Five Must Have Items for a Rustic Wedding

As the weather gets warmer, we start to see a lot more rustic wedding inspiration. This theme definitely pairs well with a sunny outdoor ceremony, so if you’re planning a rustic wedding right now, don’t forget to add these five essential items to your shopping list.

Grapevine Balls

We love using these grapevine balls as a simple rustic wedding accent. Scatter them across the table, or fill one large cylinder glass vase with these natural beauties.

6" Grapevine Ball Only $4.19
6″ Grapevine Ball Only $4.19

Mason Jars

Mason jars are so trendy this season, and we couldn’t agree more. Although we do sell mason jars in a plethora of colors, I suggest you keep your rustic wedding simple with the clear mason jar. Perhaps fill it with pink flowers or cream flowers for a more romantic look.

Clear Mason Jar Only $64.99 for a pack of 24
Clear Mason Jar Only $64.99 for a pack of 24

Lots of Burlap

Just when you thought more burlap wasn’t possible, they went ahead and made burlap flowers :) Who would’ve ever imagined that? Pair our burlap flowers with a scripted flower in your rustic wedding centerpiece. They compliment each other quite well.

Burlap Wedding Decorations from Afloral.com
Burlap Wedding Decorations from Afloral.com

Wood Sign

We sell sooo many different wood signs, so pick one and customize away. You can paint them, carve them, bedazzle them, whatever you like. The wood sign is great for an outdoor ceremony, as it also adds a whimsical touch.

Wooden Wedding Sign Only $5.99
Wooden Wedding Sign Only $5.99

Branches Galore

Not every DIY bride likes branches, but at a rustic wedding, they are an absolute necessity.  If you’re not too crazy about the whole “tree” look, just place one at your card table for a hint of natural. If you’re going more for rustic glam, spray paint the branch and voila! – fabulous.

27" Artificial Branch Only $18.99
27″ Artificial Branch Only $18.99

Are you having a rustic wedding? Share your ideas below :)

Fall Wedding Centerpiece: Gorgeous Dahlias

Fall Wedding Centerpiece, Dahlias

DIY Fall Wedding Idea

Create this gorgeous fall dahlia centerpiece.  Perfect for your fall wedding, an easy DIY wedding project and great for you budget brides.

Picture this beautiful silk flower arrangement at your reception; it is sure to make a statement. Deep rich tones of fall are captured in orange and plum, burgundy dahlia silk flowers; accented by by a burst of bright green in the moss balls and neutral earth tone of the grapevine balls.

The dahlia flowers paired with the moss and grapevine balls is a great example of a hot fall wedding trend, texture.  The smooth silk flower petals, the subdued coarseness of the moss and rigid, and the structure of the grapevine make this arrangement appealing to more than one sense.

The combination of rich fall colors and earth tones make this arrangement great for your rustic wedding or country wedding theme.

Create this Centerpiece in Under 5 minutes

2- 24” jumbo dahlia plum, burgundy
2 -20”orange dahlia with butterscotch hues
6 -4” grapevine balls
2 pks. –green moss balls (6 per pk.)
Floral wire cutters
available container or vase

Prep your flowers by removing the stems, to leave just the flower head. Snip the stem off with floral wire cutters just before it reaches the base of the flower bloom.

The only step left is to literally toss in all your materials.  Start with the the green moss balls and grapevine balls, tossing them together like you might a salad.  You want to achieve that effortless appearance that looks like they might have just fallen in that way.  Last add your bold, beautiful dahlia blooms. Let them settle and rest into the spaces between the moss and grapevine balls.

The key factor of this arrangement is the illusion of disarray.  You don’t want to put too much thought, or over think the arrangement of the dahlia flowers.  Don’t line them up or try and put them in a specific order, such as plum, orange, plum, orange.  Your end product should look as though everything just came together and happened to fall into place.

Why You Love this Fall Centerpiece

A beautiful fall wedding centerpiece, a simple DIY wedding project and now let’s sell you on the cost.  Make this dahlia fall wedding centerpiece for under $30 a piece.  The cost of the silk flowers, green moss balls and grapevine listed in the materials above is $29.70.  That is a price no budget bride could turn down. Cheap weddings ideas can save your budget, make them work with silk wedding flowers and by devoting a few minutes of your time for a quick DIY wedding project.