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Fall Orange Bittersweet Centerpiece ~ Shakeena’s Inspiration Board

Shakeena writes: Our wedding colors are sunset orange and cranberry. attached is the centerpiece we are trying to recreate. can you let me know which products would create this and how much is needed to buy. we need 12 to 13 centerpieces made. Also, i have attached an image of the bouquet I want for myself and bridal party.


There are approximately 15-20 bittersweet sprays in that centerpiece – so you would need about 200-250 sprays to create 12-13 centerpieces just like that. The bouquets are gorgeous! To create bouquets like the photo, you are looking at 24-30 roses per bouquet. Though you can always go smaller for the bridesmaids.

Get the Goods:

Bittersweet Branches

Taper Vase

Reindeer Moss (around the top of the vase/bittersweet stems)

Submersible Lights

Happy planning,

DIY Fall Centerpiece: Country Chic

country chic, dahlia centerpiece

Picture this DIY dahlia, river rock arrangement as your fall wedding centerpiece.  Rich fall hues, natural elements in a stylish arrangement.
Three products, afloral.com’s silk dahlias, a square glass vase and river rocks keep it simple, natural yet fashionable.  Step up your country wedding, keep it fresh and current with this fall country chic look.




  1. Using floral wire cutters snip the stems of the medium and mini dahlias about 6 – 7” in length.(if you are using a 5” glass vase you want the flower heads to sit higher than the ridge of the vase)
  2. Fill your glass vase half full with river rocks.
  3. Start arranging several medium dahlia stems, enough to fill out the top of the vase.
  4. Once you are happy with the medium dahlias start to slide the mini dahlia stems in between the flower heads to finish filling out the arrangement.  Adding the mini dahlia stems last will allow them to rest just above the medium flower heads.
country chic, dahlia centerpiece


The square glass vase gives a modern look to this arrangement, with crisp, clean lines.  The pairing of soft, silk flowers and smooth, rounded river rocks are a bit different than your traditional floral arrangement keeping with the fresh look.  Afloral.com has created another beautiful, easy fall arrangement with 3 products and 4 DIY steps.  The perfect fit for any level DIYer and budget wedding.

A touch of romance can be added with softly lit votive candles to accent the arrangement and a sprinkle of mini dahlia heads along the moss table runner.  Simple, natural, chic.

Fall Wedding Centerpiece: Natural Branch

DIY Natural Branch Centerpiece

DIY Natural Branch Centerpiece

Do you dare to be different?  Do you want to give your guests something to talk about during your reception?

This DIY natural branch centerpiece is a fresh take on the traditional floral wedding centerpiece.  Natural manzanita branch, vanilla silk dahlias, natural moss table runner and softly lit glass votives join to create an eye catching fall centerpiece.

This DIY centerpiece uses 4 afloral.com products and takes just a few minutes of your time to assemble.  Perfect for any level DIYer and budget bride.


Natural Branch Centerpiece

Let’s Get Started:

Natural manzanita branch
2 Mini Dahlia spray, vanilla
Moss table runner
Glass votive candles
tools: floral wire cutters

  1. To start with roll out your moss table runner.  Tip, before hand make sure to take your moss runner out of the package to air out and lay flat to get any bumps or wrinkles out.
  2. Next place the manzanita natural branch on the moss runner, make sure it is laying on a side that it will balance and not fall over.  In the example shown the branch lays on the flatter side letting the outstretched limbs reach upwards.
  3. Take 5-6 dahlia flower heads, that you have snipped from the mini spray, and arrange them amongst the pieces of the branch.  Lay the vanilla dahlia heads so that they rest lightly in the outstretched branches.  Leave a few to grace the base of the arrangement on the moss runner.  An interesting part of this unique centerpiece is that it not only goes up vertically with the manzanita branch but it also goes outward, horizontally with arrangement of the glass votives.
  4. Arrange the glass votives casually along the moss runner on both sides of the branch.  With care a glass votive can be settled into the branch limbs.  But do consider safety issues on having an open flame nestled in the branches if you are decorating your reception tables with this centerpiece.  An alternative would be to use battery operated, flameless votive candles.


That’s it, your natural branch centerpiece has been arranged.  Once lit the glass votive candles will softly illuminate the other elements of the arrangement highlighting it’s rustic, romantic appeal.

Votive candle, vanilla dahlia, moss runner

One thing to keep in mind with this centerpiece, and similar to the Gorgeous Dahlia Fall Centerpiece, is the importance of the illusion of chance.  You don’t want to create a specific order or over think the placement of materials.  The end product should look as though everything just effortlessly came together.

And everything will come together when using this DIY natural branch centerpiece, whether your wedding theme is rustic, country or chic.  It’s simplicity of elements and natural palette lend it a versatility to fit a variety of themes.

DIY Fall Wedding Ideas

DIY is a term that is thrown about quite often.  We see it online, in magazines, and on tv. Many, many projects masquerade as DIY, but are really difficult to complete unless you have the experience of a professional. We like to keep it simple, and when we tell you that a project is DIY, we mean it! Above are some examples of DIY fall wedding ideas. They are all in fall wedding colors, but incredibly simple and inexpensive to create.  We have some pre-made bouquets tucked into mason jars for perfect wedding centerpieces, some curly willow and japanese lanterns that we just dropped into a large ceramic pot for an eye-catching addition to country wedding venues, and some preserved leaves that we arranged in an old rusty milk container. No cutting, gluing, or wiring involved! What can be easier than that? Whenever a budget bride calls us saying that she is working on her own do it yourself wedding, these are the ideas that offer.  Colorful, beautiful, bold, and lovely without the added stress and time that some DIY projects can create. Try some of these ideas and see for yourself!