping guest list numbers down.  The couple found what was special for them, stayed true to themselves and made their budget work.

photo credits: vase centerpieces-budgetbridesguide.com; cupcake-recipegirl.com; beach wedding couple-cinnamonshore.com; small venue- flickr.com

Fall Weddings and Wedding Flowers

Cool breezes, brilliant blue skies, beautiful, rich color palettes of oranges, greens, burgundies and reds… the Autumn season is right around the corner.  Autumn is a beautiful time to plan a wedding.  Inside Tucson Business online blogs about the Fall season, Fall-ing in Love: Tips for Autumn Wedding Bliss

If you are fall-ing in love with Autumn weddings you are not alone.  “Caterers, event halls and wedding planners are gearing up for fall wedding season, one of the busiest times of the year for hopeful couples.”

Inside Tucson blogs, “in fact, September and October are the most popular and third most popular months for weddings, respectively.”

How can you create a blissful Autumn wedding day, ITB gives us several fall wedding tips: “Location, location, location. Select a locale that is known for its fall scenery. Keep warm. Offer hot cocoa and homey baskets of soft blankets or cozy shawls. Incorporate fall colors into the wedding party wardrobe.”

Fall Wedding Flowers, afloral.com

Looking for fall colors and decor items brides can incorporate gourds, pumpkins and squash into arrangements and centerpieces.  Favorite fall wedding flowers to look for are, dahlias, chrysanthemums, asters, roses, zinnias and sunflowers all create elegant bouquets and floral displays with a lovely hint of fall.”

Fall wedding flowers are rich in color and texture, they complement the tone and outdoor scenery of the season quite well.  Another plus for any brides watching their budgets fall wedding flowers are typically a larger bloom which can translate into savings on your wedding flower arrangements.  Not only will you need less flowers to create an arrangements DIY brides can also incorporate seasonal gourds, pumpkins, pine cones and natural elements as decorative fillers for more savings on your decor budget.

Are Traditional Wedding Flower Bouquets On the Out?

Wedding trends can often reflect what is in right now in the fashion world.  In both realms, wedding and fashion, some trends might be it items this season but out the next.

Can we foresee what trends have a big enough impact to stick around a few seasons or more?  Not always.  As with fashion some wedding trends are about keeping up with the latest look and standing out, therefore forever changing.  Others may make a big splash and stick around through a few seasons.

With the uncertainty of wedding trend’s resiliency I beg to ask for your thoughts on this current trend featured on TVNew Zealand One News: Are wedding flower bouquets being replaced by the convenience of wrist corsages and floral crowns?

In a recent post, Get Your Fix on Fabulous Wedding Fashion, New Zealand blogger shares top trends seen at New Zealand Fashion Week’s from the NZ Wedding Magazine Collection.  One trend that had them talking were wedding flower bouquets, “Brides on the catwalk wore wrist corsages and floral crowns, rather than carrying traditional bouquets, and Gardi sees fashion forward brides picking up on the convenience of the trend.

While the traditional wedding flower bouquet might not become obsolete, they do boast the convenience of this new trend, “You can still have this adornment and look really beautiful and romantic and incorporate fresh flowers but you don’t have to have your hands occupied with the bouquet all day.”

wedding flowers wrist corsages & floral crowns

So what are your thoughts on this emerging trend?  Will wrist corsages and floral crowns start out weighing the traditional bridal wedding flower bouquet?  Both sides have their pros and cons.

Wedding flower bouquets are a traditional, romantic statement piece for your bridal look.  Bouquets hold with them a lot of sentiment as the bride walks down the aisle from when they are thrown at the reception.  However,wedding flowers to make up your bouquet arrangement can take a good part of your wedding budget also taking into account corresponding bridesmaid bouquets and groomsmen boutonnieres.

Wrist corsages and floral crowns are a popular trend in the fashion world and currently on the catwalk, they have also been seen in recent celebrity weddings.  They are definitely a different approach to your wedding flowers and can provide a unique take and statement on your special day, but do they fill the roll of a traditional wedding flower bouquet.  On the budget bride end, corsages and floral crowns take less materials to assemble, in the end saving you more on your wedding flowers.

