Kimberly’s Regency Purple and Apple Green Wedding


Hello. My wedding is June 20, 2012 on Mackinac Island, Michigan. It will be an outdoor ceremony, and my colors are Regency Purple and Apple Green. The bridesmaids’ dresses are purple as are the groomsmen’s vests and ties. My dress is a “diamond white” from Maggie Sottero, so not the traditional stark white. I am on a very tight and small budget. I have no idea where to go with flowers. I want something simple, but elegant for the girls and myself. Also, need to think of flowers for the decorations of ceremony and reception. Any tips, ideas and suggestions are very welcomed!Thanks!

Hello Kimberly!

I love your color choices! Vibrant, bold and romantic. We started with an inspiration build-a-bouquet from Afloral.com featuring cream roses and purple daisies. Elegant cream roses and whimsical daisies in purple create this bouquet and you can add green gerberas, hydrangeas, or pom pom mums. You can finish the bouquet with matching green or purple ribbon. Your girls can carry matching purple kissing balls instead of bouquets, or you can hang the kissing balls around your venue. To complete your color scheme at your venue, we suggest rose petals in Apple Green and Purple, as well as Sparkle Birch Branches for your centerpieces. Congratulations, and happy planning!  Jill

Gail’s Multicolored Wedding Bouquet Inspiration Board

Gail’s Wedding Details:
Black dresses(6 attendants) each trimmed in a diff. color, yellow,pink,green,blue,purple,orange not pastels but bold vibrant colors.  Thinking of mixture of flowers in all the colors for bridesmaids.  Love bling!
Centerpiece suggestions??  Using Black and whites also. Thanks for your help!

Gail,  I love your bold choice of colors.  The inspiration photo from photographer Heather Parker can be adapted to any flowers you want and it shows how all of your colors can look beautiful together.  It includes:  Bright Fuchsia Peonies, Rustic Sunflowers, Purple Iris, Vibrant Orange Roses, and finally Lime Green Hydrangeas.  You can add black and bling elements by wrapping your bouquet with our black Satin Ribbon and adding some Bouquet Crystals/Jewels.  Our Premade Bouquet in similar colors, would look lovely in a cylinder vase with glass Vase Filler on our Diamond Table Runner (shown below) for your centerpiece. Happy Planning, Mindy

Sparkle & Shine: Diamond Table Runner with Votive Cups & Acrylic Ice


Heather’s Orange, Purple & Green Inspiration Board

Heather wrote:

Hi Mindy,

Could you provide me with some inspiration for my wedding….  Here are some details:

July 2012, Outside (I want kissing balls hanging with ribbon on the end chairs)

My color scheme is orange/purple with some green accents.  My bridesmaid dresses are a dark purple.  I like elegance and romance. My favorite flower is the gerbera daisy, roses and calla lilies. I would love for your creative insight.

Thank you,


You picked the right flower for elegance and romance, the rose.  We could start your bouquet with creamy white roses & calla lilies, add a touch of purple & orange gerbera daisies, and add a dash of green berries.  We have a lovely selection of satin and sheer ribbon that would go perfect with your bouquet.  You could use a premade bouquet of solid purple for your bridesmaid bouquets.  I love the kissing ball idea.  We have a large selection of premade kissing balls that would make decorating a snap!  I hope you like this color inspiration and I look forward to seeing what you create.  Thanks Mindy

**Click the highlighted text to view the silk florals used in the above Inspiration Board.

Blue, Green, and Pink Wedding Inspiration Board

“Hi LeAnne,
My wedding is in May 2011. I originally had light pink and moss/fern green chosen as my colors, but I’ve decided to change that for two reasons. First is that my dress has some very nice silver and crystal beading. Second is that I decided that I am way more of a “blue” person than a “pink” person, and although I love pink in moderation I wouldn’t feel right unless my MOH was wearing blue. So I really want to go with a blue and silver theme but I don’t want it to come off as “winter-y”, so I thought I would also incorporate pale pink and the moss/fern green as well. But I can’t find the “right” inspiration from internet searches so I’m turning to you. Can you help??”

I created this inspiration board with flowers in pinks, greens, and blues. I think the bouquets would be beautiful and still “spring” if you made them using pink roses, blue delphinium and iris, and green hydrangeas. Wrap a silver ribbon around the bouquet stems to bring in the silver color and perhaps accent that with pink or blue pins! I hope this helps give you some ideas for your flowers!

Items used to create the Blue, Green, and Pink Wedding Inspiration Board from Afloral.com (clockwise starting at top left):

Avocado Green Ranunculus, Blue Iris, Silver Satin Edge Ribbon, Assorted Pink Pins, Pink Open Rose, Blue Delphinium, Green Hydrangea, Pink Gerbera Daisy, Blue Hydrangea.

Lisa’s Silver, Sangria, and Green Wedding Inspiration Board

Lisa writes:
“Hi! I am planning a Spring 2011 wedding with the color Sangria from David’s Bridal as the main theme along with accents of green and silver. I need help for the flowers—thanks for any suggestions!!
Thank you so much!!

Lisa, I created your inspiration board with flowers in green and violet (which match the Sangria color beautifully)! I think the bouquets would look very pretty created with green spider dahlias, green cosmos, violet dahlias, and perhaps some sweetpea as accents. Complete the look and bring in the silver by wrapping a silver ribbon around the bouquet stems. I hope you like your board!

Dress from David’s Bridal. Items used to create Lisa’s Silver, Sangria, and Green Wedding Inspiration Board from Afloral.com (clockwise starting at top left):

Dark Orchid Sweetpea, Green Spider Dahlia, Violet Ranunculus, Green Triple Pearl Pins, Silver Satin Edge Ribbon, Violet Dahlia, Green Cosmos.