DIY wedding projects

Inexpensive Glitz and Glam Wedding Table Decor

Inexpensive wedding decor items used the right way can create stunning reception table decorations.  Little touches like deccor accents and votive candles can play a huge roll in bringing a table’s centerpiece look together.

One of afloral.com’s most popular photos on pinterest is the Glitz and Glamor Diamond Table Runner idea featuring the diamond reflection table runner, crushed clear acrylic glass ice and votive candles.  It is a simple design idea, hence it’s popularity, that can pull off a glam wedding look.  Just what any bride can dream of: affordable wedding decorations with style.

Glitz and Glamor Wedding Table Decor, diamond table runner, crushed acrylic glass and votive candles
Glitz and Glamor Wedding Table Decor, diamond table runner, crushed acrylic glass and votive candles

How to Create  Glitz & Glamor Table Decor:

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Dress up reception table linens with the diamond table runner on long or round tables.  Table runners measure 4.5″ wide by 5 yards long they can easily be trimmed to fit table measurements or let them hang slightly off the table. (Tip: use trimmed runner pieces to wrap vases or bouquets dressing up more inexpensive decor items)

Crushed acrylic glass can be added next.  Scatter along the length of the table runner, some pieces falling off the runner.  The beauty is in the randomness of this design.

Final step is to add the votive candles.  The candles in this look pull everything together once lit the flames hitting against the faux diamond runner and acrylic glass create a glamorous play of light.  Pair with lush faux flowers in your favorite hue and simple vases for a centerpiece arrangement.

Smart brides have to be crafty and crafty brides have to be smart to get the most out of their DIY wedding decorations.  This easy DIY Glitz and Glamor Wedding Table Decor idea is the perfect example.  Three inexpensive decor items styled the right way for a fabulous and glamorous wedding look.

Wedding Planning: What is Color?

Picking wedding flowers and wedding colors are two huge decisions that often go hand in hand.  When trying to plan wedding colors where do you even begin?  You may have a favorite color you’d like to incorporate into wedding flower arrangements, you could start there.  But how do you coordinate additional colors into decor and arrangements?

Needless to say there are a lot of questions when it comes to picking your wedding palette.  A basic understanding of color theory and how colors work together can help immensely when choosing wedding colors.

Color Wheel Flowers, photo credit: hgtv.com
Color Wheel Flowers, photo credit: hgtv.com

The Basics

Color Theory 101, the color wheel.  The color wheel is a tool to organize colors and it is designed to show you the relationship between colors.

  • Primary Colors- Red, Blue, Yellow. The three colors all other colors are created from.
  • Secondary Colors- Green, Orange, Purple.  Mix 2 primary colors to create one of the three secondary colors.
  • Complementary Colors- Colors that are opposite on the color wheel.  These colors like blue and orange are bold together and tend to pop, grab attention.
  • Analogous Colors- Colors that run next to each other on the color wheel.  These colors blend well, harmoniously together like yellow, yellow-orange, orange.
Warm & Cool Wedding Colors, photo credits: weddingchicks.com; etsy.com
Warm & Cool Wedding Colors, photo credits: weddingchicks.com; etsy.com

Setting the Mood with Colors

Colors have many characteristics to describe them.  Warm, cool and neutral are another characteristic to classify hues.  These are important classifications and traits to pay attention to when deciding on wedding colors.

  • Warm Colors- reds, yellows, oranges, pinks.  They are vivid and tend to energize.
  • Cool Colors- blues, greens, purples.  Cool hues are soothing, calm and tend to recede.
  • Neutrals- whites, creams, beiges are versatile and work well with any color as an accent to bring out the other color’s traits.

Expanding Your Vocabulary

Color is a powerful element that will ultimately set the mood and scene of your event.  Understanding what defines color and how they work together will help you determine what type of hues will best fit what you’re looking for.  Here are a few more color terms that can be useful in locating just the right color for your wedding flowers and decor.

  • Tint- is the lightening of one color, by adding white.
  • Shade- is the darkening of one color, by adding black.
  • Tone- is the darkening of one color, by adding gray.
  • Monochromatic- the use of one color in your palette, can be used by incorporating tints, shades or tones of a particular color.

Looking for more color inspiration don’t forget to check out afloral.com on pinterest for the latest color boards.  Or email mindy[at]afloral.com for her to create you a custom wedding flower inspiration board based on your color and wedding flower choices!

DIY Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Today we’re going to talk about how to use some inexpensive products to create DIY flower arrangements.  Plastic floral containers and floral foam or styrofoam forms can be the foundation for a great DIY flower arrangement.  Both items are cheap, under $2 a piece, but they can establish form and give support and structure to your flower stems.

Design bowls are available in many shapes and sizes.  They are used by professionals and DIYers alike to create low floral centerpieces perfect for reception and bridal party tables.

Centerpiece using Design Bowl
Centerpiece using Design Bowl; green and purple hydrangea stems, purple tulips, fuchsia rose, yellow ranunculus, blue cornflower, photo credit: designbotanica.blogspot.com

Lets look at how to use the plastic double design bowl in green, measuring 10.5″ long and 4″ wide, styrofoam block and assorted silk flowers to create a reception table centerpiece.

  1. Depending on the size of your styrofoam or floral foam block trim it to fit the design bowl.  Secure with several dabs of adhesive or hot glue.
  2. Trim assorted silk flower stems to about 3 1/2″- 4″ long. (foam and container are about 3″ deep)
  3. Begin placing stems in foam, start with the main type of flower then add secondary flowers, finishing with filler flowers and greenery.  Tip: arrange floral stems at varying heights to add depth to the arrangement.
White Hydrangea and Orchid Pillar Centerpiece
White Hydrangea and Orchid Pillar Centerpiece; photo credit: amsis photography via wedluxe.com

Just as the inexpensive, basic design bowl gave us structure and the shape to create a low floral arrangement this next product gives us the flexibility to take on height.  The round floral container for pillars is the perfect foundation for a tall flower arrangement.