What will in be traditional, romantic wedding flower bouquet or a trendy, unique take with a wrist corsage or floral crown?

photo credits:bridal crown- wanelo.com; wrist corsage- cache0.bigcartel,com; wrist corsage-ruffledblog.com; floral crown-pinterest.com; peach corsage-afloral.com

Around the World with 30 Wedding Ceremonies

Destination weddings can be the perfect way to celebrate your special day.  For a bride and groom looking to get away with a small group of close family and friends destination weddings can provide a beautiful backdrop for your wedding day.

Planning your wedding day using vendors and resources thousands of miles away can prove to add a new challenge to your wedding planning.  Can you imagine having to do it more than once?  One couple has made it their mission to travel around the world with 30 weddings.  Featured in a post on bridalguide.com, the site shares some beautiful photographs of just some of the couple’s 23 wedding ceremonies in different countries and explains the inspiration that started their journey.

Bridalguide.com introduces us to the couple,“Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant have made it their mission to not only travel the world together, but to throw a wedding in each country that they visit.  By the end of the trip, they will select one destination to throw a final hurrah with loved ones present and make their marriage legal.”

Around the World Weddings; 2people1life.com/blog

Setting out in their camper the couple finds more meaning in their goal to travel the world than seeing the common tourist destinations.  “The point of our journey is to experience the way other cultures celebrate marriage. It is one thing the whole world has in common—unity.”

Planning a destination wedding can take into account a lot of details, how to you plan for 30 wedding ceremonies all in different locales?  “They use word-of-mouth and social media to contact vendors and loved ones who would be interested in providing their services for free or at minimal cost.”

Are you inspired by Pelling and Gant’s ambition to reach 30 destination wedding ceremonies as they see the world, their beautiful wedding locations or their romantic love story to follow their dreams together?

While they might make a few of us jealous just looking at those gorgeous wedding photos in multiple destination locations, Pelling and Gant do teach any engage couple an important lesson.  Be true to yourselves, share and experience the regular everyday together.  Important things to live by and build your marriage by.

see more pictures on the couple’s blog: 2people1life.com/blog

Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

The sky is really the limit when it comes to choosing your wedding flowers. Wedding flowers can be chosen by season, color, type and are also heavily influenced by your wedding theme and decor colors.  In the beginning stages of planning the idea of settling on a specific wedding theme and making wedding flower choices can be overwhelming.

Our advice use your resources, look for wedding inspiration on online sites and bridal magazines.  Slowly narrow down your wedding inspiration to looks you like to then make a decision.  Start with a basic idea of what type of wedding theme and wedding flowers you’d like you and build your look from there.

Recent post in the Idaho Statesmans Living section, Find the Perfect Wedding Flowers by the weddingchannel.com runs through some great wedding flower choices by wedding theme.  For a bride just starting out in her wedding planning this post gives some great suggestions for wedding flower choices in a wide array of themes.  From orchid wedding flowers for an exotic wedding theme, paper flowers for a whimsical day, calla lily wedding flowers for a modern look to more traditional hydrangeas and garden roses for a monochromatic wedding flower bouquet.

The post goes on to give more suggestions than just a type of wedding flower pairing with wedding theme, it goes over what type and how to arrange wedding flowers for a particular wedding theme also taking into account other wedding flower arrangements for your bridal party.

“The most traditional approach to wedding flower pairing is as simple as picking a few flowers (like garden roses and hydrangeas) and colors, and sticking to them. The color your bridesmaids carry might show up in your bouquet and in the boutonnieres as well.”

“If you want all of the day’s flowers to feel just-picked, decide on a loose color palette.  A mix of various flowers in your chosen colors, with a few grassy, green accents consistent throughout. The similar tones, flower types and styling will keep everything cohesive.”

wedding flower bouquets with boutonnieres

photocredits: red rose, calla lily and  green/blue/white hydrangea bouquets afloral.com; paper wedding flowers weddingbee.com

Depending on your wedding theme you may be looking for specific types of wedding flowers to use in your bridal bouquet and carry throughout the rest of your wedding flower arrangements, like in the tradition example.  If you are planning around a specific season or color for your wedding flowers your type of flower might be a bit more flexible as you try and carry certain colors throughout your wedding flower arrangements.
When you narrow down your wedding inspiration see how things look together.  Do you have a certain color and type of flower in mind?  Email mindy[at]afloral.com and have her build your personal wedding inspiration board.  Search our past inspiration boards for another resource in your wedding planning.