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DIY Sunflower Pomander

Pomander or kissing balls are a popular wedding decor item.  What ever name you call them by, the flower bloom spheres are an easy item to decorate with.  DIY pomanders are fairly simple to create.  Three floral products, faux flowers, styrofoam balls and ribbon, keep materials to a minimum.

Making your own pomanders will allow you to customize flower and color choices to your wedding theme and also coordinate with bouquet flowers.  If you are already planning other DIY flower projects you can order your faux flowers in bushes instead of single stems or possibly get a discount on bulk purchases. Who doesn’t love saving a little money?

DIY Sunflower Pomander
DIY Sunflower Pomander

Afloral.com’s sunflower pomander is a popular pin on pinterest, actually it is one of the most re-pinned pins from the afloral.com site.  Keeping in mind it’s ease and versatile lets take a look at how you can create your own sunflower pomander.


Tip: By using the sunflower bush you are going to get the most for your money, it will be more affordable than buying individual stems for this project.

  1. Trim sunflower blooms off the sunflower bush, leaving about 3-4″ of the stem. Base this measurement off the diameter of the styrofoam ball you are going to insert them into.
  2. Insert blooms around the circumference of the styrofoam ball, keeping blooms close together until the entire surface around the ball is filled.
  3. Optional, add ribbon to be able to hang pomanders for decor.  Trim several inches of ribbon to create a loop then hot glue ends to the styrfoam ball, hiding the ribbon’s ends underneath the flower blooms.

Pomanders are versatile decor items.  The sunflower pomander would be perfect for any rustic, outdoor, country or barn weddings. Pomanders can substitute for bridesmaid bouquets or flower girl’s baskets coming in at a fraction of the cost for traditional flower arrangements.  To use them in ceremony decor, pomanders can be hassle free aisle or pew decorations.

Wedding reception decor ideas are endless with pomanders.  Centerpieces can incorporate the faux flower spheres from displaying them in vases to hanging them from branches.  Pomanders make simple and affordable chairbacks for the bridal party table.  And as seen in our afloral.com sunflower pomander photo, they can be hung as decor items to dress up any venue space.

“Green” Winter Weddings

As I take a look outside I could use a little touch of “green” in the white winter wonderland that has blanketed us northern states these past few weeks.

While spring might not be poking it’s head around the corner quite yet I have found a little hope.  In a recent post from Huff Post Weddings, Kate Harrison CEO of Green Bride Guide shares her Top 5 Green Winter Wedding Trends.

“Going green” is a popular concept and practice these days that has also made it’s way into the world of weddings.  Many modern brides and grooms are conscious and careful about their carbon footprint.  When planning their special day couples may be very aware of the carbon output of their wedding.  This can range from things like fuel for travel and shipping, vendors, and waste in items like decor and food.

"Green" Vintage, Woodland Weddings
“Green” Vintage, Woodland Weddings; venue- bride moto; vintage decor-stylemepretty.com; candles in branch- remainsimple.tumblr.com; wooden place setting- iloveswmag.com; pine cones- sophiasdecorblog.blogspot.com; ice lanterns- wickncandlesticks.blogspot.com; vintage vases- lovemydress.net

Harrison gives us some “green friendly” tips when planning your wedding day that also fit in with current wedding trends.  First up, vintage weddings have been a hot trend for several seasons now, and even bigger this year are Art Deco inspired fashion and decor.  Harrison explains a popular destination for winter weddings is indoors at historic mansions and banquet halls.  The perfect setting can also afford your the option to help a great cause, “you can also give back to the venue if they offer donations to restoration.”  Additionally with this theme using vintage decor items will help support an “extremely eco-friendly affair“.

Not in the mood for an Old Hollywood glam wedding?  Harrison has another “green friendly” wedding theme in mind.  The woodland wedding is just as popular, gaining a following for it’s rustic charm and simplicity.  Consider bringing the “woodland whimsy” indoors for a winter weddings.  Eco-friendly decor items include tree branches, season items like pine needles or cones, wooden stands or coasters and recycled or vintage ornaments and favors.

“Going green” is an ever growing trend that is making it’s way into every faucet of our lives.  Start out your new life together as a couple being earth and “green” friendly in your wedding planning.  For more tips visit greenbrideguide.com.

Not Spending Less, Just Spending Smarter

Are brides to-be spending less on their wedding day in a down economy?

Trends show today’s brides aren’t spending any less than a few years ago on their special day, but they are budgeting and planning smarter what their money is spent on.

Mlive.com finds Michigan brides watching their wedding budgets, but not skimping on their big day.  Melissa Anders blogger, fills us in how brides are still spending around the same amount on their wedding day but just watching what their dollar is spent on, she brings in quotes from theknot.com’s senior editor Kristen Koch and real brides to-be to back up her claims.

“Brides spend almost same amount as pre-recession. We really didn’t see the kind of cost cutting that you would think would happen considering how many people lost jobs and what impact the recession had on the economy,” Koch said.

Anna Collinson planning her September 2nd wedding in Traverse City has bent the budget in certain areas while taking it in in others.  “The dress, which set Collinson back $2,500, was among the most important aspects, along with the venue and photographer.”  For areas to save, “She’s gone to sites like Pinterest and online handmade marketplace Etsy for inspiration and do-it-yourself ideas.”

The post concludes with Koch’s thoughts, “That seems to be the case for many brides, regardless of budget. Couples realize it’s a once-in-a-lifetime affair and would rather cut back in other areas than give up on a fancy wedding.”

With some many online resources for inspiration, planning, cost comparison and ordering brides planning their weddings can be more cost effective.  Many couples set a list of top items to splurge on for their big day.  Once those areas are set they must then find other areas to cut back on costs for everything to still come in under budget.

Splurge on your wedding dress then cut back on your wedding flowers by ordering silk wedding flowers in bulk to create DIY bouquets and wedding flower arrangements.  The article gives a great idea to host an afternoon dessert or cocktail reception to save on the costs of a sit down meal.  Get creative and give yourself several options to work with in each wedding category, finding the best areas to save.

Creative Wedding Savings Ideas

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