Lets look at how to create a tall white hydrangea and orchid centerpiece using a round floral container for pillars, styrofoam half ball and hydrangea and orchid silk flowers.

  1. Secure the styrofoam half ball to the container using adhesive or hot glue.
  2. Trim hydrangea flower stems to about 2″, the styrofoam ball is 1 7/8″ tall.
  3. Arrange hydrangea stems around the styrofoam covering all surfaces.
  4. Orchid stems may need to be trimmed slightly, measure how far they lay off the arrangement.  Insert orchid stems in deep, around the arrangement.
  5. Lastly, place the finished flower arrangement on the round floral container onto the vase or pillar to complete the centerpiece.  Tip: Using tall arrangements make sure they are weighted or secured at the base so not to easily tip over once on the table. 

With a few tips and the right products to use as the foundation for your DIY flower arrangements you’ll get the perfect look for your wedding day. Shop afloral silk wedding flowers and floral supplies.

Two DIY Submersible Wedding Flower Centerpieces

DIY projects are everywhere, from household projects, fashion to beauty products.  Their popularity grows because DIY projects can give you just what you want and save you money.

Why not DIY your wedding flowers?  You can customize your flower arrangements to the right colors, types and style while saving a ton of money.

Today I have two fabulous DIY wedding flower arrangements, that require minimal materials, are simple and affordable. Submersible wedding centerpieces are a hot new wedding trend made up of basic materials, flowers, vases and water.  Add a few accessories like candles to dress up the arrangement.  Best of all make these arrangements for under $20 each vase!

DIY Submersible Orchid & White Ginger Centerpiece

DIY Submersible Orchid and White Ginger Centerpiece, 4 products, 4 steps, under $20 each vase
DIY Submersible Orchid and White Ginger Centerpiece, 4 products, 4 steps, under $20 each vase
  1. Trim your floral stems to the height or just a bit over the cylinder vase.
  2. Once stems are trimmed the same length bring the stems together.  To achieve the same look as the afloral.com centerpiece use 2 orchid stems upright and turn 1 ginger stem upside down, so that the flower is at the bottom of the arrangement.
  3. Gently twist the stems together and secure them in place with a waterproof adhesive.
  4. Place the floral arrangement into the vase and fill it with water about 3” from the top.  Finishing touches, add a floating candle for an accent.

DIY Square Submersible Centerpiece

DIY Square Submersible Centerpiece, 3 products, 3 steps, under
DIY Square Submersible Centerpiece, 3 products, 3 steps, under $15 each vase (photo credit: mbellish.blogspot.com)
  1. Trim the flowers from the dendrobium orchid spray (about 9 flowers per spray).
  2. Place flower blooms loosely around the square vase to be seen on all four sides.
  3. Fill with water and finish with a floating candle on top.

Pair various heights of square vases together as seen in our inspiration photo. Candles and a mirror base are the perfect accents to pull the whole look together.

Submersible flower arrangements are sleek and beautiful the perfect fit for an elegant, modern or chic wedding.  They are a step away from traditional floral centerpieces but showcase elegant flower stems in a stunning new way.

Wedding Flower Crowns How To

Natalie Portman’s nuptials late last summer made us all fall in love with the wedding floral crown.  Famous celebrities, models at runway shows were all sporting a new bridal accessory. This new trend helped the flower crown celebrate a new elevated status in bridal accessories.

The wedding floral crown can be a simple or elaborate bridal accessory depending on your look.  They are also fairly simple to construct with a minimal amount of floral supplies and silk wedding flowers.  A versatile and affordable wedding project.

Wedding Flower Crowns, baby's breath- junebugweddings.com; feathers-weddingchicks.com; rose crown- inspiredbythis.com
Wedding Flower Crowns, baby’s breath- junebugweddings.com; feathers-weddingchicks.com; rose crown- inspiredbythis.com

You can find some fabulous crown inspiration and DIY tips from two recent posts one on weddingchicks.com’s blog and the second afloral.com’s you tube channel how-to videos.

weddingchicks.com featured a beautiful floral and feather halo in their post “DIY Floral Crown”.  Designed by Jade Rose she takes you through step by step instructions using feathers, flowers and bark floral wire.  Rose starts the project with the basics, “create a halo by measuring the floral wire to your head, cut the wire two inches longer than what your head measures.”

In the next steps Rose explains and demonstrates how to wrap the floral wire in tulle fabric and then glue, secure feathers and florals for the finished crown.  Weddingchicks.com’s feather and floral halo crown is a stylish option when considering a floral crown.  The elements are elegant and soft, a classic, beautiful look with a slightly vintage vibe inspired by the feathers.

Afloral.com‘s how-to you tube video is our second inspiration.  “How to Make a Floral Crown” video gives DIY brides 3 different affordable and manageable DIY floral options.  For a fuller crown afloral.com uses angel vine garland measured the circumference of your head.  This garland is durable and sturdy, the perfect foundation.  Silk flowers of your choice are then trimmed and hot glued to the garland along with flower sprays and greenery.

A simple baby’s breath crown is another consideration for a more subtle floral crown.  Afloral.com uses a bark floral wire with mini flower heads and baby’s breath woven throughout the piece and secured with glue.  A rustic, whimsical bridal look.