dried wedding flowers

Re-purpose, Re-use and Enjoy Your Wedding Flowers

Boy, or should I say Bride, have you earned the right to enjoy your wedding flowers.  All of the preparation, planning and coordinating for your flower arrangements has taken months to get everything just right.

Choosing your wedding flowers isn’t as simple as picking a flower type and color.  Brides take into account their wedding theme, style, colors and a lot of other factors all to create the perfect arrangements for your special day.  But what happens to your flowers after your wedding day?

There are several creative ways to re-use, re-purpose and continue to enjoy your wedding flowers long after you say “I do”.  Using silk wedding flowers can give couples even more options to hold on to wedding flowers as keepsakes.

Re-purpose Wedding Flowers Keepsakes
Re-purpose Wedding Flowers Keepsakes; allrecipesmadeeasy.blogspot.ca; freezeframeit.com; frolic-blog.com; Signature Creations via etsy.com

Re-purpose. Are you looking to preserve some of your mementos from your wedding day?  You can find some great creative DIY wedding keepsake display ideas using shadow boxes online.  Preserve your dried real flowers or silk flowers along with your wedding invitation, menus and photographs.

Not interested in displaying your full wedding flower bouquet as a keepsake?  Another idea is to disassemble your bouquet and other flower arrangements to create a beautiful, unique piece of art arranging the blooms in a shadow box display.

A hot trend on pinterest right now has been preserving simple items that have a big significance in clear glass Christmas ornaments.  Available at many craft stores, fill ornaments with flowers from your wedding day and decorate the outside with your nuptials date.

Gifts or favors.  Consider giving wedding flower arrangements as a gift or favors to family members, bridal party members or guests.  Arrangements will serve as a nice thank you for those who helped share your wedding day.  And if you’ve used silk flowers the arrangements are something they can keep for years to come.

Re-use Wedding Decorations in Home Decor
Re-use Wedding Decorations in Home Decor; painted planters and fruit decor bhg.com; holiday milk glass midwestliving; tulip mason jar klassichome.com; planter romanticlifestyles43.blogspot.com

Re-use. With many of the popular wedding themes out there right now like Vintage, Rustic and Country it would be easy to re-purpose wedding flowers and decorations into home decor.  Here are a few home decor inspiration photos via pinterest:

  • Popular in Rustic and Country weddings metal planters can be re-used in home and garden decor.  Bhg.com uses painted and monogrammed planters as chic front porch arrangement.
  • Vases are great home decor items that can be re-used in a variety of ways.  Large clear vases from centerpieces and candy buffets are a beautiful way to display everyday items like fruit or Christmas bulbs during the holidays.
  • Many hot wedding trends are as equally popular in home decor.  Wooden planters, birch containers and milk glass can make an easy transition from wedding to everyday decor.

The possibilities are endless.  Find your own creative ways to re-purpose, re-use and continue to enjoy your wedding flowers and wedding decorations.

Are Vegetables & Fruits a New Wedding Flower Trend?

Kale, radishes, baby carrots, fennel…. Did I just order a side with my entrée or a wedding bouquet?

Today’s post is a bit, well untraditional but I came across this trend putting together inspiration photos for last week’s post Dried & Preserved Wedding Flowers.  What are your thoughts on Vegetable and Fruit wedding “flower” bouquets and arrangements?

Vegetable and Fruit Wedding “Flowers”; fall gourd bouquet & pumpkin bouquet-brendasweddingblog.com; artichoke bouquet- rootedinloveweddings.wordpress.com; boutonnieres- gourmetfury.com; apple bouquet-blovedweddings.com

Fall is the perfect time of year to incorporate seasonal pumpkins and gourds into flower arrangements.  But have you ever thought about taking it a step further?  Perhaps incorporating vegetables or fruit items you could find any night on your dinner table?

I have to say after pulling together some of these photos for inspiration, there are interesting and beautiful arrangements you can create with non-traditional items like artichokes, asparagus, apples, radishes, carrots, fennel ect.

