crimson wedding

Burgundy, Wine Wedding Theme

Who would think to work their reception beverage menu into their wedding theme decor?

Planning a wine inspired wedding will have brides incorporating rich burgundies and crimsons into their wedding palette along with using wine bottles and corks for much more than recyclables behind the bar.

A wine inspired wedding will incorporate beautiful, rich tones in wedding flowers.  Both wine inspired DIY ideas and wedding decor are current popular trends.  Just search endless pinterest boards to get lost in project ideas.  Reception tables are a perfect area to showcase some of these wine decor items, from DIY wine cork or wine bottle table numbers or either as part of the wedding centerpiece flower arrangement.

To take it a step further think outside of the box or in this case beneath the table and utilize large wine barrels that might be available on location as tables during the reception.  Another creative idea from afirstclasswedding.com/blog suggests in lieu of a traditional guest book, wedding attendees sign bottles of wine for the couple to save and open at their one, five, ten and twenty year wedding anniversary.

Wine Inspired Wedding Decor
Wine Inspired Wedding Decor; wine/pink bouquet- bellethemagazine.com (mimosaflowers.com); cork table card- alavishaffair.com; table number-loverrocksplanning.blogspot.com; calla lily bouquet- kimberlybradfordevents.com; vintage romantic bouquet- thefullbouquetblog.com; guest book wine- afirstclasswedding.com/blog; wine barrel table- tonyajoy.com

A wine inspired wedding can spark some inspiration for your special day.  Incorporate a few details into your wedding theme for a unique touch or string the idea throughout your decor.  Either way the rich palette and personalized decor details are sure to complement and pull together a beautiful wedding day.

Now looking for some inspiration in choosing what type and how much wine to purchasing for your wedding day.  Check out this Wine Buying Guide for Weddings post at epicurious.com.  They give you great tips from asking the first question does your venue allow you to bring your own wine, corkage fees, how to determine quantity of wine by number of guests, down to what type of wine to choose by season.

Red Wedding Theme

photo credits: bouquet & boutonniere afloral.com; tablescape stevienwedding.blogspot.com; red macarons delectabledeliciousness.blogspot.com

Red is the color of love.  Red is full of romantic, bold and used the right way can make a great statement.  Red is a fabulous wedding color choice from your bridesmaid’s dresses, your wedding flowers and reception accents.  Ruffledblog.com recently posted a gorgeous Crimson Milwauke Wedding.  A theme that ran through the couple wedding was the color red.  The color was tastefully woven throughout their special day with just the right accents tying into their big DIY statement piece a handmade crimson red pinwheel wall at the reception.

Wedding flowers were simple arrangements of red, orange and yellow calla lilies.  The size of the bride’s wedding flower bouquet matched the bridesmaids using 5-6 calla lily wedding flowers arranged at different heights with greenery looped in the arrangement for a unique sculpturesque wedding flower look.  The stems were then wrapped in red satin ribbon, the bride’s white satin ribbon.  One of my favorite pops of red was the bride’s shoes, something unique that made a statement but also tied into their whole wedding look.

Remarking on her wedding the bride commented,”Our wedding was sentimental and joyous. Our wedding color scheme was various shades and hues of red.”  Advice for any brides to be she also shared, “Pick one thing you are going to splurge on that means the most to you and one thing you are going to let go and live without.  This really helped us gain some perspective that everything in the planning process is not equally important and somethings you can live without.

The bride shared some great advice for any couple planning a wedding.  They took what was important to them and made it work, splurging on a good photographer they cut costs in other areas and used their creativity with DIY wedding projects like their pinwheel wall.

Photo credits: ruffledblog.com crimson milwaukee wedding