Each fruit or vegetable items brings with it, its own unique shape, and texture and in some cases vibrant, natural color.  Paired with the right greenery and wedding flowers the arrangements create a stunning juxtaposition.  A great example is the deep red captured in the roses and apples from the full wedding flower bouquet from blovedwedddings.com featured in the bottom right of our inspiration collage.  The bouquet would be a unique and beautiful take on the bounty of the fall, autumn season without using traditional fall hues like oranges and yellows.

Vegetable and Fruit Wedding “Flower” Arrangements; Fennel centerpiece- gourmetfury.com; asparagus centerpiece- projectwedding.com

Foodie or non-foodie you have to say these arrangements are tasty to the eyes and the mouth.  I love the beautiful and yet romantic centerpiece from projectwedding.com using traditional romantic roses and hydrangea surrounded by asparagus stalks.  The use of vegetables is a creative take on a traditional wedding flower centerpiece container and arrangement.  Guests will surely remember their table decorations.

Will vegetables and fruit in arrangements give you a unique look and save you money at the same time?  With the right forethought using either should save you some cost on your arrangements.  Vegetables and fruits would need to be purchased within the right time frame so not to spoil before your special day, but found in season they should typically run less than you would pay for a variety of real flowers to fill your arrangement.  Granted most size vegetables and fruits are also great fillers, leaving you needing fewer materials to create your look.

Incorporate them into your theme.  Vegetables and fruits can be used for more than their color and texture.  Play with ideas how to add them into other areas of your special day, most obvious your reception menu, how about a signature drink item at the bar or used in your wedding favors for guests.

So what are your thoughts?  Do vegetables and fruits need to stay on your dinner menu and out of your flower arrangements?  Or are incorporating a few non-traditional items into your wedding flowers a fun way to make a unique statement with your arrangements?

Dried & Preserved Wedding Flowers

Are you a bride torn between choosing real wedding flowers and silk wedding flowers? Both have their pros and cons.  Many brides find silk wedding flowers can literally afford them the right look at a fraction of the cost of real wedding flowers, additionally adding the benefit that silk flowers last forever.  On the other hand some brides cannot part with the idea of not having real flowers for their special day.

So what is a bride to do?  There may be hope, a third wedding flower option.  Dried or preserved wedding flowers are another versatile and affordable wedding flower option.

Preserved wedding flowers like afloral.com’s Shu Shu Rose in pink are real flowers that undergoes a delicate and intricate process of preservation with a glycerine-based solution.  Preserved wedding flower petals  feel as soft and silky as the day they were picked, and they are as flexible and easy to work with as a fresh flower.  Preserved flower heads are available in packages for under $24 with counts from nine to a dozen flowers, that breaks down to less than $2 a flower.

Dried wedding flowers, foliage and moss or branches are available in bundles.  From hydrangeas, wildflowers, lavender and natural items most bundles are under $12 and can be used for multiple arrangements.

Dried and preserved wedding flowers offer the affordability of silk wedding flowers while still giving you real flowers for your wedding day.  Dried and preserved wedding flowers are perfect for a rustic, country, vintage, garden or fall wedding.  Available in bulk and bundles they are ideal for DIY wedding projects, brides can choose a variety of dried or preserved flowers for their bouquet and centerpiece arrangements.  Use ribbon, raffia, jute or vintage handkerchiefs to tied and accent arrangements.

Creating fall wedding flower arrangements dried and preserved flowers are a perfect choice.  Incorporate other seasonal items like wheat, gourds and pumpkins to add a touch of color and texture.  Afloral.com’s autumn bundle is a great flower alternative for reception centerpieces, using dried wheat, oat, cattails and pineapple buttons, it captures the brilliant colors and intriguing textures of the fall season.  Dried and preserve wedding flowers are gaining popularity for wedding arrangements for their unique look and different take on a traditional floral arrangement.  Their affordability and the fact they last forever are added benefits that grabs any bride’s attention who wants to get the most for her money.